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    Stuff continues to happen at the new house, George will be up there next week painting. I grabbed this picture off facebook taken yesterday evening from a vineyard near our new neighborhood. Evening walks and skies like this are part of the reason I'm excited to move.
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    My buddy Al has been working out
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    2019 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 4x4, 6" Pro Comp Lift 20x10 American Armor wheels with 35x12.5 R20 Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires. These a just a few pics for now, will get more while on the trail tomorrow.
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    Off Roaders look like the good guys for a change! https://www.thedrive.com/news/40873/off-road-recovery-facebook-groups-help-find-5-year-old-missing-in-mojave-desert to all who volunteered their time
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    last weekend we installed a new head-unit and speakers that Brady bought himself (the base model OEM radio was serious weaksauce). then, as of this weekend, he can officially drive Fiona solo!!! ...he ruled the driving test with a perfect score!
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    George is at the new house this week painting the interior. He sent a bunch of pictures this morning; my first look at the inside! Main room Kitchen pantry G said there was a haboob this morning
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    i recently started to notice Gadget wandering, especially on the freeway. it was getting to the point i kept finding myself thinking "damn, it's windy today", then i'd look at the side of the road and all the bushes and trees would be perfectly still! i knew i hadn't changed caster or toe recently, but i double checked the toe and also torqued the adjustable preload on my Teraflex ball joints. then i went looking for something loose... the first thing i found was what looked like a fair bit of play in the front adjustable Rough Country track-bar bushings, so i pressed in new ones. while that was out, i saw that the frame-side bracket hole was just starting to wallow out. welding on a thick washer is an easy fix, but i already had a front Synergy track-bar brace on my wishlist, so this was a good excuse to order it. i'd also seen a fair bit of side-to-side movement in the steering box sector shaft when doing the dry-steering "jiggle test", so i added a Synergy sector shaft brace to my order. i went ahead and put the track-bar back in while i waited on the braces to arrive, and did the 9/16" bolt swap while i was at it. more info on that bolt upgrade here... unfortunately the new bushings didn't make a noticeable improvement, but i hoped those along with the upcoming braces would add up to something. after installing both braces, i found out my Rough Country track-bar was going to hit the new sector shaft nut. this was mainly because i have a taller axle-side bracket as part of a drag-link flip kit. so i ended up needing to also spring for a Synergy front track-bar which is bent a little different and just clears that new nut under full articulation. i wasn't done yet though... the sway bar was just barely rubbing the edge of the new sector shaft brace. the rubbing wasn't hurting anything except my ears and my OCD, and would probably self clearance eventually, but i had an easy fix in mind. i smacked the sway bar over towards the drivers side about 3/8" with a BFH. then added a 2-piece 1-1/4" bore shaft collar to the bar, just inside the passenger side bushing, so that it can't work its way back. of course then the bar rubbed the end of this round frame cross-member on the passenger side. fortunately a light touch with the grinding wheel fixed that! so after getting all the worms back in the can, i took Gadget for another flex test and nothing seemed to hit or rub anymore. but what was i doing? oh yeah, that wandering feeling... well, it did all add up to a fix i think - she once again stays going whichever direction she's pointed on the freeway, yay! in fact, Gadget feels more stable than in a long time. it's funny how we don't really notice something going bad slowly until it gets just plain awful. one minor drawback with the sector-shaft brace is that it transmits more of the road "texture" to the steering wheel - i.e. i feel more vibrations from little bumps/ridges/cracks in the road now. it's not a huge deal, but worth mentioning.
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    With respect and jealousy...screw you guys
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    he'd probably be teaching me new ones at this point, and he's pretty good at stringing them together all by himself!
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    I would advise you to stay away from the laminated style of construction unless you are willing to check and reaseal roof and light seams often. We have a 2007 Trailer that has delamination going on in the front panel. Trailer works fine, but looks bad. Aluminum construction doesn't have this problem.
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    Sorry... Just spotted this thread Ryan. I do not have a dedicated "inspector" for whom I can objectively offer up as a trusted source, as we have not used such a person. That said, I would be happy to look over any unit that you feel you would like to make an offer on, and would lke someone with a little more experience look over with you, for potential "red-flags". Idon't claim to be an RV expert by any stretch. Have made some mistakes along the way, and from experience, can share the following lessons, and thoughts... - I HIGHLY recommend that you shop around, and take your time. Anyone who is "pushing" you to make a decision, usually has an agenda, that is likely NOT going to turn out well for you. - I would also recommend that you figure into the cost of ownership, a covered (mostly sun, but also at least some weather protection) storage facility, as like most vehicles, while they are "sealed" from the elements, particularily thier roof structure/sealing is more readily compromised than a stick-built home. As for the roof, I HIGHLY recommend a one-piece roof of either fiberglass, aluminum, or similar, to both reduce the number of seams on the roof, as well as increase the longevity. The "rubber bladder" style roofs have more seams (IE: possible leak paths), and require more maintainence than the one-piece roofing materials. I've had one, and it works, but particularily as it ages, it will require yearly applications of sealers to keep them sound. - Tires - Figure in a set of tires about every 6-7 years as well @ something like $3-400 each, depending on size. I would also recommend the shaded storage as above, or minimally tire covers to protect them from the UV rays. - Type: Class "A", "C", "super-C", or ?? There are advantages to each, and everyone of them have models that would match your described needs. Basically don't discount looking at a Class "C" or "Super-C", as you may be surprised to find a less expensive alternative that fulfills your "want list" needs. - Fuel - Don't forget to figure the fuel use costs as well, and with some VERY rare exceptions, it truly doesn't matter whether it is powered by Diesel or Gas, both are offered in models sized to meet your ciriteria, FWIW: Go into this with eyes wide-open and you will find it nearly impossible to find a unit that gets better than 10-11 miles per gallon, whether towing or not. - Refrigeration. Keeping your food cool is pretty important, and in today's market there are two basic choices for refrigerator types. A- the older propane heat exchangers which use propane fuel to heat an amonia mixture which cycles through the fridge to cool food. These DO NOT require anything other than propane, and battery power to run the small vent fans doing higher ambient temps. B- "Residential" refrigerators. These require a 120 VAC circuit to operate. While running down the road, the coaches battery and invertor can supply this power as it is being replenished via the vehicles alternator. When parked, these require either "shore power" (IE plugged into an outlet), or running a generator to supply the needed power. These types DO NOT lend themselves easily to "boondocks" camping. That's all I have for the moment, as I need to run & take care of other business, but feel free to give me a shout, if you want to chat, or have any questions... Steve
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    guess we spoke too soon... the shimmy was gone, but a couple times now we hit just the right bump and got full blown "death wobble"! ...so i took another look at everything on the front end. we did the "jiggle test" and found there were some decent clunks coming from both ends of the tie rod. we decided to just buy the entire Moog steering linkage assembly (DS800982A). for $250 to $300, it replaces the tie-rod, drag-link, TREs, and even includes the adjusters and stabilizer bracket so you don't have to take apart your old stuff to reuse anything. other than a little cussing while using the pickle fork on the drag-link upper TRE, the R&R went smoothly. we finished in a couple hours even with Brady learning-while-doing. and so far, so good on the death wobble not returning.
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    My new ride is living up to her Jeep reputation. Don't even have the real plate on her yet and she got a new serpentine belt today. Good news is, I think I can do it by myself the next time, and have a spare just in case.
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    This is a view of the ruins from Parson's trail near Cottonwood. We will be coming in from the other side of the mtn. The ruins are just right of top center.
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    Jeez John, you’re SO NEEEDY! Also: https://cremacottonwood.com/menu
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    Ryan, how come you have not posted the menu items for our breakfast on Friday?:)
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    Apparently I’m only allowed to upload 48mb of pics, so here are the rest: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DX6zFQfxQkmApVcV6
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    I don’t usually take many pics - but Katie takes all kinds of pics
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    Put us down as dispersed camping too. RV going to be parked in Rimrock so we are close enough to bring the jeep and a tent. running friday trails too
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    Do you mean the heat exchanger or general? The heat exchanger is from Helton. The vehicle build up is documented in my transafrica blog: http://transafrica2012.blogspot.com/p/die-schlafplattform.html Surfy
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    that's my kind of new toy! ...and thank you for helping fund Elon's mission to Mars!
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    Seeking 2-3 dedicated/committed volunteers to assist with the planning of the 2021 ORP DIRT FORMAL GALA, our annual fundraiser/camping event! "What is the Gala?" you might ask. Well I'm glad you asked. The Dirt Formal Gala is a family-friendly, 3 day 2 night event, generally held in September/October. The event typically consists of: Camping Our Annual Salsa contest Games & events (such as Navigation Challenge, Tent Erection Challenge, and more) A group trail ride and more! Please DM me if you are interested in volunteering to help plan and host the event! For an example of last year's event, click here. @dzJeepChic @theksmith
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    Does anyone have a trusted contact for an RV/motorhome inspector? @Ladybug @ob1jeeper @Bradywgn71? TIA!!!
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    We dropped of the Tundra to get the front shock replaced and learned about how much those stock Bilsteins on the Tundra's are COMPLETE JUNK! Apparently Bilstein is making a very poorly designed and manufactured shock for Toyota to cut costs and this is a very common problem with the stock Bilsteins that come from the factory on the Tundra. We got lucky as when the shock failed the shaft went up inside the shock body, helping to hold everything in place and keeping the truck drivable and not letting it sag to much. What tends to happen more often is that shaft breaks at a 90 degree angle and then the shock body slams into the lower control arm doing more damage. No cost to us for this fix and we're already looking at better coil over shocks for Sarah's rig. What the shock looks like normally Broken shock
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    we're going back and forth on the same thing, but we're still a ways out... we'd love a small yet powerful motorhome to tow the Jeep easily with, but not sure we want to pay for it! we have found 2 itty-bitty trailers that are light enough i would be comfortable towing them with my JKU yet you can still stand up inside and have a bathroom, A/C, heater, etc. both have only one bed, so they wouldn't work for your family - but we'll be empty-nesters in just a few years! FYI, if you can wait 9 months to a year to buy, i really think the market will be flooded with barely-used RVs by then. they were flying off the lots during the heart of the pandemic, many even selling for full MSRP. i think as people get re-focused on their careers and settle back into a social city lifestyle, most won't stay as interested in camping.
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    Thank you! I was recommended to sign up by an old buddy, "lofreqjeff".
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    I changed Betty Lou's oil yesterday. This was the first time I've done it myself and of course I made a mess, but that is the fun part. I found out the oil drain plug is not stock, I needed a 16MM wrench not 13MM and it does not have the "crush gasket" either. It works so I will leave it be unless my psychosis/neurosis takes over.
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    Great news everyone! Offroad Passport small and large banner decals are again available at our online store! Large size shown above; other sizes/colors available. Click the link to go straight to decals at the online store for more details: Banner Decal - Decals - Offroad Passport
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    Well, if you logged into Facebook occasionally, you would have known.
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    Maybe there needs to be a betting pool on the final "wet weight"
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    agreed... and if we come to any small 1-lane bridges while wheeling together, i'm going to let them cross all by themselves first!
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    Well we will be out of town, so can't go, but I want to put a shout out to Ryan for putting this trip together! As well as the others that you initiate Ryan...Way to go! And Curly knows this area so you will have a most excellent time as he can show you some spots along there! And welcome to the GAIA world Tim...I have alot to learn yet, but love the different layers that are available.... Enjoy and have fun! smiles, ladybug
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    My new mission in life is to leave this at the base of random cliffs across the desert!
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    Oh, also - everyone is required to wear close-toed shoes. I know some of you be like...
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    Really looking forward to seeing everybody next weekend!! I've honed our reservation so FMSC knows to expect 17 of us. Please arrive a 10 - 15 minutes early so we can group up. FYI, when you're preparing to go into the packing facility, you will be asked to stow all your personal belongings in (provided) lockers. This includes jewelry, keys, phone, purses, etc. Now that I know better, I'm not wearing any jewelry, and I'm leaving my phone/purse in my Jeep, so I don't have to mess with that. See everyone on Saturday!!
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    Only two more days! You might want to throw in a hat since the air down spot has no shade. Hopefully we will not be there long. I choose the early start time in the hope we will all get home at a decent hour.
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    Looks like "Casner Park Road", which is on the MVUM as FR240 (due West of the lake) has a lot of large shady camp spots. https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/3550-casner-park-road
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    I was also having the motor home and flat towing thought rolling around my head. With dogs and the comfort factor my wife wants this may be the way we go, if we go this route at all. I agree with Kris that this time next year there will be some quality used options out there. Maybe eventually there will be an ORP RV branch of this group.
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    Found another great resource for long term planning around the weather (of all things) to help answer a lot of common questions. How hot will it be where you're going? Is it the rainy season? Will I need cold weather gear? https://weatherspark.com Super useful for if you're trying to plan a trip several months out, or are looking for an ideal time of year for an ideal type of weather.
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    Hi @shellback91 I am planning on spending a little time at Sheep's bridge and then heading all of the way out to the I-17 via Bloody Basin road. In this manner we can see more scenery than taking the same track back home. You are most certainly welcome to come with. It will be about 90 miles between fuel at the Shell gas station in Cave Creek and Cordes Junction (gpx track attached) ....thanks! FR 24_Bloody Basin road.gpx
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