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    I made it. Three nights four days. Thanks to Jim, jgaz, for the valuable information
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    what a crazy day! the only "on the trail" photo i got was this scenic shot of Woody coming up out of the creek: carnage report... @gearhead suffered a punctured sidewall, but fortunately told us he has Discount Tire replacement certs. @CAVU2 destroyed a rear tail-light when his rig tried to reverse-cowgirl a tree that was in his blind-spot while backing up. @SonoranWanderer did great at maneuvering the extra length of his new Gladiator Mojave - only a few new scrapes on the factory skids, control-arm mounts, etc. Gadget so far looks to have escaped with only a few minor new scrapes on the underbelly too. some other folks had a worse time... air & RAZR rescue... on what i think is currently the sketchiest part of the trail (an off-camber, steep, loose down-hill), a guy had rolled his RAZR and suffered a compound fracture. i didn't see him up-close, but a couple folks said was acting a fair bit delirious and had lost some blood. others had righted his RAZR before when we got there, but the brakes weren't working and it was blocking the trail as no-one wanted to try and maneuver it out of the sketchy area without the ability to stop! we had just passed the others from his group in their 2 side-by-sides before here, supposedly heading to Oracle to get parts/supplies. they'd left their buddy with a couple dirt-bike riders that just happened upon the scene. supposedly his "friends" had been complete assholes, smacking his arm and joking around - not to mention leaving him with strangers to wait for the air evac. there was some discussion about the fact the injured guy should probably look for some new trail partners. we also wondered if all of them had been drinking based on their eagerness to leave the scene. after the evac, the dirt-bikers and our group worked together to get the RAZR fixed and off the trail. i just recently started carrying spare fluids again and was able to give them brake fluid to refill the RAZR, plus a pair of needle-nose vice grips to pinch-off the busted brake-line. then one of the dirt-bike guys rode the razer up past the sketchy area and we moved it up to the top of the hill just off the trail. Kevin donated a can of Fix-A-Flat to one of the dirt-bikes with a low rear tire, but it was still losing air from the valve-stem. Woody gave him a new valve core but it was still leaking after i aired him up. Woody had a metal cap with an o-ring seal, and we figured that would hold the low PSI they run long enough to get to pavement. this whole side-adventure killed a couple hours at least, but we made great time on the trail otherwise. more nice folks... later, a older couple came up behind us in their TJ while we were navigating a tight rocky area. the guy "hadn't been on this trail in 10 years", and his lady friend, Pam, seemed a little nervous about this technical section they were about to do. it turned out he was a great driver and didn't need any spotting at all. they followed behind us till we went over to the optional "Step" obstacle. Pam shot a couple videos and was nice enough to take down our info and send them to us: we got off the trail well before dark, but all still had to drive back to Phoenix. it was a long, but memorable day and everyone from our group had a great time. here's a big "thank you" to @gearhead for organizing and leading this run!
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    Brady doesn't get his license for a couple more months, but he already has a Jeep! we looked seemingly FOREVER to find an affordable older JK without too many miles and in decent shape - apparently they're made from solid unobtanium! anything that was a good deal was gone the same day it was posted, otherwise we'd find ones that had clearly been in major wrecks or customized really poorly with tons of junk that was falling apart. we finally found this "Jeep Green Metallic" 2009 Wrangler X with only 41k miles! we were the first ones to go see it the same day it was listed, and were ready to make a deal. B has named her Fiona, from the movie Shrek! i don't think it's been cleaned inside since 2009, and needs a fair amount of TLC - but all small projects we can work on together. she drives really nice (once i took the tires down from the 47 psi they were at!) and seems to be in good mechanical condition overall. there's a Teraflex 2.5" coil spacer lift installed, along with their 9550 shocks. the lift clears the oversize tires fine for street use. she also has front disconnects, but the tires are a bit too big for the lift and would probably rip off the fenders if you did disconnect. the 35" A/T's from Hercules (a discount brand made by Cooper) have nearly full tread and perfectly even wear so far. they're on 15" steel simulated beadlock rims which just barely clear the front calipers. the long term plan is to either go down a tire size, or install a bit more lift. she came with a bikini top only, and most of the straps were broken off. however, we were very fortunate to find a full OEM soft top on Craigslist yesterday! the purchased top includes all the hardware, which is awesome because we aren't sure which brackets and such Fiona even still has. Gadget is not impressed with having to sit outside a couple days until we get the top installed! more updates soon as we dig in to all the little projects and maintenance together!
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    Video Links, including DPS rescue. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/J9_hAbA7QvSCwi_NlDH-1A.Pr-dqEiQ5YtZoLxzNIlII_ Pictures. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/_-7QmnhtSM6LZQuUKrr8rA.znM_5sLpFT-oJZgAoy30LU
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    i bought a set of Dirt Bagz for my JK Unlimited to cleanup several different sized bags i previously had shoved under the back seat. these are available for 2 and 4 door JK's as well as JL Wranglers. they come in a pair. a nice touch is that they are left/right specific so the zippers face the same way on each side. i measure each one to be about 19" x 8" x 4" plus another inch every direction if you really stuff them full. you can easily get quite a bit of junk in. the lids also have a thin pocket accessible via internal zipper. the main zippers are large and don't get tangled in the heavy duty fabric. they appear to be mostly made from PVC coated nylon or similar. the sides are further reinforced with 3" webbing sewn in. the webbing also contributes to the overall stiffness, so they keep their shape even when empty. i cut up the box they came in to make an additional stiffener for the bottoms. my favorite feature is they fit on the floor in front of the rear seats when you want to fold those down! so now when i fold down the passenger side to deploy my sleep platform, there's just one bag to move, and a dedicated place to put it. the placement still works even if the front seat is all the way back. shipping was fast, only took 2 days to arrive here in AZ. they're a little pricey considering you can just grab any old tool bag for much less... however, they seem to be high quality and are purpose-built/sized to the exact space available making for a really clean & convenient storage solution.
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    During a recent trip the wind was very strong and required something other than standard tent stakes. I borrowed/stole this idea from Steve (ob1). They worked awesome. They are made out of 3/8 rebar. Along with my professional welding skills I now have my own set. Thanks Steve
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    About a week after @johnpa completed his Canyon backpack trip I hiked down the Bright Angel trail for one of my volunteer patrol shifts. The canyon received 5 to 7 inches of snow that Tuesday. Early that morning there was about two inches on top of a lot of ice. It was very, very slick! I was using shoe traction devices with 3/8” spikes and taking a very short stride. I was told that the mules didn’t attempt the trails that morning. Doesn’t say much for my good sense does it?
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    House just about cleared out. Garage in good shape. House listing goes live 4/17. We put a deposit down on a used American Coach 43ft diesel pusher. Going nomad style until we find the right land to build a home base. Will be keeping the jeeps and once we get settled joining back in on ORP runs.
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    No, this isn't the latest title in your favorite series of books in the wizarding world - its a collection of interesting information I stumbled across and thought might be interesting to some of you! This post has no particular point other than to share what I found, and walk you some strange series of "one thing led to another" as I was browsing for "dream trip ideas". As some of you know, I'm an astronomy and astrophotography junkie, so this type of stuff had me pretty excited. The Loneliest Road in America Starting off - here is a great article I read on Nevada leg of the US-50 which was dubbed "the Loneliest Road in America" back in the 80's - the premise being that there was literally nothing along this 280+ mile stretch of tarmac. The Dark Rangers & The Great Basin I then ended up on this amazing article about the Dark Rangers who are experienced Forest Rangers who specialize in dark sky astronomy. There are apparently a number of them at Great Basin National Park, one of our newer National Parks. Great Basin is in Bortle Class 1 skies and ranked as the BEST dark sky park in the USA. Link to Great Basin's astronomy program Great map for finding a dark sky site near you What is the Bortle scale? Nevada Offroad Trails So finally, as I unwrap this stream of consciousnesses, I found this fantastic map of trails in Nevada. It honestly reminded me a lot of TrailsOffroad.com, but state sponsored. Nevada has really pulled out all of the stops when it comes to OHV travel on state lands. Every trail has a description, tracks, PDF downloads of maps, directions and more. All of their information ties back in to responsible off-road recreation, safety, and other related information. It's pretty genius, and thats coming from someone commonly critical of government. This particular set of tracks is just north of the Great Basin NP and is noted for some excellent views of the mountains, like Wheeler Peak. Another great thing about Nevada's OHV site is that you can click on any of their tracks to see updated information regarding status, trails width, vehicle types, etc...
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    Here are some select pictures I took while on the run. /bad pun Break time after the recently plowed part of the trail. (Plowed for fire access?) Biosphere 2 from the backside (camera was level with the Mojave's dashboard) As we came up to the rescue location Rescue pictures: "Feeling cute, might delete later." Back on the trail Mt Lemmon and the fire damage Back country traffic jam Gadget on the step Mojave crawl through the creek Tire carnage repair Well that would have been nice to know sooner Going around Kissing Rock (camera is level to the Mojave's dashboard)
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    thanks @SonoranWanderer for this video of Gadget on The Step:
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    thanks everyone - Brady is super excited and loves driving Fiona already! day one project... i took all the extremely dirty and faded roll-bar fabric off - we decided to try and clean it up instead of just ditching it or paying for a replacement set. B laid out all the pieces in our driveway and washed them down with the garden hose and a little carpet stain remover. after they dried thoroughly, i bought 2 cans of flat black Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric spray paint from Autozone for $17. it's more of a dye than paint, but the spray can makes it easy to apply. Aimee showed him how to spray evenly and he did a great job bringing all the pieces back to life. the dye/paint makes the fabric a little stiff and rough feeling, but we were very pleased with our budget fix. she also gave the sound-bar a good scrubbing for him while we had that out.
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    New pictures from the project. Things are happening!
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    My favorite Peeps meme
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    Colleen and I used to mountain bike and camp a whole lot, but injuries, wear and tear, along with age, brought that to an end. So we decided to buy a 4runner and order an offroad teardrop to 4x4 and camp offroad. We started offroading about three months ago and go at least once a week. Reymert Mine, Bulldog Canyon, and Montana Mountain are favorites. Really want to do Box Canyon. Sometime in April, the runner will get new bumpers and, more importantly, full skids. K & C
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    @Number7 and i recently traded some work on each others' rigs... George replaced my transmission filter and custom installed a Fumoto drain valve into the pan. the OEM pan has no drain at all and we both like to replace some fluid every few oil-changes instead of waiting 50k+ miles to do a complete trans flush. note that Dorman does make a replacement pan with a drain plug for this trans, but it's for a different vehicle because the plug sits directly above the exhaust crossover on a JK and would be impossible to access. i ordered a Fumoto F102S drain valve and a 3/8" BSP threaded brass nut to match its thread. G drilled a hole in the pan near at the back passenger-side corner to install the drain. he sealed it all up with grey RTV. i figured grey is used on the transfer case halves, so it must be able to survive ATF+4 fluid. G suggested i add a small heat shield to the crossover pipe to ensure the plastic security clip on the valve would not melt. i had some left over from my recent custom emergency fluid storage area project, so that was a quick addition using a couple large hose clamps. i already have the little elbow and hose that clips onto the Fumoto snort-nipple valves to drain fluid neatly into a bucket, since that's what i use for my oil changes. while i had all the skid plates off, i went ahead and changed my transfer-case fluid as well. a cheap transfer pump that attaches directly to quart or gallon jugs makes that an easy job. the Mopar part numbers used for all this: - ATF+4 for the transmission and the transfer-case: #68218058AC - transmission pan gasket: #52108332AA - transmission filter: #52108325AA
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    more used car treats... when we had the center console out, i noticed some cut wires. the 2 black here should go to the backlight for the gear selector, and the 2 white should go to the "O/D OFF" button. another broken wire, on the other side of that same connector: the white wires were cut so close to the connector that i had to temporarily de-pin it to get them stripped and crimped onto new ones. then i spliced a new section into the broken wire on the other side of the connector. i couldn't easily reuse the OEM mini backlight because of how close the wire break was. so i took apart a white LED bulb i had and added some leads. that fit nicely back where the other bulb housing had been. i added a drop of glue to ensure it stays put. the backlight and the "O/D OFF" button seem to work just fine now! while i was in wiring mode, i ditched this previously disabled alarm system that was still connected. it didn't have any brand name or logo, so it wasn't like we could just buy a remote and still use it. i had to re-splice a couple of the factory wires after removing this so the rig would still start. i think it's better to have it out though - if something inside the little box ever died, figuring out how to bypass it while on the trail would have been a PITA.
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    Thanks everyone but with the 3/8” ice spikes I was using along with my poles I felt very secure. Hiking uphill that afternoon the spikes worked really well handling the semi frozen mud.
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    this morning we changed the air filter, fluid in both diffs, the t-case, engine oil andfilter. Fiona is only at 41,300 miles but i change all the fluids right away after getting a used vehicle since you usually can't be certain of its maintenance history. the diff fluid actually looked fresh still, the engine oil seemed really black - but it's pretty hard to tell anything by just looking. the diffs and t-case went smoothly, the engine was a giant PITA.... someone installed the filter waaaaay too tight and so it ripped open trying to unscrew it. getting both arms suddenly coated in engine oil was a treat! the drain plug was effed up AND also ridiculously tight. it's supposed to be a 13mm, but the wrench wouldn't bite the mangled head, instead rounding it off even further. we ended up hammering a 6-point 1/2" socket on (just slightly smaller than a 13mm), crossing our fingers, and backing it out with an impact wrench. i was pretty relieved when it finally started to budge! Autozone had a shiny new plug, and so this mess got chucked in the trash. in a couple weeks we'll also flush coolant, brakes, power steering and install a trans pan with a drain while doing the trans filter.
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    Here's pics/vids Sarah took/made: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xQKEDY9Xg4xaL3un9
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    The family and I went camping 3/25 to 3/27 at Buckskin and I'm telling you this is a beautiful camp ground and surrounding areas. The camp ground has hook ups for water/electricity and bathrooms with flushing toilets and showers. There is a section without hook ups for tent camping only, we chose a spot with hook ups even though we slept in a tent. We visited Parker Dam, attempted to run Buckskin Mountain trail to a portion of Grey Eagle Mine trail and then Cienega Springs road (easy to moderate) but didn't make it because of the transfer case shifting issue. We also went up to Bill Williams river/peninsula and did some fishing for about 6 hours. The twins each caught a couple fish, I caught about 6-8 and Sarah caught one at the end of the day, all were small striped bass between 10"-12". There was a lot more to see but not enough time to do so. Next time we go it'll be a day or two longer and we'll rent a trailer. We're thinking about setting up an event about this time next year, we'll run that trail, hopefully nothing will go wrong/break on my rig. The link is for pics/vids of our trip to inspire the rest of y'all to hopefully join us next time we go. Trip pics/vids
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    Hey Everyone, late getting this out there, but huge to @theksmith for helping me install an ARB Twin Onboard Air Compressor. I will never be the last one off the trailhead again!!! It's pretty amazing, here's a couple pics of the build, which was remarkably straightforward, likely thanks to K! First pic shows the takedown and the amount of carpet that had to be trimmed. That drain plug gets one little hole for a cable and we had to drill one small hole between the floor and the gas tank. The bracket uses the seat mounts though. Just need a little passthrough for cables/wires. Next 3 are various views of the semi installed unit before final fitting. We did end up replacing the rubber hose with a steel mesh one as the first time I used it, we think it heated up and the hose lost its grip. Last two is one of the cable runs in the engine compartment and then the fitting under the passenger seat. It's very convenient and much easier than my last unit, which was just a little clip on.
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    really happy with the WK2 for road trips! this week it took all 3 of us and one of B's friends (and all our junk) up to Pinetop-Lakeside to stay at a cabin for spring break. we got several inches of snow one day and were confidant driving around in it and the next day's mud thanks to the WK2's various "modes".
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    Diane I have you covered. I stopped by your lot today a carved your initials
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    G and I were in Kingman last week picking out stuff for the new house. I snapped these pictures on Friday. The stormy weather gave me a new perspective of our views with the clouds in the background. This is from the street looking straight back at the house and detached garage. I never noticed how far the horizon goes in that direction but the clouds kind of define the depth. This one is from the street looking towards Kingman; I like how mountains and valley are splotchy with sunlight between the clouds.
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    G is working at the new house this week. He woke up there this morning and sent this picture of the set up. Our builder left his camp trailer there, so G has a place to sleep.
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    we got the seats scrubbed down this weekend. the vinyl looked a little hazy after cleaning, but wiping down with 303 Protectant seemed to bring them back to life. the Easter bunny was nice to Brady as well... wiper blades and some zipper cleaner/lube for the soft-top: these Hooke grille inserts he wanted: and a 9" stubby antenna: we also got the rusty spare tire jack working again after soaking in PB plaster and greasing it up. then Fiona went for a tire rotation and balance today. found out she does not have TPMS sensors anymore, which is why the tire pressure warning light was on. they did find one tire with a random dead sensor just bouncing around loose inside of it though! we used the OBD JScan app to disable the TPMS feature for now and adjust the speedometer for the 35's. this weekend we're planning to get a start on changing all the fluids.
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    just referenced this old thread again to program keys for a 2009 JK successfully. i bought a couple Y164-PT type chip keys from Amazon for $10, but getting them cut locally was a slight issue this time. the Ace Hardware i used before has a fancy new automatic machine and they refuse to cut anything you didn't buy from them. but, they didn't even have the correct transponder blanks to sell. i managed to persuade a teenager working at Lowe's Hardware cut them for me, even though they have the same exact machine. he just needed to select "Jeep" from the machine's on-screen menu and it worked perfectly with my blanks. strategically approaching him just as the store was closing might have helped... he seemed to just want to go home instead of calling a manager or dealing with a potentially upset customer.
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    @CAVU2 running a tight section of Charouleau Gap. Pardon my crappy filmmaking.
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    Did the Montana Mountain Trail today. There was hardly anyone on the trail. There were two small parts that I needed a pointer. My wife rocks.
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    I installed a set of Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks i picked up Shock Surplus. A big shout out @4x4tographer for letting me invade his garage and for the help with swapping them out. Of course a couple other things have to be dealt with now including front bump stops, rear brake lines, rear diff breather and emergency brake line. So those items are on my to do list. I was thinking on the way home I probably should have gone with factory height rear shocks as the OEM ones had no extension and the new ones are about an inch longer. Another thing I did that I probably should not have done is use thread locker on one of the front shock upper nuts, I realized after that it was a Nyloc nut. It was a PITA to tighten down and of course it was on the passenger side where the battery tray is in the way, At least I know that SOB isn't going anywhere, At any rate they are on so now I am doing some research on what I need to fix the issues so I can get that process started. @4x4tographer gave me a couple of ideas so I am chasing those down today. All set to be installed, The stock shock rear bushings were dried and cracked so it is a good thing I got these replaced.
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    Brady had the day off from school (Good Friday) so we spent the morning working on Fiona. the joints at the t-case end of both driveshafts were toast. on a 2-door, even a small lift can be too much angle for those factory rzeppas. we replaced the rear with a Teraflex High Angle Rzeppa. the front shaft will need one too, as well as a new slip-boot. we just pulled the front shaft for now and will fix it once we get a few other items taken care of. the next issue was the center console not being installed correctly and so the hand-brake would not stay all the way down. if you leaned on the console armrest at all, the brake would pop up enough to trigger the warning light & chime while driving. the whole thing was pretty nasty, so brady cleaned it up while i investigated further... it looks like someone recently replaced the carpet with a "custom" job... i.e. they cut and glued outdoor or speaker-box carpet down instead of buying a new factory style replacement. kind of annoying because now it's not removable to wash - but at least it's new! i think this is why half the interior clips and screws were missing too. the console wasn't sitting correctly because some wiring bundles got out of place and some areas got covered in carpet that shouldn't have. i trimmed up the carpet, tucked wires, bought some screws, and the console fit back in perfectly. i got some plastic clips we needed to re-install other trim pieces while i was at Autozone and we now have all the interior plastic back how it should be. another issue was the rear seat wouldn't latch down to the floor. this was because of a poorly installed Bestop Instatrunk (security barrier) being in the way. the Instatrunk was missing 8 of 12 bolts keeping it together... not to mention it was only held in place with 2 drywall screws! i took care of this one for B by removing it and put it all back together with new carriage bolts from Ace Hardware. since it was missing a couple mounting brackets, i installed four 1/4" rivet nuts into the Jeep's tub and bolted it directly in place. Brady took care of installing new door limit straps, one of the old ones was broken and the other was tattered. he also installed the OEM grab handles i had saved from Gadget - per Aimee's request (being that she's a "height-challenged individual")! one other mod Brady wanted was an LED dome light and i just happened to have an extra LED bulb already, so we put that in: the seats are still out - Aimee said she would help give them a good scrubbing today.
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    Installed hood louvers, started on this project yesterday and worked on it for about 4-5 hours. Went out and finished it today after about another 4 hours. Things didn't go smoothly (does it ever?) which is why it took so long but in the end I'm happy with the results.
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    There's a 2 car attached and 2+ detached with bath room and small living quarters.
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    A meme special for @Yodamom
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    Just empty every pocket
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    Welcome to ORP, you have been added to list. We look forward to meeting you.
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    Wrenching party with my buds.. thanks again for all your help boys
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    Here's a couple more pictures from the project. Creampuff was a little bent out of shape that Gadget kicked Clifford out of the garage, but they were smiling like besties by the end of the week.
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    Had my new muffler installed today, nice low throaty tone and not loud at all. Just like after the new intake I can feel a hint more pep in it's step! Dynomax Super Turbo #17734 only $45 from amazon.com. Performance Muffler in Peoria did a great job with the install, keeping everything tucked up nice for only $75! Look at my rigs sweet sexy ass now, no more ugly OEM muffler!
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    Great job buddy, knew you could do it!
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    Ryan, I’m not sure where in Peoria you are located, (I’m at 74th and Happy Valley) but in the future if you need a tool that isn’t that common hit me up. I might just have it.
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    Nice job John! Love that picture!
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