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What did you do to your rig today?

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On 8/26/2022 at 3:41 PM, WILL E said:

Let me know if you wanna do a quick test run with it through BULLDOG.  I could head out pretty early in the morning.  We can stop for a quick snack and get the heck out before it gets too warm. 

Tires were so old so had to get that done this weekend.


So we got some new shoes on it and bought a rooftop tent! Turns out the tires were from 2004! Tent and annex $980. New tires $500. 


Picked up a Smittybilt tent that matches the awning but had to remove the awning for now to fit the tent. Getting that back on in another spot will be a project for another day. 


Brake light extension cable came in today so now able to take this out. $5


All in and ready to go trailer for about $3300.





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Working on replacing some blown out speakers in my doors.   (Apparently you can't get away pushing 75watts through a 40 watt rated speaker).  This time I decided to go for component speakers that include separate tweeters.   My old speakers were 6 1/2" but I went with 6x9 for the replacement.    Still a work in progress. 


I have a buddy that used to sell 6x9 speaker mounts for these old full size jeeps.  He sent me a pair for free.  Stainless steel so they won't rust.  


Here is a test fit.   




But while I was at it I did some reading on improving the stereo sound for door speakers.  Apparently holes are not good and the metal shell is horrible for sound.  The solution is to use some kind of sound material.  So I put on some dynamat.    I also put a bit strip of it inside the door.  Pain to get in but it is supposed to help. 





The new speakers show up on Monday.   I've got a bit more work to do including figuring out where to mount the tweeters. 




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Not today, but I got this fixed recently and the front end lifted so I have some flexibility. Prior I could barely get 2 fingers in the gap... Wait What Peter GIF by The Bachelor


2 finger gap.JPG

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