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    We had a great time, awesome group of people, glad we got to meet everyone. Special shout out and thanks to Shelly for taking all the great pictures of our jeep while out on the trail.
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    We had a great time at the annual dirt gala! Thanks to everybody who made it out there to attend - what a great crowd! Interestingly, some of our longest members were there, along with some of our most recent members, and many others from everywhere in between. COOL! Here are some pictures we took at the event: Our home for the weekend: G checking out the 4x4tographer manor: The RV & trailer area: The teeny tiny snake we found by our camp P1140119_Trim.mp4 Hanging around waiting for the fun to begin: Navigator game pics: Looking forward to the next one!!
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    We had a great time! Sorry, but I couldn't figure out how to paste pics in my post. Here is a link to my Google album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oGwTjEdGzysnd7Y18
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    Was really great seeing everyone again! Our family had a wonderful weekend with you guys! Here's a few photos from the event. Might have some drone footage over the next few days. Friday night stargazing was pretty solid. The Pleiades, the California nebula, Perseus, Double Cluster, & Capella are all visible in the next image. @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug's new ride! It was really great seeing you guys and Conan the Barkarian again! Clear Creek Canyon and the trail ride
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    Though we could only come for the afternoon, we had fun with the driving course, and of course we enjoyed seeing many of our friends. Thanks guys & gals...
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    Great weekend! Enjoyed the trail ride & thanks for everyone looking out for me. Al
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    Thanks to the Orp staff for a great weekend. Kris, the trail ride was perfect. Good to see new faces and old friends. John
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    this was a GREAT time! awesome turn-out, thanks everyone!!!! started a photo thread - post em' if you got em'...
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