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    Needs a build thread.
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    It's been a long time since I posted here, so let me get you caught up. George finished the garage apartment towards the end of June. I think it came out great. He has spent a lot of time since then prepping the house for paint. Lots of scraping, brooming, washing, etc. He finally started painting the trim earlier this week and started the walls today. I love this color!
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    I enjoy driving and I enjoy driving off road. I have no interest in rock climbing, I'll ride, but not drive. I live in Sun Lakes and work out of my home. I had my first jeep experience when I was 22 and I'm really excited for this trip. My current Jeep, my first Jeep is a 2006 Wrangler first owned by a Marine who must have really loved his Jeep. I purchased it in 2015. It needs tires so I've been using it like a golf cart and just driving around Sun Lakes. Now that I have someplace to go, JEEP XO will have a new set of tires before the end of the month. Thank you for the warm welcome and the help signing up.
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    Today is my last volunteer shift this week up here at the Grand Canyon. It’s been a hot, crazy week. Along with helping folks, scenery like this makes it all worthwhile. We are truly blessed to live in a state with such beauty. .
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    "Flash flooding at Death Valley National Park triggered by heavy rainfall on Friday buried cars, forced officials to close all roads in and out the park and stranded about 1,000 people, officials said. The park near the California-Nevada state line received at least 1.7 inches of rain at the Furnace Creek area, which park officials in a statement said represented 'nearly an entire year’s worth of rain in one morning.' The park’s average annual rainfall is 1.9 inches." Full story here: https://www.yahoo.com/news/flash-floods-strand-1k-people-214926248.html
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    Buddy and I snuck in an early morning 'bull dog' run
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    New 2022 Gala shirts are available for order (click here)! Better shirts and printing this year (we changed vendors). Orders need to be in before August 19th, and then we'll deliver the shirts at the Gala this time!
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    And Remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires.
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    We did some exploring on the Mogollon Rim yesterday starting at the east end of Rim Rd.(FR 300). Most of us ended our day on the west end of Rim Rd, some continued on to do more exploring. We covered over a little over 65 miles. The weather was a little warmer than expected but it was still a beautiful day with no rain. Most of the attendee's were members that I met for the first time which was awesome. Most of the trails were easy to moderate with nothing too challenging. We did not see much traffic all day until we hit Rim Rd and headed west. Then it was a crazy afternoon with the usual SxS's driving like maniacs and a few other groups. Awesome day, thanks everyone for coming along! Those in attendance were: @Trail Toy & @Large_Marge @English Al @ZR2-Ben @Jbjr The eastern section of RIM Rd. to Buck Springs Ridge (137) was uneventful. We took Buck Springs Ridge (137) north to FR96. We stopped at the Buck Springs cabins to do a little exploring. Jason,Sarah and I were there last October on an overland run but they were worth checking out again. From Buck Springs Ridge (137) we took FR96 west to East Clear Creek where we turned south/south west to FR 139G where we turned south. This trail has a big tree that has fallen over the main trail. The way around is turning on FR 95B/UBar Trail then make an immediate left. It is easy to spot. FR 139G is a little narrower, has some minor obstacles that are easy and my observation was that this trail does not see much traffic. We visited and old homestead that only had the chimney & log barn left. There is also a spring named "Aspen Spring" there that feeds a small creek. We parked on the trail and hiked down(As far as I know the road down is closed to motorized traffic), it was worth the hike. FR 139G runs into Dick Hart ridge which we took south to Rim Rd. where we headed west to the trails end. The rim has great views from just about anywhere.
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    Please go to this link and vote for Gunny. Thanks https://www.overlandexpo.com/compass/dog-days-of-summer-contest-sponsored-by-kurgo/
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    I like shiny things. I'm going to pick this up tomorrow. And then the fun begins!
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    Had an awesome night out with the ORP fam on a night run through an area near Lake Pleasant. MASSIVE THANKS to @gearhead for organizing the trip - I know you couldn't make it - but wanted to give you a shout-out man! I hope you're feeling better. Got to meet new members @Scott Miller+Kim and @Jeep XO, which was awesome. It's always fun running the trails with new friends! Speaking of friends, @Stacey and Scott are always a joy to hang out with - then of course there is @theksmith+Brady. We all met up just outside the Wild Horse on Lake Pleasant Blvd to air down. The weather was nice, a little muggy, but a heck of a lot cooler than it's been all summer. We dipped down to about 89 degrees, which was an absolute joy (and I never thought I'd say 89 was a good temp - but... Arizona). Off in the distance we could see some monsoon storms dropping lighting as far away as Prescott and Payson, which was cool. Trail conditions were pretty good. Bumpy in spots with a few moderate obstacles that required some careful navigation. Here are some photos from the evening: A brief stop to check out the views after we climbed a ridge shortly in to the trail. @Scott Miller's shiny JL in the foreground. @Stacey and Scott's rig looking feisty: @theksmith's Gadget longing for a sunset: Brady's sweet 2 door with a brand new bumper: Big hole in the ground. Kim was contemplating the best line to take to get down it. @Jeep XO checking out the drop. The line-up. The sun was starting to drop pretty quickly behind the mountains. @Stacey and Scott lighting things up! @Jeep XO in one of the cleanest TJ's I've ever seen One last sun-set shot! All in all, I had a great night out. Not a terribly long trip - just the right amount of time for a Friday night to get us all out of the house for a few hours! Already looking forward to the next run - Hope to see you all again soon!
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    Yes, but i had to add sealant to finally stop the leak. I will say, in all my years working on cars, I have never had to work so hard to stop a leak.
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    Adding to the Wagoneer chapter. After getting the engine running, I had an oil leak from the Valve cover. The 258/4.2 engine is well known for valve cover leaks so I had resealed it while the engine was on the stand. It didn't take, so I decided to replace the Valve cover. The cover is a strange design. The original cover was plastic and only held down by 2 bolts--1 front/rear and 2 nuts on the very top. I figured the 40+ year old cover might be warped so I ordered a replacement Plastic one. That is the new one already installed in the pic below. You can see the 2 top nuts in the pic. The cover had a HUGE leak along the intake side of the head and there is no way to fasten it down, so I decided to suck it up and buy an aftermarket Aluminum one. To install it, I had to remove the studded rocker bridges. Those are VC seals on the studs. I also had to tap 5 bolt holes for the new cover. Luckily, the holes were already drilled and a 5/16- Bottom tap did the trick. Probably the easiest part of this job. New rocker bridges installed in this pic. Here is the cover installed. I'd like to say that fixed the leak, but it didn't. I wound up trying 2 different gaskets before I found one that worked, and I still had to add gasket cement to stop the leaks completely. Ignore the zip tie, it's only holding the wire loom out of the way. I got pretty fast at removing the cover, 15 min or so to remove it. if that sounds slow, there is one bolt on the rear of the head that is darn near impossible to reach. To make it easier I decided to drill a hole in the Cowl so I could get a straight shot at it. Turns out, Jeep had already put a hole right where I needed it. Once I found that, it really sped up the job. Closer view of the rear bolt access. I guess the 4.2 in the casting is in case I forget the engine size.
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    Good meeting everyone! We ended up the day at the farthest south point of milk ranch road and camping there. Alan
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    Thanks for leading a great trip, running a double-header on Upper and Lower Terminators, @SonoranWanderer! Terminator was a pretty awesome experience for sure - even more so in the dark in an electrical storm. Fitting, I'd say! @capsul hope everything turns out OK with the front axle! @theksmith and Capsul against the storm. We had a pretty sizable storm that grazed us just to the south. We had a bit of rain, but a ton of lightning. The geology in the area was pretty interesting. We had a glimpse of the sunset from inside the gulch. This was the most nerve-racking obstacle on both trails, in my opinion. The "White Line". Pulling from the interesting geology in the area - you can see a line of white calcite(?) running through the rock below Capsul's front driver tire. You need to be careful on this section due to some extreme off-camber and some tight quarters. I believe Capsul was about 6-8 inches from the opposing rock face here. In the wet, this would have been pretty slick with risk of sliding down the rock towards the cliff face. TheKSmith showing off some flex We had some recovery work to do throughout the night. We had a turtle situation with SonoranWanderer, I needed a little tug up a boulder, and Capsul broke something on the front end and ended up in RWD for the last 1/2 of Upper Terminator. I only got photos of the big turtle - TheKSmith was the MVP of the evening, first helping SonoranWandering de-turtle with a little tug. He also tethered up to help give Capsul the extra umpf to get through the last 1/2 of Upper Terminator after he lost 4x4. We had another recovery situation when Capsul was literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. Front passenger tire was against a large flat-faced boulder, rear differential was high-centered on another large rock. With only RWD, there was no way we were pulling or pushing him around that situation. The hi-lift jack came out to lift both rear wheels off the ground while we stacked rocks under the rear wheels to get him the clearance to reverse over the rearward rock. Once we got him over that hump, a slight turn a little earlier got him around the front passenger boulder and we were off to the races! All in all - a fun night out on a pair of pretty serious trails! Challenging for sure, especially in the dark, in a storm! Thanks for an awesome experience, 'gents!
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    More projects from my shop. Don't worry, I used pressure treated lumber.
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    might be a re-post, but still good info!
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    Hello good to meet everyone. I just signed up recently. I would like to go though monument valley. On all trails it's rated as easy. Its supposed to have some good views.
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    As part of my upcoming project to re-design the rear storage and sleeping situation in my Jeep, I bit the bullet an went with the "premium" Trailgater table with bamboo cutting board from Outback Adventure Products. They're pretty pricey if you buy them direct - $479 for the configuration I went with. However Northridge 4x4 had a SMOKING deal on them for $379 + a free magnetic strip for the backsplash to hold utensils or knives (a $32 add on from Outback Adventure). So I figure that's 25% savings on the total package. Not bad. Install was extremely simple, and would take most folks about 20 minutes from start to finish. You simply pry off your tailgate trim, install some blind nuts, then mate the whole thing up with a Phillips screw driver. Overall, the table is very low profile with folded and stowed. About 2" of space used. The design uses and aluminum backsplash, a stainless steel table surface, and a bamboo cutting board. The latches are nice and support 1 handed operation - a plastic "silencer" doubles as a latch to make it easier to open the table up when your hands are full. Here's the table fully deployed - before I installed the magnetic knife holder. Here's the magnetic mount, essentially an Ikea product they modified for their application. Shot of the tailgate with the trim removed. The Trailgater mates up to the fastener slots around the perimeter of the tailgate and uses 2 bolts on the right-hand side. The Trailgater is replacing my old Tuffy Lockbox, which has served me well for the last 3 years. It's still in pretty good shape - my overall plans for the rear end have simply changed since I bought it.
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    the decals have arrived! thank you @4x4tographer for creating another sweet design this year! in-person at the Gala is the only way to get one of these limited edition FREE decals (limit one per family), don't miss it! @Lichen & @lofreqjeff - look, we got a 'yota this year!
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    We had a great time! Couldn’t stop smiling . That you all for being so welcoming.
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    Glad you all had a good time! I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks to everyone who helped lead, spot, tail-gun, etc.!
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    There are bathrooms just for the group site. Longest walk under 100 yards or even closer if sitting near fire. Then there are nice bathrooms scattered throughout the loops and by the boat ramp. All very close so should be good. Plus they were spotlessly clean.
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    Trails Offroad recently released a new site update that tightens up the look and feel and adds a great new feature: Scout Routes. Scout Routes are trails that the Trails Offroad team has pre-driven, but hasn't written a full review yet. They include a very basic difficulty rating, a few photos, about a paragraph of detail on the trail and any concerns. They also provide GPX files for download of the actual recorded route they took. These recorded GPX files haven't been cleaned up before upload, so they may include stops and deviations from the main trail, depending on what the driver did. The new Scout Routes will show up as dotted lines. CTD Routes: They've also rolled out CTD Routes (a few months back). CTD Routes are connector trails and roads to help you figure out the fastest way to get to a trailhead. These routes aren't reviewed - but the GPX files are available for download. CTD Routes will show up as grey lines. Here's an example of a Scout Route trail page:
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    Gadget needed a couple small repairs this week.. got a check engine light with DTC P0128 on Sunday. had the same issue a few years ago - most likely a stuck open thermostat, can also be temp sensor but the readings still looked good, she's just not warming up fast enough. i replaced the thermostat with Mopar part #5184651AH which includes the thermostat, plastic housing, and gasket. fortunately it's a super quick job - remove the air intake tube, then there's only 2 10mm bolts holding the whole assembly on, and no RTV to scrape off, woot! more info on that DTC: P0128 - THERMOSTAT RATIONALITY The coolant temperature does not rise above a calibrated amount over a calibrated amount of time. The thermostat rationality diagnostic runs during a drive cycle that starts with the coolant temperature below 140°F. This diagnostic looks at the how cold the system is at start up, what the inlet air temperature is, and the amount of fuel burned during that drive cycle. The PCM estimates what the coolant temperature should be. If the coolant temperature is not above a calibrated threshold, the rationality fails. The PCM assumes that the thermostat is stuck open. second repair is the A/C blower motor (fan) again - this is at least the 4th one i've put in! i've tried both Mopar and TYC brand and they all die in less than 2 years, no idea why Gadget likes to eat them (and rocker arms). this one started making a whine noise and changing speed randomly a week ago. they always die within a month or so after that, so i have a new one on order (part #68232369AA). fortunately this is also a quick repair - 3 screws and one electrical connector in the passenger footwell.
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    Big thanks to @SonoranWanderer for this photo of Oki/The Balrog (it's a constant identity crisis around here) on the rocks out on Terminator.
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    Here are a few cool captures of lightning along 9999 (AZCO Mine Rd) from the GoPro as we worked our way back to the highway. Photos are in time order with the middle four being the same “event”.
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    Fun night, well until the front axel broke. Still fun, thanks for all the help guys getting my rig off the trail. No big deal replacing the front axel, I'll be back!!! Great pics too!!!
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    And one more for good measure
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    looking forward to this Woody! not too worried about weather as the monsoons usually dissipate quickly. if there is a concern of flooding in the wash, we can always just go right to the Black Canyon City OHV trail.
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    You'll do fine. Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice, I am willing to make. Here is an old map that shows the original Technical Vehicle (TV) trails. TV5 is really just an alternate exit to TV3. During the day, short and easy but pin-stripy. And note that TV2 and TV3 can connect as one trail following Cottonwood Gulch that does not go back up to 9999 in the middle. The first Gaia map link in the description is the exact path I plan on following. Some pictures from my March run (last shakedown cruise before EJS in Moab)
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    Howdy gang. First and foremost a shout out to @4x4tographer for bringing something to my attention. There appears to be a fire just north of FR300 where we will be starting, and will be east of us once we get moving. It has been labeled the Mesa Fire and was caused by lightning. The website I have been checking is down or I cannot access it at the moment so I do not have up to date details just yet. Based on the information from the Coconino Forest Service I am not seeing any closures yet. I will be keeping an eye on this over the next few days. Ryan is also keeping me updated as he see's any new info. Thanks Ryan, I do appreciate it.
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    i edited them out for ya. also, neat idea - here i am wiping the dust off my rear view camera manually like a pleb!
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    I inherited all of my FIL's wood shop tools. He was life long woodworker and was very good at it. With a few exceptions, all of the tools are Craftsman, most from the 80's. They still work great, but I do watch where I place my fingers.
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