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    I would like the ORP community to help me acquire one of these. See trip report from this weekends trip led by Ryan for justification. https://images.app.goo.gl/5WgYNku5iqeNATvi6
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    Took the 1st load of stuff to the new house yesterday. We'll be fully moved by the end of the week. Needs a few things to make it a 'home', but I am totally loving the place. I think the island looks beautiful .
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    Drove up today to the spots. Everything is fully dry and spot #2 looks awesome. Lots of level areas for RVs and tents. There were a lot of campers in the surrounding area but most looked to be leaving. Spot 2 has a ton of room. Also, off the main road which is nice. Cell signal (Verizon and at&t) was awful this time. Likely the result of all the campers in the area. Hopefully cell signal better for those needing to work prior to the Gala. However, a short drive back a few miles and much better cell signal. See ya all later this week. We'll post up which spot we land in Wednesday dinner time.
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    George got the stove and the central vac installed so we can eat and clean up!
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    Hello! We just completed a 130-ish mile "overland-style" run through Prescott and Kaibab National Forests. We ran a modified/truncated version of the Northern Arizona Overland Traverse with a few fun side-stops. While not everything went quite as expected (see below), it was a great time out with some of the ORP Fam! TRIP REPORT/PHOTOS We again our trip in Cottonwood, meeting up for an excellent breakfast at Crema, an award-winning bunch joint. It was pretty quiet for a Friday morning and we found parking right in front of the restaurant. If you've never been to Crema, give it a shot. I thought the food and ambiance was excellent. After we were all fueled up for the day's adventures, we hit the road, passing through the town of Jerome to stop to air down before hitting dirt. We climbed the mountains behind Jerome and were able to see some pretty expansive views to the north that stretched all the way to Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks and the red rocks around Sedona. We also stopped off at this pretty cool bridge along Jerome-Perkinsville Road. Our next leg of the trip was a side run through the heart of the Rafael Fire burn scar on our way to see some ruins. Along the way we were treated to an amazing little ranch house with an interesting water collection system that was about 2/3 full of recent rainwaters. The sights along the way were..... otherworldly. All of the dry grass that has burned up during the fire had been replaced with fresh grass what was the most vivid green I think I've ever seen in Arizona. Gnarled, burn husks of trees and brush rose out of the new grass, making the scene even more alien. As we passed through this strange scenery, the grasses began to fade and we were left with some of the more brutal fire damage. In the background, you can see the outer walls of Sycamore Canyon and the Sycamore Wilderness Area. We ended up stopping for a break at the homestead, which was called Lonesome Pocket. The house was in remarkably good condition! We ended our side trip at the base of a small hill that housed some amazing ruins - however it was getting pretty hot and we decided not to make the trek up to the ruins. We scrounged up some shade and enjoyed some lunch and jokes instead! Here are a few more images from the trip back out to Jerome-Perkinsville Road. Once we got back to J-P Road, we made a quick run up to Old 354, which is part of the Great Western Trail. Trail conditions sucked, frankly. It was the bumpiest road in the nation while we were on it, with the recent monsoons really doing a number on the trail by washing away the top soil and laying bare the rocks below. The trail was very scenic, with excellent views of a canyon on our left, and a basin on our right. There was an old sandstone quarry on the way that was very interesting to see as it reminded a few of us of some ancient earthen-works fortresses. As we were nearing the cool pines of the Kaibab NF, just south of Williams, we ran into a slight problem. The road was completely gone - washed away by recent rains. GPS Coords: 35.04010, -112.16871 We checked the map to find there was no way around, or any sort of alternative route. We were still sandwiched by the canyon and basin to the east and west of the tails. Our only option was to make our way back down the mountain. As we were just a few hours from sunset, we had to make camp nearby. Fortunately we had just passed an excellent spot less than 1/2 mile from the washout. The ground was nice and flat, there were a few fire rings, and some great trees all around. @theksmith even provided us the scent of 11 Herbs & Spices to get the party started that evening! The next morning, we were packed up and back on the trail by 8:30am, making out way down the mountain to connect back up with Jerome-Perkinsville Road. Once we hit J-P, it was smooth sailing into the town of Williams to gas up, grab a snack, and plan out the rest of Day 2. We made our way back into the Kaibab NF to check out Sycamore Canyon's "Sycamore Point", a scenic overlook. This gave us an excellent view of the damage the Rafael Fire had caused within the canyon itself. On our way out, we came by this COLOSSAL field of wildflowers in full bloom and decided to take a closer look. I think I'd classify this as a "superbloom" Our last stop of the day was by Sycamore Falls, which was rushing with water. I don't have any photos of the falls, but I have plenty of video footage (coming soon!) All in all, it was a great trip! I think it also highlights the importance of being as flexible as possible, as you never know what might be around that next bend in the road. Thanks again to everyone that joined me on this adventure! I hope you had an excellent time, and thank you for hanging in there when the unexpected happened! @mynr1 @theksmith @johnpa @We Just Go @shellback91 @Bradywgn71 @Curly For our original trip planning discussion, click here. An edit of the video footage I took along the way will be coming soon!
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    the party's Saturday January 8th, location TBD. D & I talked briefly and I think we're leaning towards our standard holiday party routine, just in a new location. i.e. a day run with bbq & gift exchange out in the desert rather than any sort of campout.
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    Slow going but we got some stuff done this week. Both bathrooms got mirrors installed. We got our bedroom almost set up And we rearranged stuff so Smurftruck can fit in the garage now! G's pretty stoked about that. Looking down at this valley is my favorite view from the property
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    A couple of you asked about the D-ring lift adapter (DLA) that I was using after my little "incident", stupid dirt colored rock, so here's a link. https://jeepsneeds.com/products/d-lift-adaptor-hi-lift
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    Brief little video of the Navigation Challenge. More to come If you wait long enough you can enjoy it in 4K.
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    A little update on Oki - going in for our first troubleshooting service appointment for the Jeep since we purchased it back in October of 2018. We're currently sitting at 41,700 miles. On the way up to the 2021 ORP Gala, @Yodamom noticed a new dash indicator was flashing that she'd never seen before. Essentially, the Jeep was indicating that the rear was suddenly locked while driving on the highway in 2HI, which isn't possible to do by accident as the Rubicon's computer prevents locking either axle in anything other than 4LO (you can't lock either diff in 4HI on this model). When she arrived, I saw that both the dash indicator and the rear locker switch were flashing. Interestingly, it behaved throughout our entire trail ride on Saturday and didn't act up again until our drive home on the highway on Sunday - likely due to the high heat of the rear diff oil. The Jeep behaved normally despite the lights. Long story short, it all comes down to an interesting problem/engineering with the hall effect sensor in the JL's differentials. This sensor is located inside of the differential itself, and is responsible for telling the Jeep if the lockers are engaged or not. What can happen is that gear oil can intrude into the sensor itself or into the wiring harness and cause a ground fault. Likely this happens due to the high heat of the oil bathing the sensor until there is a failure of the seal on the unit. At first, this will cause "locker engaged" messages to appear intermittently. Overtime, if allowed to persist, the Jeep will flash up a "Service Locker" error. What can happen is that you might successfully lock the rear while out trail riding, but the Jeep will not disengage the lockers when asked due to the faulty sensor. This could leave you stranded and unable to drive home on pavement. Below shows a sample photo of a bad seal that allowed oil into the sensor with oil covering the interior-side of the cover. Photos are NOT mine, but pulled from a similar thread on this issue over at the JL Wrangler Forums. This sample image shows oil coating the surface of the circuit board. Some owners have taken to cracking open their sensors and noted that there was no "potting" of the internal components with an electrically non-conductive material to prevent damage from fluid intrusion. Some have taken it upon themselves to pot their sensors themselves using an oil resistant material like RCV to help stave off this issue. The interesting part of this story is that the sensor and its components are "OEM only" and are not available for purchase by dealer service departments or by "civilians". The reported solution so far is for dealers to order an entire new Dana 44 axle to obtain the part - so they're doing full axle swaps for a failed $15 part. There's hope that someday the sensor will be available for sale in the future, but there's no word on that happening anytime soon. A current workaround has come in from ZAutomotive through the use of a pigtail that plugs into the Jeep between the differential and the Jeep's computer. It sends feedback to the Jeep to trick it into thinking that the lock/unlock was successful - bypassing the problem of no feedback from the faulty OEM sensor. Companies like DOETSCH Offroad have been using it successfully on Jeep's here in the Valley. It's a good little insurance plan, but $180 for the unit seems a little steep - many are picking one up and keeping it in their tool bag for when this type of failure occurs in the future. Right now my 5 year / 50K mile powertrain warranty should cover it, but I'm not really looking forward to the potential 6 week wait on a brand new axle to show up. More updates to come as I get it to the dealer for diagnosis.
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    sorry to bug out early this morning without saying bye. just wanted to beat the Sunday I-17 traffic and have time to catch up on some work. hopefully everyone had as much fun as i did! great turnout this year - it's nice to catch up with old friends while making some new ones. thank you ALL for helping, donating, and participating! there'd be no club if it weren't for each one of you! a special shout-out to the following members: @4x4tographer, @Yodamom,Tegan & Brynna for taking care of SO many things this year - you guys are amazing! @Trail Toy & Sarah for helping scout the location and coming up with the dip contest idea! @Bradywgn71 & @kaspily for going up super early to hold the spot, helping scout, and providing the internet cafe! Ann Marie for running the salsa/dip contest! and @shellback91, we missed you - thanks for being part of the original scouting party! and finally, a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the contest/game winners this year! FYI, we'll be finalizing the orders for those limited edition 21 Gala shirts and exclusive contest winner shirts and get that in to the printer on Monday!
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    Home safe and sound. What a blast! It was awesome to see everybody who came out for the 12th Annual ORP Gala; old friends and new friends alike. Kudos to all you early birds who went up Wednesday and Thursday to secure the site. Special thanks to everyone who joined in the Trail Ride, the Salsa & Dip Contest, and the Navigator Challenge! Without your paricipation there would be no event. Your Way to go whomever dreamed up the addition of a dip contest - that ended up being our dinner last night. Massive shout out and thanks to both Ryan and Michelle - team @4x4tographer for leading the trail ride and heading up the 50/50 Raffle and Merch Sales. We appreciate you guys SO MUCH! And finally, thank YOU ALL so much for all your generous contributions to our annual fundraiser!
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    Hello everyone, My name is Cullen McCarthy. I am new to off roading and overlanding. I have been interested in it for a few years and through work I was able to get the truck I wanted. A 2019 Colorado ZR2 (not a bison, but no complaints) I have only hit a few trails with friends and want to get into more. I am looking forward to meeting you guys on the trails.
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    these are at Home Depot currently if anyone needs some medium sized light-duty waterproof storage containers: the top has a gasket seal, 2 latches, and a hinge to the side. the dividers are both removable. inside/outside dimensions are on the label:
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    Just don't follow the new guy and nothing will go wrong
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    We're here! Our 1st night in the house was Friday. We got here super late and then had to empty half a van load to get to a bed! Lol, didn't think that one through very well. But, we got semi-settled yesterday, and sat outside last night staring at our views and celebrating a bit.
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    I am working on the interior of a Wagoneer. Today was carpet day. Look what I found when I pulled the shoulder belt from the floor!!! The stitching in the seat belt was GONE. Just gone. No signs of critters or anything else. Luckily Devon is pretty handy with a Sewing machine, so she was able to save it. The other belt was just fine.
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    We had an awesome time. Pups and us are so exhausted but what an amazing trip!! Link to our photos. Trip photos On the way home Marty was kind enough to follow us for a bit as we were spewing out smoke. Turns out the output shaft seal on the transfer case popped out and sent fluid back over the exhaust. It smoked like crazy and coated the underside and rear tire with oil. Thankfully we didn't catch on fire. So we are fixing that issue too. She sure was a cranky XJ this trip!!
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    Reunited! Creampuff is in the house!
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    Thanks to Ryan for a fun trip. The washout and the wildflowers were incredible. Looking at everyone's pictures, the road looks pretty rough, but I still say it felt better than last time. Maybe disconnecting the sway bar is a good idea. LOL
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    Some more suggestions: Alamo lake-either at the campground for the RR, or along the shore. There is a pretty cool slot canyon that you can drive thru and a different one you can hike into. 6 mile crossing in the Burro creek area, east side of the highway. I can't find any of my pics of it, but the area where the actual crossing is, is large enough for the group, and water for kids and dogs to play. Some pics from a camp trip to Alamo lake and the slot canyon.
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    We placed the order for the shirts earlier this week (both the Limited Edition 21 Gala designs and the Exclusive "Winner" Cat Meme ones)! All the shirts should arrive to me by 9/30. If you paid for shipping then we'll get yours sent out as soon as we receive them. If @4x4tographer doesn't mind, I'll give him the ones for all the folks that are going on his Casner Mtn Trip on 10/2. I'll bring the rest on @gearhead's Black Canyon City Overlook night run on 10/8. If anyone that ordered/won shirts can't make either of those runs, feel free to PM me after 9/30 and we can figure out exactly which event/run you could get yours at. also... We wanted to say a special thanks to those that went above-and-beyond with their donations or sent in contributions even though they couldn't attend the Gala this year. Your support for Offroad Passport is much appreciated!
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    Hello ORP! First, a hearty thanks to everyone who worked to put the gala together...it was truly a wonderful weekend! It was really nice to have the hang-out time to actually talk to and get to know folks. The location for the group to camp was beautiful, with lots of room for everyone to gather and still have lots of room to spread out for camping. The run on Sat was an easy drive to just enjoy some beautiful Kaibab NF scenery, with a hike to get the blood flowing and amazing views that made it all worth it. When you are stuck living in a concrete jungle, it's a great reminder why we love jeeping! It took awhile, but the pics are loaded...if anyone sees any they especially like...the credit goes to Ryan, who was kind enough to share some of his photographic knowledge with me...thanks Ryan, I appreciate the time you took to help me. Here is the link to the pics...enjoy...and we hope to see you all again soon. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CCmE1moaZGuM5Wiz6 Stacey, Scott, D-O-G, & Nyx
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    What a fun long weekend!! We made it through our first boondocking with only a few new projects to work on. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible and everyone who came. You make this group awesome! Link to my photos and a few I stole from other talented photographers. Photo link
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    If you were there....you might be in these PHOTOS. Great time, so glad to have met new people. ✌ See you on the trail.
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    We got a bunch of stuff done over the weekend. George painted the wall behind the mirror in the master bath. And he assembled all the shelving in the master closet. It came out awesome Today I was able to empty both Jeeps because I had a place to put it all. Slowly but surely
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    I am hoping to come up with MzPriss! I had a blast last year and hoping I can make it but my WJ seems to have sprung a transmission leak. Fingers crossed it doesn't keep me from going.
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    Back story: I was headed down the Bright Angel trail this past June at the Grand Canyon. It was late afternoon and I was doing the three mile, evening trail sweep. I was down trail about 3/4 of a mile and could hear a pounding? noise coming from around the next switchback. I thought at first some kid was banging on a tree with a rock. Don’t laugh, it happens. Turns out it was two big horn sheep butting heads! By the time I turned the corner the larger ram had driven off the younger one. I didn’t witness the altercation but later saw a video of it taken by one of the hikers you can see in the background. This shot was taken with my phone. Std. setting, no zoom. This was as close as I wanted to get. Zoomed in. Ive seen quite a few sheep this year, especially early morning, but never this close.
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    Some last minute reminders: Don't forget your salsa! Please bring firewood if you can fit a bundle or 2 Cash for 50/50 raffle, shirt orders, or a donation Extra pop-up shelters & tables if you have any Weather forecast is looking great currently - slightly cloudy and mid 80's during the day, low 50's at night. Don't forget your jackets!
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    we fixed up Fiona's front driveshaft this weekend and reinstalled it. put a Teraflex High-Angle Rzeppa Joint on the t-case end, then greased the splines and replaced the half-missing factory slip boot (part #68229211AA). also replaced the tailgate vent (part #5065432AC).
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    Today I upgraded my tailgate hinges. I did this to avoid any issues in the future caused by the extra weight that's hanging off the tailgate. I went with the MORryde Tailgate Hinge Set as the replacements. I decided to paint underneath the old hinges with some Mopar Touch Up Spray Paint instead of leaving it bare . I also touched up the areas with the thinner paint from the factory. One of my favorite things about doing some of these projects is getting new tools. Because these hinges need greased I bough me a Pittsburgh Automotive 3 oz Grease Gun. The only negative about this gun for me is the rigid grease pipe and based on reviews the zerk fitting seems to have issues releasing. I fixed that by getting me an 18" flexible hose and quick release coupler. I put a wood block wrapped in a microfiber cloth on each corner to keep the tailgate from moving. The fit was snug enough I did not need any of the wood shims I bought. Paint touched up in the areas I wanted touched up. Rinse and repeat for the bottom and I was done.
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    So you won the lottery and want to go faster down the highway yet you don't want to give up your rig... Problem Resolved!
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    You're always on the bleeding-edge @johnpa! If there is cell signal, it'd be interesting to try to live stream on the ORP Facebook group some of the games or events. Like the Navigation Challenge, or the How-Many-KFC-scented-Fire-Logs-Do-You-Need-to-Start-a-Campfire Challenge.
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    Hello all, Just getting back into off-roading and looking to meet others in the community out in Arizona. Currently driving and gearing up my ZR2 Colorado and patiently waiting for more aftermarket parts for it. Any questions or feel like hitting some trails let me know.
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    So do we get to blame the new guy for anything that goes wrong?... You know, like at work?
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    Sarah made her own mattress, bottom layer of 2" thick high density foam and top layer of 3" memory foam. She then wrapped it with a plastic tarp like material to somewhat "weather proof" and protect the foam layers. The bed of her truck is pretty much complete for now, ready for some overlanding. She's very happy with her hard work and I'm impressed!
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    Revealing... the exclusive GALA WINNERS shirt design!! You can ONLY get one of these badass shirts by winning the Navigation Challenge, or having the votes for Best Salsa or Best Dip (details below) - so let's get plenty of contestants bringing Salsas and Dips... and get your partner lined up for the Nav Challenge too! We'll take orders from the winners for their requested size and style (mens or ladies, white only) and their shirts will be available within a few weeks. Contest Details: ORP Blindfolded Navigation Challenge! In this couples/team based game, the navigator guides their blindfolded drive around an off-road course using only common "spotting commands" Will your co-pilot smash you into a tree? Can they keep you from running off the course? Let's find out! Prize for best time around the course! Annual Salsa & Dip Contest: *NEW - by popular demand, we are adding chip/veggie dip to the contest! Enter your homemade salsa or dip! Keep on ice until Saturday evening. Offroad Passport will supply chips, and you're welcome to bring more. EVERYONE come enjoy the chips and salsas/dips and PLEASE VOTE for the winners! The salsas and dips will compete separately - prizes for the winners!
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    If you look closely, you can see a blue XJ in the background
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    Ryan had a great time! Always expect the unexpected as we did with the washed out road that halted our progress. But turned out OK as we found a great camp site! Again thanks to everyone for the help & proved to always have a first aid kit in the group. Al
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    Thanks for leading a kick ass trip Ryan. Minus a road that disappeared and a chipped windshield at the end everything was awesome, can't wait until the next one! Related to the washed out road, I called in this morning and left a message with the Forest Service folks in Williams.
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    Wow that Sunset though!
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    We decided to stick around for a few hours before heading home. Fantastic weekend. Thanks again for all the effort put out to make this happen. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for leaving such a mess, good thing we ran across a gang of mercenary Trash Pandas the seemed overly eager to help.
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    UPDATE: for the Gala Shirt Pre-Orders... we ran a sample Mens XL and Ladies Large through the washer/dryer so you guys can see in person what size they end up being. if you already pre-ordered shirts in the Shop and need to change your sizes after seeing them in person, just let us know during the event. (all the shirts will be ordered right after the Gala in one big bulk order, so we can still make changes till then.) and of course if you prefer good ole American cash, we'll still be taking in-person orders for these exclusive shirts all during the Gala - just see myself or Diane!
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    When you see it you may find it funny.
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    Word on the street is that an ORP windshield banner prevents the spread of windshield cracks and protects you from rock strikes* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *There is no scientific evidence to support this - but they look awesome!
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