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    This was our first outing with this group 3 years ago and it was AWESOME. It's a welcoming inclusive group that will make you feel like you have been a part of it forever. Just a warning though.....they may attempt to raffle off your rig when you aren't looking!
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    Found this article rather amusing. Apparently car camping has been a thing for a very very long time. Here’s What RV Camping Looked Like 100 Years Ago MR. LANDLORD HAS NOTHING ON US” begins a poem printed on a small Curt Teich postcard from 1921. Above the passage’s 13 lines—which call for “Alligator shooting” and “Razor-backs rooting”—a colorized photograph shows a shaggy outdoorsman posing in an overgrown Florida campsite, surrounded by oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. It’s a dead-on depiction of the card’s subject: the Tin Can Tourists, a group whose DIY naturalist spirit paved the way for today’s RV campers. Equal parts car club and camping collective, the Tin Can Tourists of the early 20th century were a membership organization based around camper travel in its incipiency—a sort of fraternity for nomads looking for a life in permanent transit. Their earliest organized meeting was in 1919 in Tampa’s Desoto Park (unintentionally establishing Florida as the perennial RV vacation spot for years to come). That’s where 22 campers driving their “tin lizzies” worked to establish a culture of order and high moral values while retaining a sense of freedom behind the wheels of their tricked-out Model Ts. The group’s goal was to “unite fraternally all autocampers,” and its word-of-mouth marketing led to a rapid growth in membership and annual events in the 1920s and ’30s. Gatherings were held in state and local parks from Florida to Michigan (and occasionally at the base of the Washington Monument in D.C.). Attendees numbered in the thousands, and as more American workers lost their jobs during the Great Depression, there was more time to attend Tin Can Tourist conventions around the eastern U.S. According to news reports, the club counted 150,000 members by the mid-1930s. The Tin Can Tourists hit their stride during this period thanks to highway improvements across the U.S.—a precursor to the International Highway System, authorized in 1956 by President Eisenhower—and affordable, mass-produced vehicles (between 1908 and 1927, Ford built some 15 million Model Ts). Families found an affordable new way to travel and camp overnight, while other enthusiasts found a new hobby: redesigning cars to suit campers’ needs. Many of the group’s annual conventions—most took place in Florida, though Michigan and other states played host as well—doubled as expositions for displaying cars modified to carry kitchen equipment, barrels of water, and, in some cases, all the luxuries of a family home. With the onset of World War II, however, the group’s decline seemed inevitable. As a national war-first mentality took hold and rationing began in earnest, Tin Can Tourist membership dwindled. (According to a LIFE magazine article, attendance at an annual meeting in 1936 was over 1,500. By 1939, a mere 645 campers showed up for the same event.) At the same time, campers’ tastes were migrating toward spiffier mobile offerings, factory-designed for car camping. Yet the Tin Can Tourists remain influential today—a group whose humble beginnings as a gathering of virtuous vagabonds managed to pioneer recreational mainstays such as group camping, summer trips to Florida, and modern-day RVing. The archival photographs below capture the group’s heyday in encampments throughout the U.S.—barbecues, campground games, and all—and attest to their long-lasting influence on America’s holiday roads. LOOK! Early Days of Holiday BBQ!! Continued in article: Atlas Obscura
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    Got to work Sunday so ill stop by and say howdy Friday and head back on Saturday. Hopefully you won't kick me out of the club. I sold the Jeep and bought a pickup.
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    Link To full album. Complete Charleaou Album We had a fun time but were surprised by how hard this has become. I'm currently sitting at Letzroll waiting to see how much of a fight to get them to fix the steering that never should have come apart. Turns out one ton steering needs more than three threads holding it together!! I'll post a trip report hopefully this week. Update: They quickly fixed it with the correct length steering bar and longer heim joint. Thankfully they took care of it for us!
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    Welcome to the long overdue Offroad Passport website Version 2.0! We hope you enjoy all the awesome new features. We know... everything's different - but we think you'll love it if you give it a chance! Of course we've worked hard to get things in tip-top shape, but please just let us know if you find a bug that slipped through the cracks. You can also start a new topic in the Site Help & Test Area if you can't figure something out (or want to test out a new feature). If you're having trouble with the new sign-in, contact us directly. Pull up a seat and take your time looking around - then please do vote in the poll or reply here to let us know what you think! P.S. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks, we'll be posting tips & tricks for using this crazy new stuff every few days!
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    I think we may join you Tim! We'll text you as we get nearer to the date and once we get home! smiles, ladybug
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    Back in October of 2014 I started this thread about a kit of adaptors I made in order to make a standard bottle jack safer and more versatile. This is a shot of my original kit. Since the original thread I’ve used this kit as a “second hand” for a lot of things around my shop. Like many tools, the longer you use them, the more ways you can think to improve them. My first change was to add a recess and a hold down bolt in my original baseboard. Obviously this makes using the jack a bit more stable. But the really big improvement was the addition of a plastic collar that installs around the threaded post that screws out of the jack ram. This part is sold by SafeJack. They are the company from which I unashamedly “reverse engineered” my original kit. https://safejacks.com/ This collar, IMO, is essential when using my kit horizontally and also makes things easier when used vertically. The collar is the black piece that can be seen in this picture. In the picture above, using the collar, I have less than 1/8” droop when measured from the two collars to the steel rule that’s clamped parallel to the jack cylinder. I made my adaptors with approx. .005” clearance between the post and socket and used about 1 1/8” overlap. This was fine for the pieces I made but the 1 1/4” ID of my socket was a bit loose on the jack ram and would have waaaay more droop when used to push or spread horizontally. The SafeJack collar takes care of this issue. It’s too hot in the garage, so I thought I’d update things a bit. This post was also also an experiment to try out the new site. Posting pictures is waaaay easier.
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    Awesome pics!! This is what RV camping looks like now :)
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    Sorry, it didn't dawn on me at first that you have a Basic membership - that's why you can't edit your Profile or Cover photos on this new site. The current Free Basic membership pretty much just lets you have a login and limited abilities to post, comment, add photos, and send/receive PMs. Our Supporting membership is now only $9/yr (formerly called Advanced for $15). It gives you most site features and is perfect for people that want to really use the site but don't plan to go on any Club runs. Then there's the Club membership (formerly called Premium Club) which we knocked down to only $39/yr (if paid online). That gets you all the features from Supporting, more storage space and a few extra little tidbits, plus the ability to attend Club member-only runs/trips/events. For others that might come across this post, check out the Membership Options page for more details and/or the Club Info page to learn about the Offroad Passport Club!
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    Only the admins can see a list of online users in this new software due to modern day privacy concerns. However, if you go to a specific member's Profile page (click on their username), there's a block just below the Cover photo where it shows "Last Visited" for when they were last active on the site.
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    great find @gearhead! i really want to go explore that Tyro Mine now:
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    Conan, Ladybug, & Ob1 are home, and in process of unpacking, laundry, etc. Ryan, Good to know you guys are home safe & the trailer wheel patch held well enough for your homeward trip... We're looking forward to the next ORP adventure...
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    Katie and I want to do this! I’ve told her about this since we first met - hopefully there is enough interest
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    We’ll be exploring beautiful Harquahala Mountain, the tallest peak in SW Arizona. With this trail, you can drive all the way to the summit (3,360ft climb, summit at 5,600ft)! Trail length is 11mi up, 11mi back. The goal of this trip is to: - Hit the top about 1 hour prior to sunset - Explore an amazing historical site dating back to 1880 - Get blown away by sunset and the views - Freak out over naked-eye views of the Milky Way - Have a fun night ride back down to the staging area Open to Everyone: Sign up & more info...
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    I updated the 'How You Can Help' section of the first post: How you can help out: Bring your corn hole or other lawn games to play at camp. We could use some tables, trash bags, and easy-ups to use for salsa contest, gathering, etc. If you have extra please bring! Familiarize yourself with Offroad Passport's Pet Policy
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    I edited the first post - WE DO NOT NEED YOU TO BRING FIREWOOD! G has been collecting firewood, and has a trailer full, so you don't need to bring or gather firewood after all.
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    @Number7 That did the trick! I flipped the washer and bushing on the drivers side, added an extra washer on the top for grins and that thing is snug! I can even get a closed end wrench on the nut now. Whoulda thunk. The passenger side is not giving me any trouble yet and I do not have patience at the moment to fight that side. Thanks again for catching and pointing that out.
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    some thoughts and a little more info on how the Easyguard works... note that you can temporarily disable the entire PKE feature by pressing the brake pedal while the engine is running and holding down the lock and unlock buttons on the fob for a second. same procedure to re-enable it. this personally is my biggest complaint as when i do want to disable PKE (like when working on the rig in the garage), i have to start it up for just a second. however, pressing the lock button on the fob also disables PKE until you unlock with the fob button. i just wish there was a way to leave it unlocked and disable PKE without having to start it first. so - there are 3 antennas. one "long range" antenna only responds to the buttons on the fob - so that would be unaffected by your plan and could continue to allow you to lock/unlock/remote-start with the fob buttons. the other 2 "close range" antennas are the ones that sense the fob when nearby. you can plug in just one of these close range antennas and things still work fine, just with limited range. however, even with both plugged in (and properly positioned according to the instructions) - the range is typically only maybe 5 feet with all the radio-frequency noise of an urban environment. out in the wilderness the range extends and sometimes i might come within 15 feet even and the doors unlock. so my thought is, what if you only plugged in one of the close range antennas, and put it inside the driver door panel instead of up high on the window. that would probably limit the range so much that you would need to be standing right next to that door for it to unlock - or sitting in the driver seat for it to stay unlocked and start (more on that in a second). certainly seems worth a try before getting more complicated. and here are the slight kinks in your plan that i see. as soon as you disconnect the close range antenna, the Easyguard re-locks the doors. even worse, you couldn't start the car... see the push-to-start button only works when the close range antenna can see the fob. this is of course what keeps someone from breaking in and driving away. however, depending on a dip switch setting on the Easyguard, you can have it only check for the fob when you first push-to-start and not keep checking once running - so that setting helps with your idea... so your plan could work but i think would require some additional parts beyond a single switch. at the very least i'm thinking your door handle switch would activate a delayed-off timer to reconnect the antenna, giving yourself a few minutes to get in and start the car. also might want to use a relay in such a way that when the car is in Accessory or ON mode (but not running), the antenna stays connected too so that you could then eventually start the car without getting out to push the door handle switch again (i.e. if you were hanging out in the rig for a while with the radio on waiting for someone).
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    ...and we're still working on the details! tonight's changes included: - improved the layout/styling of the Runs, Trips & Events (Adventures) page, making it easier to read event titles and tell which info goes with which event. - allow more login attempts before automatically locking an account. if you're having a fat-finger or temporary-amnesia moment, you're less likely to get locked out now! - minor fixes to alignment and coloring of several items throughout the Discussions area. - minor styling fixes in the mobile (phone) version of the site.
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    FYI, i'll likely camp out after the run (Saturday night) - anyone that wants to join me is welcome to! also - just a few miles away there are also some neat shallow "caves" left over from a mining operation. we could visit them on the way out Sunday morning if there is interest. the route is just an easy sand road.
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    Here's the latest information on the closure from the USFS: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/coconino/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD639963
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    i think @scottL got these same exact rims for his new low-rider:
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    We ccould think about putting it on the next March Madness trail list.
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    nice find, it does look perfect! i always wanted one their F650GS Dakar models from around that same era.
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    Mailed to the PO Box via B of A online banking.
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    Taking me a bit of a learning curve, but thus far it's working 100,000,000 Times better than the old site, which regularly locked up on me...
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    Many of you will notice that your Avatar from our old site came over fuzzy - that's because the new site uses a larger (higher resolution) photo for these Profile Photos, so your old one is being stretched! We also now have the concept of an even larger Cover Photo at the top of your Profile page. Basically it's just like Facebook now Some have already asked how to change those photos! Note that the site now has a mobile-optimized layout available, so instructions are slightly different depending on what type of device you're using. Steps for either site layout are shown below... On desktop computers and larger tablets: After you login, click on your username in the top right corner, then click on Profile: Then on the Profile page, there are 2 buttons that allow you to change your Profile and Cover photos: On mobile phones and small tables: After login, tap on the 3 lines icon at the top right, then select Account, then Profile: Then on the Profile page, there are 2 buttons that allow you to change your Profile and Cover photos:
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    Been working out the bugs with the new build. Our locker airlines melted as the shop that installed it ran them next to the exhaust manifold. So Chris had to fix that. OnPoint Joe is helping us with the rear bump-stops as those are still an issue as well. Our rear end slams down onto the shock bolts and doesn't even hit the hockeypucks they installed as bumpstops. So we have to fabricate in actual rear bumpstops. Still need to fix where the shop used a sledgehammer instead of actual fabricating or moving what was in the way. So the front doors still have issues closing thanks to their "craftsmanship". It appears this also impacted the sensitive WJ door wiring as well so that is on the bucket list. However, Chris did manage to get a cool table installed which has been on my project bucket list for a few years now! We picked up an outback table for $100. Chris had to create a bracket for it off the rear tire carrier. Then found out that the table with the wood cutting board wouldn't fit and was hitting on the WJ handles. So he got to cut and modify the table and shorten the wood cutting board. It came out nice! Link to the project album for the table. https://photos.app.goo.gl/2MBX3bHXzfmxXzDTA
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    The 4.6 is ready to get dropped in! I am hoping to have it running by this weekend. Has certainly been a long process but I am hoping it will be worth it! Once everything is hooked up and running I will post a thorough breakdown
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    Only if I can wear my man bikini
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    Also, my 2 cents, you won’t be happy with a liner on a regular basis. I’ve always found myself twisted up in the bag within a bag anytime I’ve tried to use a liner.
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    Check out this company: https://www.wiggys.com/sleeping-bags/rectangular-style-sleeping-bags/ I was provided one of their +40 bags on a raft trip several years ago. It was very well made. The boatman told me Wiggys was the only brand that held up year after year. Pricey, made in USA, great reviews. Excellent customer service if necessary from anything I’ve read.
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