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    Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Jury, I bring you one of our local trails, lost to time, and only remembered by a few old Bullhead City locals. The walnut canyon trail is actually an old service road pioneered back when settlers still were looking for gold in the mountains. It supposedly went from wagon trail to service road, from what I've been told. Time has mostly forgotten this trail, until one of B4W's members set out to run this trail after seeing the "street" laid out in google maps. Little did anyone know, I actually had set up my Tablet to correctly record GPS telemetry, so I bring you this scenic drive. It took us, approximately 7 vehicles, a better part of the day to navigate this as many sections were severely overgrown and had to be cleared to allow the larger vehicles (and a certain white Jeep WJ which was having issues with plastics melting at the time) to pass. We got on the trail around 10AM and hit pavement around 3:30PM. As the screenshot above shows, I have also submitted this trail to AllTrails. one section provides a good spot to get out and admire the hieroglyphics of the natives who once lived here I wouldn't say it's terribly difficult, if you have functioning 4x4, I think you'd be a-ok on this trail. There are several areas which have loose rock or shoal so 4x4 is a definite requirement. There are a few switchback-y areas on this trail with narrow spots, so I don't know for certain if you'd want to bring a trailer on this one, though I've not personally driven with one, so I leave that at your discretion. The entire view as you rise in elevation is very nice. This was a mostly pleasant (there were a few flat tires in the group) drive, wading through brush and overgrowth, and trying to trim to make the trail visible again. I'd recommend doing this in the cooler months. We did this just as it was starting to warm up, and it ended up being a hotter-than-expected day, which plagued me because the ABS bumper covers of the jeep were made especially pliable and prone to... suggestion. A log on the side of the trail caught my rear bumper cover on the passenger side, splitting it in half, leaving half dragging behind the jeep, barely attached. All in all, I thought I'd upload this trail here as well, hopefully to keep it from being lost to time. AllTrails is a great resource, but I much prefer the light-treading ways of our community and I am pleased to provide this track for anyone who wants to attempt it. Cheers! Walnut Canyon.gpx
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