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    Still shows closed if I am reading this right https://az511.com/#route Closure SR-88 Northbound Highway closed on SR-88 Northbound near Tortilla Loop FS Rd (214) 9/25/2019 6:51 PM Comment Highway closed due to storm damage, Tortilla Flats is accessible. Highway closed indefinitely. Start Time Sep 25 2019, 6:51 PM Recurrence Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: Active all day Last Updated Oct 2 2019, 1:48 PM
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    You don't 'need' to air-down for these trails, but it would be a much smoother ride if you do. There's lots of washboard all the way along, and enough substantial ruts to warrant it, IMHO. I believe that the Apache Trail, between Hwy 188 & Apache Junction is closed due to a washout. You should check with Tonto to be sure. If you don't go that way, you can take 188 to Hwy 87 and back down through Fountain Hills (LONG WAY). Weather can play a factor if it's been raining a lot. Be careful not to slide off the road up there!
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    Hey Kris, we are at the meet up spot, saw it was cancelled but Al and I are going to check it out. Don't worry we have a safety plan. It the water level is over the hood, let Al go first. Will try to get picks
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    I did that for along time. They make an adapter which allows you to connect a quality antenna to your handheld
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    i really like this explanation of the whole "overland" thing right at the start of the article: "Overlanding is a trendy subculture of the off-road scene right now. People have been loading up 4x4s with adventure gear and heading out into the horizon for a lot longer than Instagram has been around, though. The idea is basically that you go car camping, but to really epic spots, and to do that you need an off-road vehicle with life-supporting accessories (cooking stuff, water, beer, maybe a sunshade) to be your home for days, or weeks or... years."
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    NASA's good at it; here's a shot of Mercury passing between Earth and the Sun yesterday:
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    Nope, haven’t tried yet. It’s SUPER difficult. A lot of people calculate out when it’ll transit the sun or moon and try to grab it then for easier aiming. I’ve seen some insane photos of it from some of the Astro forums I follow. #goals
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    I just wanted to say Happy Veterans Day, and thank you for your service, to all our veterans!!
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