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    We wrapped up another epic KOFA run this afternoon and once again we had the place to ourselves. It was good to see some familiar faces and meet some members of this motley crew for the first time. The trails were in good condition overall, some wear and tear and weather erosion has occurred since last year but nothing too significant. The area never disappoints to provide some epic scenery. This time was even better because the desert was alive, green, and flowers were blooming. We visited two epic campsites; Friday night we spent the night in Big Dick Canyon(No Giggling😁) and Saturday night at my favorite spot out there so far, the Hovatter Homestead. Mother nature was in a bad mood this weekend because we had some minor issues. We all hit rain on the way in which had me concerned but it moved out pretty quickly. The rain did help control the dust so that was the silver lining. By the time we made it to camp and got set up the clouds had moved out and we had a prefect evening. We did have some weather roll in Saturday evening that delayed the evenings activities a little. It moved on eventually and we all gathered up next to the fire and burned every single piece of firewood we had on hand, it was glorious. All in all an awesome weekend with some good people in a beautiful part of the state. Thanks again to everyone that came out, I had blast even with the little rain that we had. Those in attendance were: @gearhead @Curly @Dennis Szymanski @Bjparsons @Franky @gman @Mick Bowers @Micely Some shout outs are in order. @Curly For finding information on the Rob Roy Mine. I never knew this was here and it was definitely worth a the visit and a revisit next time we get out that way. It is a short hike from the parking area and there is a lot of stuff there to see. You can see some of the artifacts on YouTube. It sits right on the edge of the active mine but is part of KOFA so you are safe to wander up there and explore everything. Apparently Fred White, who discovered the mine, was afraid of being buried alive. That is understandable but weird for a miner in my opinion. Here is a clip from his obituary that the article I linked to and the plaque on the property mentions. "Beaver, Utah, Dec. 29. - Fred White, discoverer of the Rob Roy mine, and at one time very wealthy, has committed suicide. In a letter, written just before his death, he calls down curses on those who "robbed" him. He also expresses the with that his heart shall be punctured two or three times after his body shall be found in order that death may be certain. He had a horror of being buried alive." @gearhead for tail-gunning and helping keep the gang together and headed in the right direction. Thanks Mike! The gang who stacked rocks to help get a couple of folks down a tricky spot this morning and @Dennis Szymanski for spotting @Franky through that spot. I only took a few pictures, they are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/q5qiXxbXuF3WrrcD8
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    I love looking at old mining machinery that has been abandoned in place. This mine and mill is in pretty good shape. I thought it was cool how all the following pics fit together This engine drove this small pulley which turned the big drum which turned these gears There was more stuff driven by the belts in the ceiling. Check out the size of the timbers in the building. Definitely not grown in the Yuma area.
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    Thank you so much for putting on this trip. I was happy I got to go. The desert was beautiful and amazingly lush. You were a great group. It was a a really fun first time off road trip.
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    from some trails in the newly re-opened St. Clair area near Bartlett...
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    Nice one Kris, this is old video of Al taking his driving test
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    for @4x4tographer with his honey & peanut butter trail sammiches...
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    Great trip report @shellback91, sounds like you guys had a nice weekend. I love that area, especially the Hovatter Homestead. I spread some of my dad's ashes there right before discovering the gravesites of the father and a daughter on the hillside nearby. Always kind of got to me how they died.
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    John you told me to turn, you were my instructor! 🚧
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    Brady and i took Gadget and his yet-to-be-named rig out this weekend:
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    we did a quick little run on some trails out near Lake Pleasant this weekend. B doesn't have disconnects yet so had to keep it easy rated...
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    Finally getting around to posting pics...sure was a great time... loved Sunday evening dealing with drizzle, diehards out there enjoying a campfire in spite of our crazy selves..even captured a small rainbow over "Curly" and Devon's rig. A big thanks to our fearless leader, Marty!
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    67,200 miles Took the Jeep to visit our good friend Joe over at @OnPointOffroad. Looking forward to towards the Rubicon and Hole-in-the-Rock trips, was looking to get a few things taken care of. Joe and Vince took care of a leaking oil cooler, replaced spark plugs, and did the pulleys and serpentine belt. They even power washed the engine bay!
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    i'm pretty sure my coolant temperature spike issue is solved. i had a no-name coolant temp sensor and swapped it for a genuine Mopar one about a week ago. since then the random temp spikes peak at 222* instead of 230*. she will still reach 230* under a load as expected (before the fan kicks into high and cools her down). but she no longer gets there with just casual street driving. i'm pretty sure that off-brand sensor was simply reading too high. so why did i have some crappy sensor even? well apparently i got an older head in the reman, which had a larger hole for the coolant temp sensor (than my original engine). the 2 variations of sensors have the same electrical connectors, just the older heads used one with a larger diameter threaded body. that style happens to be the same as the oil temp sensor used in the oil cooler housing on every year. i had the off-brand sensor in my box of parts because i had removed it from the aftermarket aluminum oil cooler that i installed a few months ago (in favor of a Mopar one). so then i had used it as i just wanted to get the engine fired up as quickly as possible. i had planned to replace that no-name sensor right away but ended up forgetting about it for a while!
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    Lurked for awhile, but am all in! Bought a 21 Gladiator Rubicon with 25xxx miles, of course bought tons of stuff and am waiting on UPS LOL Looking for Northern Nevada & California runs, always like being out and about when work allows me. Thanks for having me Jim
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    Are you sure he didn't tell you to ba-a-a-a-a-ack up?
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    @johnpa, did you move? is that you driving this bus? @mynr1
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    P0430 was coming back pretty often. i installed 2 new NTK brand (seems to be who makes the OEM ones) O2 sensors on bank 2 (driver side). have fingers crossed. P0369 came back once more, again during an extended 80MPH freeway drive. it really sucks suddenly going into limp mode until i can get off the freeway and turn the Jeep off and back on again! i've since replaced the camshaft position sensor on the passenger side and swapped the intake/exhaust cam phaser actuators there to see if the problem follows one of them. waiting again now to see what happens. otherwise Gadget is good and has been taking me out to the desert often to enjoy this nice weather!
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    You are very welcome sir! Typically, we wash every 3.6 prior to removing the upper intake or lower. As we all love our Jeeps, the 3.6 tends to store dust and dirt in strange places. So, to avoid any internal contamination, its best to clean them first!
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    Correct call on the thermostat! It's been CEL-free for the past week. AJ Mckay in Mesa was a great guy to deal with, I'm probably going to make the trip there for my auto repairs. I still need to have my tires rotated.... 😅😅
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    If it’s a stuck open Thermostat, insist on an OEM replacement. Much of the aftermarket replacement stats are junk! I learned that when I was dealing with this code on our Grand Caravan with the 3.6l motor
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    OK update time again, Still going through some health testing, monitoring and treatment. Primarily working with Mayo but feeling and doing much better. During one of my trips to mayo recently, I had my local mechanic install all new stainless brake lines, hard and flex lines. Found the calipers to be showing their age so replaced them as well, since well, if my kids are going to ride with me, brakes need to be non questionable. Finally got to head upto windrock and really flex this wj out and so far so good! Even on 32s! Did trail 51 upto Panther Rock and earned my Badge! Even went up the other day with some friends to see the eclipse. Plans Moving forward, New set of Nitto trail grapplers have been sitting in my garage for a month now, also just waiting on shipment from Battleborn wheels for some new beadlocks going on. I like the JK takeoffs but it's time to start stepping up a little bit more if I'm going to continue to play around at windrock lol I already have 1" taller springs sitting in my garage so those will go on about the same time. I've also been talking with HK offroad. I have placed an order for their new rear bumper and tire carrier. I don't mind the spare riding in the back hatch area but I'd like to get it out back and add some rear protection armor. Plus the new tires being bigger will take up more space... either way, its coming out and my 'overland box' is going back in with some modification to fit a new fridge. The JP40 has been great but its honestly just been a little too big for me. So sizing down to 20qt and modifying my box to fit it which already has sliders. Also planning on rock sliders, need those for sure! And likely putting on my old DBM rear corner plates on this jeep that I saved off my old jeep. Also installed some new cabinets in the garage... one is almost strictly WJ "TO-DO" stuff. lol its sad but its chucked full of projects. That's all for now!
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    Upcoming, I need to: -Replace brake lines, as I did not have a chance to complete that before we moved. -Seal the roof rack, as the aftermarket steel rack does not seal completely to the roof of the jeep, which allows water mitigation into the OEM nutsert holes. I need to take the rack off and repaint it anyways. - I am determining which direction I want to go with the rack. There is an open box/discount store locally where I may score a rooftop tent for less than $800, just depending on if they get (another) one in. I may also weld a Milwaukee Tool Packout base to it, as there are aftermarket ones available in steel. The overall flat nature of the rack leaves ALOT of options. I'd also like to come up with a mount for my traction mats, since trying to transport them (muddy) inside the jeep is obviously pretty undesirable. - Looking at GMRS radios. Although my CB has been super reliable, and I actually get extremely good range out of it, most of course have moved to GMRS for obvious reasons. I now own a handheld CB unit as well, so I am not opposed to possibly removing that CB unit completely. - I think this thing as earned a real bumper. Really looking at the D.Till Fabworks Winch Bumper. I have been using my rear hitch-mounted tire carrier, and it is looking significantly worse for wear, but I may eventually replace it with an HK offroad Kratos carrier.
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    Well, alot has happened in the last year, and the jeep continues to impress with it's overall reliability and fuel economy! Overall, most of my time has been spent working around the house, but with most of the major renovations complete, my eyes are turning back to my old friend. I have had some repairs and fixes done, and overall it's always a learning experience. The Jeep has gotten: - A Mechman 240A Alternator: Even on the PCM Voltage regulator it has made a huge difference in charging. Side note, with the smaller pulley on this alt, the 4.7L uses a shorter serpintine belt, DAYCO 5060870. This retains belt tension correctly. I have in my possession an external adjustable voltage regulator kit which I will eventually add in, however I am in no hurry at the moment since it is maintaining proper charge currently. Both of my Duralast AGM batteries have since failed and have been replaced as well. I have also added in battery breathers since both are located in the back and are no longer in "open air" It helps prevent corrosion on the things around the batteries. - A new radiator (again) This one failed in the exact same way as it's predecessor, which appears to actually be caused by electrolysis/corrosion. I have worked through engine grounds to ensure this one hopefully won't suffer the same fate. I opted for the same CHR Racing 3 row radiator as before, as I was always satisfied with it's performance. On the recommendation of some old hot-rod builders I talked to, I have added a ground to the radiator, and a Flex-a-lite Sacrificial Anode, which conveniently replaces this radiators HORRIBLE drain petcock. On a side note, has anyone noticed that worm drive hose clamps have gotten exceptionally horrible as of recently? I have started moving the jeep over to T-bolt hose clamps, which seem to grab more surface area on the hose, and can take significantly more torque, which is a great improvement over the standard worm drive clamps or the special ones recommended for the HPS hoses. So far the T-bolt clamps are a massive improvement. Some of you may have seen the recent Ice storm in lane county on the news, a multiple-day-long freezing rain storm which destroyed over 1/3 of our utilities power grid and also damaged the utilities water systems as well. The jeep was put on battery charging duty for the coming days since the Toyotas do not have an always on power port. This ice storm also did in the last AGM battery, and the jeep is currently running dual EFB batteries. Also, a random fact for y'all, The Milwaukee 2646-20 grease gun tops off at 10,000 PSI. At significantly less pressure, you can actually (rapidly) extrude the rubber interior bushing of a johnny joint right out of the joint! Not having any sort of pressure relief/ grease bleed on these joints seems like a huge design flaw. I will likely replace these with IRO flex joints in the future.
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    Great report shellback91! And awesome pics! We need to get back there someday!! smiles, ladybug
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    Great pics! We were glad to have you and your brother along for the ride.
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    Awesome pics, that mine and it's buildings are pretty dang cool.
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    glad you're back together! hope you get the P0128 code fixed easily - if your coolant is full, then usually that's a stuck open thermostat, but like you said it could be several other things if not those.
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    Finally got the repairs completed, body-wise, last Saturday. Just have to deal with intermittent P0128 code that a mechanic has to diagnose. Did some googling and there seems to be a few things that could be causing it which is annoying since that could mean a few trips for diagnosis. The plus side is I can still drive it locally. The body shop was nice enough to throw in the grill paint instead of my sloppy plasti dip job 😀
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    Welcome... There are TONS of great places to visit in NV, and in CA as well... Enjoy... ;)
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    nice, still a step up from the current ones!
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    welcome to the site Jim! looking forward to seeing your future posts on what all you find while exploring NV and CA! good luck with your rig mods, keep us updated on the changes - maybe start a build thread in the "Your Rig!" area...
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    good to hear from you MIchael! make the switch to GMRS, you won't regret it. do you have a link to the T-bolt clamps you like? i prefer the OEM spring clamps on cooling system hoses. however, the large couplers in my K&N snorkel/intake use worm-drive and i'd like to switch them to T-bolt style at some point.
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    Great to hear from you @BigTuna117. Ice storm sounds a little to heavy-duty weather-wise! Glad you're doing good and the Jeep continues to perform well for you.
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    Ah I have an ecoflow, but was hoping to go cheaper. The only function of the battery would be to power the fridge, and use my ecoflow for other things, like powering my heated blanket, diesel heater, electric stove, electric kettle and such, so I don't have to move my fridge at all.
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    welcome to the site! i don't know those brands personally, but your component selection seems to make sense. just use the minimum amperage fuse necessary on both your input and output lines. regarding the charger, I doubt anything that small would produce a ton of current - but you should double check its max charging rate versus the battery makers suggested charge current. then the biggest concern i'd have is making sure the battery is securely mounted and the terminals covered so that nothing metal could accidentally come in contact with them and cause a dead short (which could easily cause a fire). also, just FYI, most cigarette lighter style sockets aren't great in terms of surviving road vibrations, nor making a good low-resistance electrical connection. i'd recommend you modify your fridge's existing DC power cord to use one of those same 12v SAE connectors instead of the lighter plug. however, unless space or money is really tight, you might consider a pre-made battery bank instead of a custom solution. you would be getting a nicely packaged, portable unit with way more features... your proposed battery is 640 Watt-Hours. a quality "solar generator" (i.e. battery bank with solar and wall charging, inverter, capacity gauge, etc.) with a similar capacity would run you $350 to $550: Ecoflow River 2 (512 Wh)... Anker 535 (512 Wh)... Bluetti EB70S (716 Wh)...
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