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    Starting to do some mods to get Bumble Trail ready. Installed larger, wider off road tires today. Went from 31 to 33 inch. They sales guy at Discount tire talked me into wider rims and I am glad he did. These are about 1.5 inches wider and have a more positive offset, helping to visually fill wheel wells. Plus, I am VERY happy with how the new rims look. When we brought it home: New Tires and rims Installed Seat covers on the front seats. We always cover the seats in any vehicle we buy. This protects them from my butt sliding across the cushion on the way in and out. Removed the rear seats so we can maximize the room for camping gear. Lots of room back here! Next up, Rock sliders. We are leaning towards the LoD brand.
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    Some photos from our weekend adventure through the Table Mesa rec area on Crapshoot, led by @SonoranWanderer! My personal first time on this trail - it was fun! The 2 obstacles on the trail were interesting and made you pause to think for a minute. The views were very nice with some scenic overlooks and plenty of wildflowers waiting to burst into color. The desert is extremely green right now. We had an interesting mix of vehicles with us, a 50/50 blend of current and "vintage". 😁 3 JLs, a YJ, an XJ, and a sweet Ramcharger.
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    i recently added a rear swing-out faucet to my existing on-board water setup, writeup here... as part of that project, i consolidated several previously randomly placed switches into a single panel on the tailgate interior vent. all the switches and custom actuators came from otrattw.net. i drew the aluminum panel in a 2D vector program (similar to Adobe Illustrator) and had the part laser cut by sendcutsend.com. while i was rewiring things, i replaced my rear overhead light strip. the old one was slowly getting dimmer and dimmer over the years. i also previously had separate red and white fixtures mounted, but this time i used a single 12v RGBW LED strip and simply power either the red or white channel with a 3 position switch.
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    I sure hope I got the maneuver that was Rita's demise out of my system!
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    Jack got her lift. 3.5 inch Metal Cloak. Installed by Valley Spring. Went with the Fox 2.0 thanks for the recommendations!
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    i spent Sunday removing the rear storage system temporarily in order to do some re-wiring for a new project... while it was empty, i added a third L-track anchor point in the middle of the platform above the drawer:
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    Barbie had to sit out in the storm last night. Bumble is nice and dry. 😁 You may notice she is a bit too tall for the barn door. My morning view of Mingus Mtn, the Black hills and Jerome.
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    Last week we replaced the awful Milestar Patagonia tires that had turned into square tires! We are loving the new BFG KO2s. We are using this more for an around town vehicle and we have snow up here so went for a slightly smaller all terrain tire. We are throwing a lot less mud coming home on our dirt road and can actually drive 70mph without rattling our spines and internal organs!! What a change! I have to be careful not to speed through town now!
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    my existing pump and sprayer nozzle work well for showering or rinsing off muddy feet. but due to the pressure buildup from the on-demand pump, the setup wasn't great for getting just a small amount of water for something like wetting a toothbrush. it would also waste a lot of water if i locked the sprayer in the ON position for the common task of washing my hands. so, i've added a rear faucet that uses an additional much smaller water pump that is activated with a switch (instead of being on-demand). the swing faucet itself is meant for a wok or other commercial grill. the photo above shows it swung out to fill a kettle, and below is the "stowed" position. i use a small piece of velcro to keep it stationary so it doesn't end up rattling against the rear window. it's mounted to some of my existing contraptions (the spare tire hoist and ham radio antenna bracket). with the tailgate closed you can barely see it tucked in behind the spare. it will also swing out past the tailgate for washing hands or to rinse something when the slide-out tailgate table is deployed. the new tiny 12v pump was mounted inside the tailgate, behind the interior exhauster vent. a 3/16" I.D. silicone hose runs down to the same water tank used for the shower and connects to the existing line with a brass tee. the pump activation switch was placed on a new switch panel i created on the tailgate vent. the faucet switch is a 3 position, ON/OFF/TRICKLE... "ON" runs the little pump at it's full 12v rating which is pretty low-flow but can still fill a pot quickly enough to not be a PITA. the "TRICKLE" feature drives the pump via a 5v DC voltage adapter so that it flows even less. this setting is perfect for rinsing hands without wasting water.
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    i took a little trip to wheel with those crazy Kingman folks yesterday - @stockjeep, @Number7 & @dzJeepChic... Gadget hit a mileage milestone on the way up - 150k! snow melt had the Safelite trail flowing pretty good. here's a few photos thanks to Rob Sklarski on Facebook. i ran into the 93 being closed a bit south of Nothing in both directions. after sitting still for over a half hour, they started turning everyone around. not sure if there was an accident involving hazardous materials, a fatality, or what. i saw a little loop trail on the topo map that veered away from the 93 for a few miles and then back. it turned out to be about a 30 minute or so easy 2wd trail and i got really lucky that it put me back onto the 93 just past whatever was going on! otherwise i would have had to go all the way back to the 40 and then come home through Chino Valley or Flagstaff i guess.
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    Info attached... https://www.iflscience.com/five-planets-and-the-crescent-moon-are-set-to-align-in-the-sky-heres-how-to-watch-68112?fbclid=IwAR2izPSNUYT6jHVPzZS4uH26SM2dg3N30T682AbI4WtIGhEtYUuFJbHlxf4
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    Washed a bunch of Jeeps this week and decided that I should do a family photo shoot while all the Jeeps are still here. L-R 81 Wagoneer, 77 Cherokee " The Chief", 23 Wrangler "Bumble" and 97 TJ "Barbie" 😁
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    We are sticking with the tent and cots. I'm a bit too tall to fit comfortably in the back of the jeep.
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    The gang and I completed our KOFA Run this morning. It was good to see some familiar faces, even Louie the dog was along for the ride. Over the three days we were there we only saw 3 other people, we essentially had the place to ourselves. The weather was perfect, nights were a little colder than I expected but not a big deal. This was my first trip using a tent so I may have felt the cold a little more. Still awesome weather everyday. We ran the trails noted in the original post and added a part of the Hodoo Trail down to the cabin. Those in attendance were: @gearhead (Co-Lead and Tailgunner) @Ken Ford @Mick Bowers @Rawhyd Day 1- We covered approximately 25 miles to camp in the shadow of Polaris Mountain. We took King Road to Polaris Mountain road to where it J hooked an ended at an epic camp spot that had views for days. We set up camp, relaxed and took in the scenery. The trails were easy and in good shape. Day 2- 46 Miles- We woke up to a beautiful morning and broke camp with a goal of making it to the Hovatter Homestead by days end. We made our way back to King Road then went and explored the Polaris/North Star Mine, this area is pretty darn cool. The trail to Polaris Rd. is easy, Polaris Rd. itself is a short moderate trail. We visited the old cabin then hiked the old road to the mining area. Not much has changed here which is impressive. We explored the mines with core samples and the other debris on the trail to the big mine. After exploring we made our way out the KOFA cemetery where we stopped and paid our respects. The rest of the day's trails were easy to moderate with no significant challenges. Mild off camber spots, rocky terrain, ruts, some steep climbs and epic scenery sum it up nicely. This time I did not let the Hoodoo Wash beat me, I remembered where I got sideways last year and corrected my mistake. We made our way down to check out the Hodoo Cabin this year. It is a pretty cool cabin, however, there is a warning about Africanized Bee's under the bathroom so that's kinda scary. We arrived at the Hovatter Homestead a little before 3 for another relaxing evening under the stars. I visited the family graves, payed my respects the to Hovatter's again and thanked Mr. Hovatter for his hospitality. (I am weird like that) We had the entire place to ourselves until it got dark, then the coyotes started making a bunch of noise. They kept the noise up overnight doing whatever coyotes do at night. Day 3- 29 Miles- We woke to another beautiful but colder morning. We took our time breaking camp then made our way out Hovatter Road to the Pilot on Vicksburg Rd. The trail was just as bumpy and rocky as I remember from last year for the first portion then it evened out and was easy all the way up. The views on the way were just as awesome as l remember. Thanks again to everyone that came along for the ride, I had a good time and hope you did too. I did not take many pictures myself this time and am looking forward to seeing everyone's pics. I did get this pic from @Mick Bowers.
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    My FIL was a lifelong woodworker, and when he passed I got his entire inventory of tools. In addition to the usual saws and sanders, I have a full sized shaper and a Jointer that I haven't even tried to plug in. The shaper has large, exposed cutter that looks way to dangerous for someone w/o experience to use. Think of a router on steroids. I don't know how to use the jointer although I have watched plenty of YouTube videos on it. I keep telling myself that I need to try it. Right now, both are sitting in an unused corner of the barn. This is similar to the Shaper I have. (google image) The cutter heads look like this (about 3 inches in dia). Not getting my hands or finger near those!
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    Kristopher, I'm not aware of what was going on for sure, however this area is historically one of the most dangerous sections of 93, but the worst is the stretch from US89 (Congress/Prescott turnoff), to near the jct of SR-71 (Congress/Aguila) turn off... Below is results of ABC-15's a study of 5 year period. My recommendation is to be VERY careful on that roadway, there have been at least two fatal's recently on the two-lane portions between 89 & 71, which were audible from our home... :( The highest concentration of crashes during the five-year period we looked at occurred on a seven-mile stretch of US 93 through Wickenburg; two of those crashes involved fatalities. Nearly 100 crashes and two deaths occurred at mileposts 144-149 near a remote place called Nothing. Another crash hot spot involves a two-lane section of road between mileposts 161 and 180, north of the turnoff to Congress. Twenty-one people died along that section from 2015 to 2019.
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    Happy Birthday in heaven to one of the best people I ever knew. It's been 7 years! Still miss you like ever John.
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    Jack got a 3.5 inch Metal Cloak lift, Fox 2.0 shocks, Teraflex rzeppa high angle joint, Metal Cloak evap canister and power steering relocation brackets installed. She's ready for a shake down run!
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    random updates... lead most of Asbestos Mine trail but ran into deep snow near the top and had to turn around. cool shot of gadget coming back down by @4x4tographer: driver side door handle broke inside, got a new one installed pretty quickly (Mopar part # 68059175AA). ran up to Mingus Mountain on Sunday to play in the snow a bit. i also recently added an inverter to my auxiliary battery area...
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    Caution: Thread derail ahead: @4x4tographer you mention possible furniture projects in your future. Don’t be afraid to utilize or at least checkout the lumber machining services offered at Woodworkers Source. In 2016 I built two nightstands and a headboard for our master bedroom. The nightstands are 3/4” cherry veneered plywood and solid cherry stock. Back then the plywood was over $90 a sheet. I’d hate to price it now! It cost me $35 to have them break down the sheets into finished size pieces to build the two nightstands. I provided a cutting diagram using graph paper. I have a pretty decent woodworking shop and a lot of experience but I still struggle handling 4x8 sheets with my table saw and I don’t have a track saw. Having the pieces the exact sizes and cut perfectly square was worth every penny. The night stands: One tip if you go that route: Show your cut list or diagram to the guys in the back to get your price for the machine work. I’ve found it to be cheaper than getting the price from a couple individuals at the checkout desk.
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    Did you join their Rosewood Club? $20 fee, lifetime membership. 10% off lumber and plywood anytime. Sometimes 20% of plywood during a sale. Ive been a member for the last 8 years and it’s been very worth it to me.
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    We just got back from a great adventure in Baja. We were gone for 11 days, put 1890 miles on the Smurftruck, and went to San Felipe, Bahia de los Angeles, Mulege, Loretto and back. We stayed a couple days in each place and really got to check things out. The whole thing was just an absolute blast, so glad we did it, and so glad that team @Franky joined in. Here is a link to the whole album: Baja 2023
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    Photo courtesy of @4x4tographer I am borrowing information from @4x4tographer with his blessing. He helped me get my hands on the permit for this run, thanks dude! 🙂 Join my wife and I for a day trip on the famous Casner Mountain Trail! The USFS only allots 22 permits per year to help keep this trail in good shape. Each permit limited to 10 vehicles/25 people, that means getting there and running the trail is a special treat. This trail will take us high above the city of Sedona along a series of serious switchbacks where we will gain 2,000 ft of elevation in just under 2 miles. At the top, we will ride the ridge-back of the mountains with beautiful views of the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness to the right and Sycamore Canyon to the left. As we climb, the landscape will transform from scrub brush and junipers to the tall and shady Ponderosa pines. We'll cruise through the Coconino National Forest and end up just outside of the city of Flagstaff near the I-17. When & Where: Saturday: July 1, 2023 @ 8:30 A.M. Air down and depart NLT 9:00 A.M.- Please arrive fueled up and ready to go. Location: Dirt lot near the intersection of 89A and Loy Butte Road (FR 525) 34.815120577231774, -111.9052835271499 Trail Rating: Moderate We will be running the trail from South to North, dropping us off near Flagstaff. This trail is not very technical- based on past experience it is well maintained. There are very steep inclines with tight turns (in the switchbacks on the way up and along the saddle), moderate off-camber and narrow shelf roads. Because of the steep , off-camber and very tight switchbacks Full-sized trucks are not recommended. Also, if your rig is a manual I ask that you be very comfortable with it when climbing uphill. Great trail resources: TrailsOffroad: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1460-casner-mountain-trail A great trip report and photos from @4x4tographer Vehicle Requirements: High clearance, 4x4 with low range, aggressive A/T or M/T tires are required. GMRS or ham radio in good working order. Most stock 4x4 vehicles with low range will do great. Rear lockers/limited slip recommended.(Not required) Communications: GMRS Channel 20 (462.675mhz) Additional Items: Dress for the weather Bring a chair! Bring snacks, a lunch and plenty of water Recovery gear/traction aid Emergency supplies / Med kit Sunscreen! Don't forget that camera - you're going to want it Bring a positive attitude! 🤘 Sign-Up: Per the permit: 10 vehicles MAX and 25 people MAX. When you sign up, please tell me how many are in your party. Anyone above the 10 vehicle max will be added to the standby list. Don't worry if you end up on stand-by; people drop out as plans change and you may end up getting a spot! Attending: @shellback91 & Mrs. shellback91(Lead) @MzPriss +1 @AZRNintheJeep242 @LaZorraRoja +1 @Jbjr +1 @Sputternutz +1 @Dcoleaz +1 @snoopy61 @REDROCK TONIHAWK +1 @camas Harris +1 Standby squad @Gonzo-Ralph +1
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    I can attest to this! When I ran the trail, I had to keep stopping because the folks in front of me were taking pictures. Starting out again on that steep grade with a manual was challenging! The views were worth it though!
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    This is what happens on a winters night... Before, after and what could be considered logic in some circles
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    I see your bear and raise you...
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    Part of the problem is that true Baltic birch plywood comes from Russia. The war is driving up the prices.
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    Worth noting, Metalcloak has unparalleled customer service. I had initially emailed them to ask about clearance with their tie rod and my stock wheels. They told me up front that I’d have some issues. They recommended putting a few washers onto the steering stops on the knuckles - but said long term that spacers/new wheels were the final answer. All that to say, maybe give them a call/email and see if the same is true for the JK. Dimensionally we’re a little different, but they’re an honest bunch out there. Last note, I knew going into it that I was lifting, wheels/tires, new HD steering… so the domino effect was anticipated in my case :) There may be some aftermarket tie rod options out there that work with OEM wheels, but in generally I found Metalclock to be the most budget-friendly HD option on the market.
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    replacing the drag-link with the Metal Cloak one should not force any other upgrades. just be sure to get the standard, not the "drag link flip" version. however, if the drag-link TRE's are bad then the tie-rod ones are likely close to death as well, so you might consider replacing it at the same time. EDIT - FYI, you could also just replace the pitman arm side TRE on the stock drag link, even autozone has them. however, the other end is all one giant piece. i only mention this in case funds are extra tight. i think it makes more sense to replace the entire thing with an aftermarket unit.
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    Ooooooo looking good!
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    Thanks Marty! I didn't take any pictures as usual, lol!
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    Great trip, Marty. Thank you for planning and leading it!
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    Hopefully the tribe will do a future permit type system and open it up to small groups. So frustrating how we lose acess because of irresponsible idiots!
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    finally added a small pure sine wave inverter to this system. this Giandel 1200 watt unit had good reviews and was thin enough at 3" to fit between the wall and fridge. FYI, it seems to go on-sale on Amazon for about 30% off every few weeks. it was a quick install since i'd already wired in an extra fuse holder when i first setup this whole auxiliary battery system. i ran a 3 outlet extension up to the passenger side of my rear FrontRunner cargo area shelf to have better access to plug things in when needed. the inverter also has a remote turn-on button, but i left that off since it's easy enough to just reach behind the fridge and push the on button when needed. gave it test run with this small electric kettle and everything seemed to work as expected!
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    This was such a great trip! Thanks for sharing the video. I see you caught my good side momentarily. 😆
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    Congrats!! This should be a lot more comfortable for those long trips!
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    No quick disconnects on the kit, but they are part of my future upgrade plan. I like the ones you have on your jeep.
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    Scout route GPX uploads are supposed to meet the same quality standards as normal write-up GPX files. Scouts uploading trails are on contract and are paid by the mile (uploaded). Scout Route GPX files and write-ups are also reviewed by senior TOR personal before being published. I can tell you the person reviewing AZ uploads (Wade) is "fussy" about the GPX quality, and rightfully so. The main point of TOR (regular or scout routes) is that each trail has been driven, as presented very near to the date published, to ensure accuracy and currency. And speaking for myself, route GPX files I upload have been carefully cleaned (edited) prior to uploading to remove "parking drift" and side trails (or missed turns) not pertinent to the route being described. I personally also use two independent GPS devices to record and validate the primary against the secondary recorded route to ensure best accuracy. ====== If anyone is interested in learning how I edit so you can build your own clean GPX files for whatever purpose, as a TOR scout, or just to hand out GPX files to friends and such, I am happy to show you. Overview: I use Garmin Basecamp. I have OSM map files downloaded into Basecamp so the software solution is completely free ($$). I then import my recorded GPX files from both GPS devices (Gaia on an IPad, Garmin Montana 700i). I will take the higher resolution recording (Gaia usually) and duplicate it for editing (keeping the original untouched) I will then use the Basecamp detailed GPX viewer to remove any excess trail lead-in and excess follow out I then begin to closely inspect the path for instances of parking drift. Places where I stopped and the GPS recorded multiple "points" but due to natural GPS drift, may appear to having my traveling and a tight circle I use the GPX viewer to selectively remove the excess recorded points I will then edit out any side trails (eg: exploring camping options), missed turns, backups, etc... GPX viewer to remove excess data points I will then visually (re)validate the edited route as true to both of the original recordings I do NOT validate that the recording follows trails as shown on the map as map data may be outdated or plain incorrect. I may use map data to split a single recording into multiple named trails TRO is changing their standards to record each named road/trail by itself instead of arbitrary complex routes The trails I upload are true to the path you need to travel to successfully complete the route. This is the intended outcome of TOR
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