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    I installed a KC HiLiTES H4 headlight conversion kit the other day. Non LED because I do not have a desire nor a wallet big enough for that jump.
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    Mud doesn't bother me. That is why I bought mud terrains. The trails were perfect, no dust, no traffic. It was a perfect day. The jeep is almost clean
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    After a decade, my Jeep has a winch. Okay, so I took it off during my rebuild, but I finally got it back on. I got her all scrubbed up with Dawn soap, a wheel wash brush, and a toothbrush. I mounted it using the same grade 8 hardware as before. In fact, it was all still in the neatly labeled ziplock I put it in 10 years ago. Now I just need a clean way of running the wires. Previously it was just thrown on and not well planned out.
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