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    Hi all. Count Mel and Shel in for this one. Been too long. We are missing getting out and Mel is itching to go camping. We hope to caravan with Jeff n Katie this afternoon. Hmm. And Mel will need to change or add a photo of the JT eh?
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    I'm not able to attend. Call me paranoid, but I'm just not ready to be around a group of people yet.
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    Sweet baby Jesus those guys are lucky they weren't just 10ft further down the trail.
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    A mining company has received permission to mine for gold in the old Harquahala mining area. ORP visited this area back in 2015, along with a trip to the Kofa area. Access is blocked off now, and there is a bulldozer parked near the old mine building . Can't upload a pic, but it is a shame to see more Az history go away.
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    here's more info about how that happened... the last i heard from some FB updates, the young lady is partially paralyzed.
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