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    Sign up & more info here: https://offroadpassport.com/forums/topic/5423-11292019-black-friday-ripsey-ripsey-hill-mines-near-florence-az-easy-to-moderate/
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    I just wanted to say Happy Veterans Day, and thank you for your service, to all our veterans!!
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    a beautiful (and rather large) boulder in the Prescott National forest disappeared recently... well, rest easy concerned citizens as it magically re-appeared this weekend! click here to read the NF press release. personally, i'm not convinced they weren't just looking in the wrong spot for a week
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    Well I installed some pretty beefy rock sliders and I now can slide my refrigerator back without it falling on the ground. Thanks Kris but I am not posting pictures because it is amateur compared to your install. That is supposed to be a compliment.
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    Made it to White Spar, messed up on the type of site I reserved, but will make it work. My view right now:
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    I just completed a 4 day backpacking trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my sister and her 10 year old grandson. We planned our route to cover about 5 miles each day. The weather was absolutely prefect! It was the first time the 10 year old had hiked with a pack (15 lbs). First time backpacking and first time even seeing the Grand Canyon. FYI: I couldn’t stay with him hiking uphill!
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    Installed shock and diff sliders.
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    Thanks to the support of our paying members, Offroad Passport has been able to maintain annual associate memberships with the Blue Ribbon Coalition and TreadLightly! for a number of years. Last year, while preparing for the trip to Sand Hollow, Offroad Passport became a member club of the Utah Public Lands Alliance, and this month we purchased a club membership with the CAL4Wheel. We want you to know that a lot of thought went into spending your money on these memberships. We selected organizations that we feel have the most positive impact on OHV in the constant battle to maintain access to public lands. We encourage you to check out their websites and learn more about what they are doing and how you can help. Blue Ribbon Coalition (www.sharetrails.org) - Over 25 years of advocacy and legal representation, BRC has been a champion against the closure of our public lands. They have a proven track record of fighting 'the endless stream of litigation by anti-access' proponents. TreadLightly! (www.treadlightly.org) - The goal at TreadLightly! is to balance the needs of people who enjoy outdoor recreation with the need to maintain healthy ecosystems. They offer Tread Training and Respected Access Programs to teach users of public lands how to 'leave no trace', and head up many Restoration Projects that help keep our recreation areas open. Offroad Passport co-founder Kristoffer Smith is a Master Tread Lightly! Trainer. The Tread Lightly! website is a wonderful resource of programs, tips, and online courses that they offer to help you learn Tread Lightly! principles. Utah Public Lands Alliance (UPLA) (www.upla.com) - UPLA strives to preserve Utah's public lands for all to enjoy and use by organizing projects that protect and enhance our land to make it more enjoyable for everyone. We watch closely any Legislation that might restrict our use of the lands and encourage legislation that preserves it. We also hold special events that encourage people get out, have fun and enjoy this beautiful land that surrounds us. Cal4Wheel (California Four Wheel Drive Association) (www.cal4wheel.com) - Since 1959, this non-profit organization has actively promoted the advancement of vehicle oriented outdoor recreation. Today, the association represents over 8,000 members and 160 member clubs. It is the largest organization of its type in California and represents owners of all makes and models of 4WD vehicles, as well as non-owners who support responsible vehicle-oriented recreation.
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    Creampuff almost done and should be coming home soon.
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    THANKS Ryan for setting this trip up! It was great fun, great company, and a most beautiful day!! I loved the scenery and was totally impressed with the expansiveness of the Prescott Natl Forest! smiles, ladybug
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    Home about 9:30. Great trip, loved being in the pines & mountains & with fellow jeepers who love the outdoors. Ready to go again! Thx Ryan. Al
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    Made it back to Show Low. Ryan, thanks for leading an awesome run. Got to see some amazing sights and explore an awesome area. Looking forward to the next run. It was great seeing everyone again and thanks for making the trip epic. Until the next outing...
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    Home and relaxing as well... Thanks Ryan for leading a scenic trip, and of course for serving up some awsome weather... ;)
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    have a great one @mynr1!!!!! p.s. i'm almost done with an online class that will help me understand youz beddah...
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    damnit - apparently i'm becoming overly predictable!?! it's a reverse outlet to connect an extension cord to... i always plug my Dometic fridge into a garage 120V outlet while loading it up for a trip and then let the contents get nice and cold on "shore power" instead of draining the battery during that initial cool-down period. i would just run the extension cord in through the back gate, but i thought this little cover made a perfect place for a connector. finished product in use: i temporarily screwed in a piece of aluminum strip to center a hole saw in order to make a larger hole than the existing factory ones. then i was able to add a Journeyman-Pro Power Inlet Port behind the sheet-metal with 4 screws. i glued the rubber plug that came with it to the license plate hole cover and ran its cord up into the cabin through the grommet where the tail-light wires pass through. the little tab was made from aluminum and glued to the cover so i can pull it open easily.
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    John's at it again today, just posted this on facebook:
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    Katie and I are planning on going - we'd like to camp somewhere we can bring out pop-up.
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    Give Joe a call at On Point Performance & Offroad - he's not too far from you: https://goo.gl/maps/SCYAZiEmbFfhe4Cx6
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    We’ll be there! we’ll bring a table or 2, collapsible trash bins and take out all trash as usual! well also bring a side or 2 - I’ll check with Katie and reply again with what we will bring specifically
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    Gearhead is going to lead this one. We no longer can make this run. Have fun!
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    I wanted George to know I finally took his advice and removed the IFS to install a straight axle.
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    @gearhead I'll bring it to Bulldog Canyon run.
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    That super dark spot right there in Utah must be Canyonlands, or so. If I remember correctly, the Maze District is considered one of the most remote locations in the lower 48. Cool map K!
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    It's official! Our TJ is named Creampuff; the only name that stuck. I knew it was a sealed deal when G started calling it Creampuff. It fits because it really is a "creampuff"of a car-deal find; super clean with only 55K miles. And it's such a badass on the rocks that the dichotomy is humorously obvious. I even changed the title of this thread. Thanks to @theksmith for the moniker!
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    X2 Kris! Someone or some company is gonna claim this idea as their own.
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    I have seen all kinds of articles, today, regarding a concept vehicle developed by AM General and the ARMY. This will be the first time in decades that the military will have a true Jeep again. I believe the CJ-5 was the last Jeep used, and that Jeep ended production in the early 70's. Is this the new ARMY Jeep?
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    before this project i thought the prices charged by Goose Gear for full rear storage setups and even ARB for their drawers was insane, but now i really appreciate how much time and effort goes into making your own and see that the costs are totally justified for anyone that doesn't have the space/tools or desire to DIY.
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    There's an electric outlet underneath the license plate delete hole cover; the little tab is to pull the cover. Just a guess.
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    nah, gotta break some eggs if you want that omelet!
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    Progress. I know it looks like a terrible mess!
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    Zumi helping me figure out if all my junk is going to fit in the new rear drawer...
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    Jim is correct, at least until around 2008-9 (ish), around the time-frame I became no longer involved with any further consulting activity's with AMG. I'm not aware of anything other than mild interest by TACOM (Tank Automotive Comand, who is the main arm of the military, for setting/evaluation vehicle mission goals) in the then current J-8 offerings that were being purchased by non-US countries for use as light tactical military vehicles. FWIW:, At the time frame I had any useful knowledge, the J-8 was essentially a "converted" JKU, utilizing the VM 2.8L diesel, some frame strength upgrades , and rear suspension altered to "HD" leaf springs, using a semi-floating Model 60 Dana rear axle, for the additional load carrying capacity required by the foreign miitary uses. The new Gladiator versions discussed initially in this thread, appear to most likely be concepts, that are being floated to TACOM, who it would appear have begun inquiring about the potential for less costly alternatives to the HMVEE models currently spec'd. and in use by the US military branches. That said, I've been away from this so long, that what I've said above is nothing more than guesses as to what it may be about.
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    Dang! That must have been quite exciting. Glad you’re all ok
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    Anyone have a GPS unit they no longer use. Looking to put one on my dualsport motorcycle.
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    looks like you used Clifford's exo cage!
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    WOW Kris... Looks GREAT ! ! ! ! GREAT use of the former laptop case also...
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    well the 2 Liter kit of Raptor Liner i got didn't got as far as i had thought ! i only got a little over half done, so i ordered a couple more bottles. i was able to coat 1 side and the edges of everything plus the second sides on a couple boards. i'm pretty happy with how it came out, especially considering i only bought the $17 standard spray gun. i cranked the pressure up to 70 PSI, which is a little higher than recommended - but i'd read it would give a finer texture and it did. you can't go too high or it blows out so much material so fast that you lose the texture again. apparently you can get an even finer grain if you spring for the $75 adjustable gun, or mix with reducer and use an HVLP gun. at the 70PSI, i ended up needing to hold it a good 12+ inches from the surface and move pretty fast to keep it from getting "muddy". i still ended up with that smooth look in some corners where i overlapped too many times: i used 3M 18mm automotive refinish masking tape over any screw heads that need to come back out still. each piece of tape was removed with a pick tool about 30 minutes after spraying. this whole strip will be covered with a piano hinge: yesterday i also spray painted several areas black where i needed to tape over a screw head but was worried that the uncoated edge might not be fully covered up by a hinge or whatnot. here's one more photo showing the overall texture and sheen. now i'm super anxious as i've got this nearly ready-to-assemble project but the rest of the Raptor Liner isn't going to be here till Thursday!
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    While I tend to lean towards the less primitive area for the easier access, and the larger "hard" shelters, capable of handling larger groups for the group activities, the more primitive venue worked out fine this year for what appeared to me to be a smaller than usual number of participants for the "annual cinders event". Not sure if the type of venue and the number of participants were/are directly correlated, just an observation. And like Ryan, for me it's about visiting with and enjoying the folks who choose to participate....
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    A recent post to this thread reminded me of my latest taste test. I stood a pouch of “Starkist Chicken Creations” in a pot the diameter of a 1qt Nalgene bottle, (after I snipped off a corner). Brought the water to a boil and left the pouch in the pot to simmer for about 3 minutes. Scooped the chicken into a tortilla and ate it. It was a keeper, especially for backpacking food. In fact, I’d eat it Jeep camping. I’d probably want two pouches after day of backpacking though. No refrigeration required and 11 grams of protein. Note: Starkist doesn’t list this as a way to heat this product. However, I saw no degradation of the pouch, noticed any weird flavors and haven’t died yet! YMMV
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    Poor Fred. Tim's right, here's an update from Fox News. *** UPDATE ON FRED from Low Cost Spay and Neuter **** - It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Fred passed away this morning around 4am. His starvation was so severe, his kidneys were not responding to treatment and he was unable to produce any urine. ASPCA starvation guidelines were followed, but his case was extremely severe with a low chance of survival. Based on his X-rays and boney remodeling of his hips joints, he was in his senior years.We were happy he was able to spend his last night in a warm place with loving arms. We have received enough donations throughout the night to cover his medical costs so thank you to all that donated. Thank you to all the rescuers for your hard work and dedication. *** Link to article: https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/dog-dies-after-being-rescued-from-arizona-mine-shaft RIP Fred.
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