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Coffee Can Survival Kit

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Here's my emergency survival kit. Many of these items come in a basic kit from the outdoors stores.

I have a few items that I added based upon my own experiences.


My Step-Dad taught me to build these for vehicle emergencies.

The Coffee can may be used for cooking as well as storing the items.


Here's what's inside:

*Three Pound Coffee Can with Plastic Lid

*Scissors (Medical Grade)

*Tweezers (Surgical Grade)

*Pocket Knife (Military Grade)

*Multi Tool (El Cheapo)

*Campers Toilet Paper

*Small Screwdriver with Magnetic Top

*Mini Razor Knife

*Paper and Pencil

*Theraflu (Perishable - Replace after exp. date)

*10' Parachute Cord


*Safety Pins

*Waterproof Matches

*Light Stick




*Needle and Thread

*Fishing Line, Hooks, Sinkers

*10' Safety Wire


*Space Blanket




*Trail Marker Tape

*Sandwich Bags to keep items organized in the can

*Iodine (Perishable - Replace after 1 year)

*Vaseline on Cotton Balls in a film case

*0000 Steel Wool

*Sting Kit

*Advil/Motrin (Perishable - Replace after 1 year)

*Benadryl (Perishable - Replace after 1 year)

*Water Purification Tablets

*Bailing Wire

*Trash Bags (Orange)

*Tampon x3

*Maxi Pad

*Sun Screen

*Silica Gel (Do not Eat)

*Antibiotic Cream (Perishable - Replace after 1 year)

*Salt Tabs

*Super Glue

*Dental Floss

*Gorilla Tape

*Chap Stick

*Immodium AD (Perishable - Replace after 1 year)


Here's a pic with some of the items mentioned above:


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I have the same sort of set up. I have the smitty build molle hanger for my tail gate. I have put one of my ole mil butt packs on it with a selection of emergency items inside it. My fire starting all weather kit. some 1st aid( we have a nice mil 1st aid store in town to get stuff cheap at) a back up compass, some stripped down MRE's. I need to add a poncho to it also. I also have my etool and a mag light on the rack system so I am good to go with the jeep atm.


I have 5 gal of water in an anti freeze jug for radiator duty, but I should change jugs so the water can pull double duty if needed really.

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When I lived back in the cold midwest, I used to always carry a coffee can with a candle and strike anywhere matches in case I got stuck so there is always a heat source available. That is a great post.

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