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    First dibs on the DVD after your done viewing it. Nice report.
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    Today Kevin (CAVU2) and I ran Crapshoot at Table Mesa. There are only a couple of obstacles and we failed to get any pictures of them. However, we stumbled upon this abandoned Jeep from Colorado on the side of the trail. There was a chain around the rear bumper and it looked like they were trying to pull him out sideways, instead of forward?: The vehicle was stuffed full of camping gear. There was also a pressure washer on the ground. Kevin said the vehicle had a 'prospector' bumper sticker which would explain the pressure washer. This was strange because there are no claims, prospects, or mines anywhere near this area: We also stumbled upon a nearby laptop that apparently belonged to our hapless prospector. The optical drive contained an interesting DVD. I wanted to take it home, but Kevin thought otherwise and I told him I left it behind.........or did I?
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    When I got home yesterday I saw a trip report that it has been out there at least a month. I'm shocked it hasn't been torched by now! That's what tends to happen to rigs left abandoned on the side of the trail........
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    Great trip report Gear! I saw some pictures of that Jeep on facebook; the poster was asking if it had been stolen and abandoned out there. A bunch of people said it belongs to some tweeker dude who lived out of it at Lake Pleasant for a long time. Surprised he's got so much stuff in it. So, how was that DVD?
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    I ran across this company in Kingman, AZ selling various powder-coated screws/bolts/nuts/washers: https://route66mods.com/ I've never had great luck with custom painting bolt heads myself for use on the exterior of a rig, the paint tends to chip pretty quickly. Even when looking for plain black fasteners, many of the "black oxide coated" screws I've purchased online were junk and rusted the first time they got wet. Route 66 Mods offers several common size fasteners in the quantity and color of your choice. They also have pre-made "dress-up kits" for certain areas on the JK/JKU. I mainly wanted to pass along the link because of their willingness to tackle low-volume custom orders... it might be just the custom finishing touch someone needs for their next project!
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