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    It's official! Our TJ is named Creampuff; the only name that stuck. I knew it was a sealed deal when G started calling it Creampuff. It fits because it really is a "creampuff"of a car-deal find; super clean with only 55K miles. And it's such a badass on the rocks that the dichotomy is humorously obvious. I even changed the title of this thread. Thanks to @theksmith for the moniker!
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    Creampuff almost done and should be coming home soon.
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    THANKS Ryan for setting this trip up! It was great fun, great company, and a most beautiful day!! I loved the scenery and was totally impressed with the expansiveness of the Prescott Natl Forest! smiles, ladybug
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    Well I installed some pretty beefy rock sliders and I now can slide my refrigerator back without it falling on the ground. Thanks Kris but I am not posting pictures because it is amateur compared to your install. That is supposed to be a compliment.
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    Home about 9:30. Great trip, loved being in the pines & mountains & with fellow jeepers who love the outdoors. Ready to go again! Thx Ryan. Al
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    Made it back to Show Low. Ryan, thanks for leading an awesome run. Got to see some amazing sights and explore an awesome area. Looking forward to the next run. It was great seeing everyone again and thanks for making the trip epic. Until the next outing...
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