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    So we traded in our Ram truck and picked up a 2020 V8 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. A huge shout-out to the amazing Martin Swanty dealership in Kingman, AZ. There were by far my best car buying experience. We negotiated via email and they were very fair with no games. Then drove up and were done in 20 minutes. I highly recommend using them. The Phoenix dealers were playing a ton of games. Ask for Chuck if you decided to check out this dealership. So now a three Jeep family....God help us! So now that Chris is busy on the other two Jeeps I have something I can do easier off-road trails with. Loving all the fancy features and it is fun to drive! Up next is a set of Animal Off-road rock sliders. We are considering their bumpers too but it gets pricey! We have named her "Cupcake" for now as her coloring is Red Velvet. d rock sliders.
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    Just an example of teaching the youth of this world to sit down, buckle up, mask up, and hang on tight
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    We are going to try and make it. We have wanting to do a night run...
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    that's what i said! if you park near each other it's like a little dessert tray!
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    if it rains too much we'll have to change the campsite location again, so i'm actually hoping it doesn't! i'm fine with the propane fire-pits.
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    We had a bit of (unexpected) rain up here today. Came from the Rim area. Cross your fingers for more rain to lift the restrictions.
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    Here is another optional trail, very close to the House mtn trail. Beaverhead flat road is paved going N from Cornville road, but is dirt going South. The dirt road will dump you out on Middle Verde road, about a mile from I17. (Middle Verde road is the next exit up from the meet up exit, it's the one with the Casino). I drove it last week. It's 5 miles, took 1 hour, has 2 short but kind of steep hills, otherwise its mostly a 1.5 rated trail. Best views are going South (imho) The trail head is roughly 2.5 miles from either entrance/exit of House Mtn trail that Ryan mentioned. Beaverhead flat trail.gpx
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    I am bummed out that the North Bound Expeditions short film didn't make the cut for this. Virgil's content is quality and always well put together.
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