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    Loving our new set-up The views in this area are stunning Waterfall exiting box canyon Our boy slept almost all day. He could care less about the Jeep rocking and rolling and the noise of the rocks On our way out to Cottonwood Canyon road Thanks to everyone for coming out. We had a great time. Happy Birthday in advance to Diane!!
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    Yesterday ORP celebrated another fun Holiday party. We met in the Rio Verde area and then ran the Camp Creek Wash trail up to a secluded spot near a spring for the festivities. George was again the meat master and everyone else brought tasty side dishes. We ate a ton and then helped judge the cookie contest. Congrats to the winners! Afterwards we did a fun White Elephant (or Yankee Swap for you northern folk). There were some good present steals and a new tactic of licking the gift to attempt to keep it!! Thanks to everyone of ORP. You truly make this group special!! Complete photo album here: Sarah's Holiday Google Photos Highlights from the day:
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    Gadget led the run to the Offroad Passport Holiday Party spot yesterday... (photo from Kaspily) then got up early to go play out by the lake this morning...
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    Lunch and then on to the Coke oven overlook. It is private property so you can only see it from the top near their property line. The views are still neat! The trail down to the river is washed out but nothing too bad. Yuck mud! Entering Walnut Canyon area Thanks all for a really fun day with amazing views!
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    Made it home. That was a fun trip/party, thanks to everyone who set it up and a big thanks to George for cooking. It was great to meet everyone.
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    This guy knows Ferrari's are meant to be driven, not just sit in a collection... much like most of us know even brand new Jeeps are meant to be wheeled, not just taken to the mall! "The Monza SP1 and SP2 are some of Ferrari's most exclusive new cars. Under 500 will be built, each costing around $1.75 million. Most buyers will undoubtedly be storing theirs for the winter, keeping them away from harmful road salt and slippery snow or ice. This owner, however, doesn't have any qualms about driving his in the cold weather." - From this Road & Track article...
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    1 year lookback... December 2018, around 62k miles: December 2019, about 89k miles! at first glance she looks pretty much the same, but there have been some major upgrades... front & rear bumpers, winch, snorkel, shocks, front drive-shaft, tie-rod, and the whole rear cargo/sleep-platform redo just to name a few. and that's 27k miles on Gadget this year! happily a huge portion of those were while out exploring. i'm truly thankful to be able to go on so many adventures with such great friends. here's to getting out even more with you all in 2020!
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    Rails test fitted and some hand routing around the slider latches. Checking out the full extension of the sliders nad making some adjustments. I ended up making the drawers about 3-4mm too narrow for the pretty tight tolerance of the sliders. I ended up using some spare washers I had laying around as spacers to make up the difference. So far so good!
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    my new shocks came Friday (Teraflex Falcon 3.1 for 5-6" lifted JK 4-door)! the fronts were a quick install today. i bought a complete set of new Crown JK Extended Brake Lines for 3-6" lift but actually didn't need them up front, so I'll install those a little later - i wanted to finish with the shocks in time to go do a flex test before it got dark. i gained about 4" of droop over my previous shocks. the rear was just a little more complicated because of the shock/control-arm skids i previously had welded on which interfered with the out-board mounting style of these Falcons. @Bradywgn71 was nice enough to cut off the outer gussets on those skids with his plasma cutter. i ended up having to take just a little more off with a grinder after that to clear the Falcon reservoirs. i did install the longer brake lines in the rear to accommodate the increased droop. i already had brake line extension/relocation brackets but they weren't enough. on first test, nothing is hitting or binding while flexing and the current bump-stopping and shock length seem to be working together just right. the new brackets where the rear brake hard-line meets the soft-line need to be repositioned slightly, they are a little too close to the tire on full stuff. i could not be happier with this combination of Teraflex Falcon 3.1 shocks and MetalCloak DuroSpring jounce bumpers for hauling ass in the desert!. i ran gadget a few miles up and down a rough wash at 35 to 40 MPH and she ate it up. i never got a full hard bottom-out even when purposely nailing small ledges at speed. i was also happy to not experience that bucking-bronco feeling when hitting several minor whoops in a row. the compromise is that they are a tad stiff for just putting down a rocky trail or even on a gravel road with heavy washboards and pot-holes. they responded predictably on the gravel though - and i didn't get that back-end hopping and sliding-out that i often would when trying to speed down Cow Creek Road before. Teraflex told me these fixed-valve 3.1 series are equivalent to somewhere in the "2" range on the adjustable series, so i could see myself using the "1" setting fairly often if i had those adjusters. i'll put that $400 towards something else for the time being though - as of right now i'm very satisfied with these shocks and we'll just have to see how they do over time. Gadget's gotten a bunch of mods all of a sudden this winter and i love how she's looking and handling right now!
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    Here is a pic of a 59 Chevy wagon, step looks similar. Paint color too.
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    Got to use my New Year’s Day to finish up this project! Took the factory tie down points and bolted them to the deck with some 5/8 stainless hardware and lock nuts. I might invest in a cargo net to keep back there for lighter-weight things like groceries as the trunk is a lot shallower than it used to be. Can’t have my Wonderbread and Oreos littering the highway. Due to the nature of the contours I had to cut around with the deck, it’s a pretty tight fit with maybe 5mm of left/right wiggle room. The contour gauge was awesome and made the process really easy to nail on the first try. As the fit was snug, I ended up screwing the deck down last as there was no way I’d be able to preassemble the entire unit and drop it in. I used bronze colored deck screws for the top, all countersunk. This shot shows some of the flaws in my use of rattle-can bedliner. I got a little happy on the trigger on the left drawer and had some drippage. It’s really only noticeable here due to the flash on my phone. It looks a lot better in natural light. If you look hard, you’ll be able to see the deck screws running every 4” down the center and sides. Total Box height is 10”, with the drawers topping out at 9” in height. Perfect for accessing tools with the rear soft top panel in place. It can be a real PITA to remove everything you want to grab something - so this will be a nice little side benefit. I go for my first drive with it tomorrow on my commute to work. I’m interested in seeing if I get any annoying rattles or squeaking from the system, After a day or two, I’ll load up the drawers with some gear. I’ll be embarking on another adventure in organizing the drawers themselves as they are blank canvasses! Overall the drawers are larger than the Wolfpack’s (by FrontRunner) that I keep filled with gear. It’ll be interesting to see how much I can cram into them. Some remaining tasks/considerations: Cut some rubber matting to line the drawer bottoms Find some organizers/dividers to cubed bags for the drawers. I might even just make some dividers/inserts out of some thin wood or acetate I’m kicking around the idea of some diamond plate for the deck for extra durability. I’m positive the bedliner is going to scratch off as soon as I lash down my steel Jerry cans on them.
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    Looks good! Nice work. Kreg jig for the win!
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    My Yaesu has a removable faceplate, so I put the radio body under the drivers seat, Faceplate above the sunvisor. Ran the wires up the A pillar and hid them under the trim. Wired to the battery direct, w/fuse. Antenna mounted on the tire carrier.
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    getting water out: sprayer & switch i wanted to put the water access at the front of the rig for several reasons: my tailgate table and fridge are in the back and so i didn't want to create a mud puddle right where i need to stand a lot at camp. the engine has to be running to get hot water and so setting up a shower tent near the front will prevent from breathing as many exhaust fumes. mounting both the output and the heat exchanger near the engine bay means less hose to run. i first considered putting a recessed cup type transom shower (boat wash-down sprayer) in my aftermarket front bumper - much like this one: however i think the bumper is too shallow for it and i didn't really want to drill a big hole in there. i did still end up buying a marine sprayer. i liked that this one from Scandvik is very compact and has a constant-on feature by pulling out the trigger (in addition to the normal intermittent spray by squeezing) - plus it's black! i ended up mounting the sprayer behind the bumper where it could still pull-out, similar to my original plan but without the container. it sits to the side of the winch, right next to one of my air ports. i also ditched the hose it came with for a longer more flexible black shower hose. i made a custom holder for the sprayer and hose. the mesh bag lets the hose bunch up in one area when stowed, preventing it from slipping out through the holes in my front skid plate. the little holder is made from a piece of aluminum and a plastic tubular spacer i found in my miscellaneous parts drawer. the bag is polyester which should hold up decently, but i also coated it with Scotchgard Water & Sun Shield (left over from a previous project). the sprayer itself is meant to be mounted exposed on a boat deck, so it should survive the elements as well. Gadget is lucky enough to spend most of her parked time inside a garage anyway. i bought a triple-sealed switch from K-Four to control the pump, along with a small 12v LED indicator lamp from Oznium. they were mounted to another piece of aluminum and attached next to the sprayer. the whole setup blends in well and isn't particularly noticeable to a casual passerby. but when i want water, i'll be able to just pull the sprayer out and flip the switch. the shopping list for this portion of the project: Scandvik 10054P Pull Out Sprayer 96 inch black flexible shower hose (1/2 FNPT) 12x15 Polyester Mesh Bag K-Four Triple-Sealed 20A Toggle Switch 6mm Black 12v LED Indicator Lamp (Amber)
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    Thank you @jgaz for helping this newbie! Will do!
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    This is the Sunflower Mine run re-do (the previous run was canceled due to flooding)! Located off Highway 87 near Mt. Ord., the trail offers a variety of challenges: rock crawling in the creek, steep loose climb out of the creek, narrow and sometimes off-camber shelf roads, and more! The trail is very scenic, as it winds back into a canyon, and offers neat views of the highway and Mt. Ord. Club members: Sign-up & more info here...
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    Thanks for the pics Diane. I have some too and will figure out how to post them.
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    Yesterday Adam @Rubicon 18 asked me if I ever posted my pics from this run, and I realized I hadn't! Here's a link to all mine, and posting some below. Diane's Pics It had been a really long time since we had been out there, so it was great to go back. The scenery is awesome.
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    Happy Birthday Wayne! Wishing you the best year ever!
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    Happy Birthday, Diane !
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    Happy Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you had a day as special as you are! smiles, karen
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    Happy Birthday Diane!! Hope you have a great day!!!
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    New in box Metalcloak JK diff cover. I ordered this because of installer error, but decided I do not intend to use. $70. Pick up in Apache Junction or on a trail run.... Metalcloak description
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    Photos continued..... One attempt at the up and over video: ksmith at squeeze up and over Peakaboo At the squeeze Lunchtime. My happy boys After lunch a few more obstacles
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    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them
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    So I got the Jeep back yesterday all back to normal, final total was $8300 for all the repairs, had to have the axle housing, both left and right ball joints, caliper, rotor, splash shield (which is rubbing as I drive), and the suspension hub assembly. they also replaced the wheel but didn't go into why, it looked like the spacer just simply failed, so the brief view I got of the wheel when it happened it all looked OK to me. There are two interesting things though, OC Motorsports split my deductable with me so it only ended up costing me $250, don't know if they did that because they didn't check the spacers when they had the wheel off when they installed my AEV lift a few weeks prior or not. I "Think" that this may possibly be written up about it in some magazine, when I picked it up yesterday my SA mentioned that a magazine editor stopped by and was talking to them about it and took some pictures and what not, he stressed to him that they could not mention the shop or anything else, they were busy so I didn't get any more details about it from him. I do know that there are several magazine's based out of Costa Mesa, I'll try to figure out who it might be and keep an eye out for any sort of write up, I would imagine it would be about the dangers of using spacers. Now to take it offroad on some trails this weekend and test the repairs, AND MY NEW LIFT! been wanting to run this one https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/pioneertown-to-big-bear-ohv-route so depending on weather I might just go
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    very nice job on those seat brackets!
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    I just realized I forgot to mention that my son will be coming with me. Sorry for the late notice on that.
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    Adding washers is waaaay easier than the alternative if you get the drawer to case clearance too tight.
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    Nice Radio addition Allen... Here's how we mounted the two radios in Karen's TJL...
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    @dzJeepChic right now I plan to. I need to figure out where to locate everything, ensuring it has a logical place. I had a G bracket but due to my center bar on roll cage the CB was off set instead of centered. That made the high position problematic for tall people. I then need to figure out how to wire it all up. The last thing is how to mount both antennas. I have a tire carrier and plan on locating them the as @Curly described. I imagine I may need some sort of bracket on opposite sides of the carrier so the antennas have some separation. Thanks @theksmith!
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    Most likely improperly torqued spacers that failed. I had them on when i put larger tires but before i put on my lift. I was driving to work up the 405 north doing about 65-70 and the wheel came completely off. Thankfully, i was able to get over to the side of the road and get a tow truck called, he was able to find the wheel, without any damage. THANKFULLY it didn't jump the median and crash into an oncoming car, or someone didnt hit it while it was laying in the far right lane on the super foggy morning traffic.
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    I posted a Coke Ovens Trail ride for 1/1/2020:
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    i'd be down for the complete coke ovens loop (in near florence, out near superior), elvis, ajax, or woody on the 1st
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    My evap leak...Joe (On Point) hooked up smoke machine & we found the culprit!! It was part of the fitting to the gas tank. Bad news, if piece on tank is broke you will have to replace your tank $$$$$ because that piece is part of the tank. Good news, fitting (not on tank) broke while being taken apart but enough was left for Joe to do his thing. Drilling, bushing, glue & we had a new part!!! Re-smoked & no leaks. Just have to go thu the drive cycle now. Joe came up with this fix & I am his 3rd repair for this & so grateful. Dealership would have replaced the tank, about $800. Part of contributing factor was my lift, installer "should" have made a longer (tie wrap) holder for harness to the tank, which on full articulation was really stretching harness to it's limits. That to was also addressed. Have described this procedure in layman's terms, but believe me this is a permanent fix & again, thanks Joe.
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    Same problem (code) on my JKU. Evap system leak. Also did the gas cap thing, inspection eliminated any loose connections. Have appointment with Joe @ OnPoint for the 14th. Will follow up with his diagnosis. Al
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