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    https://photos.app.goo.gl/5dHfr5ykcs6SWsoSA Pics we took from the trip.
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    We’re home, unpacked, kiddo is bed and showered Thank you @theksmith for leading today, we all had a great time - especially Maya! She was happy to finally meet you
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    Thx for the great trail ride Kris! Great views,great company & the cave was awesome! Funny thing happened to my jeep on the way home....pulled into a Culver's!!! Couldn't control it! All good now....Al
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    Back home! Thanks again @theksmith that was an awesome run with some great views!
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    Epic day @theksmith. It was awesome seeing a new part of the state (for me), seeing some familiar faces, and meeting some folks for the first time!
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    We really enjoyed meet all of you and had a great time. It's been to long since we've been on a run. The pup's gave it a 10 on the tail wag scale rating scale. Looking forward to the next run/ camping opportunity.
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    Back home! Thanks for a great trail ride today @theksmith! AWESOME views!
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    These were all shot on the FujiFilm X100T 35mm and processed in Adobe Lightroom. Used to be a massive Nikon fanboy but switched entirely to the FujiFilm X series of cameras about 5 years ago.
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    photo thread from yesterday's run to Dupont Cabin here... thanks @mello_yello and @4x4tographer for these shots of Gadget:
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    Great pics @4x4tographer. What kind of camera and software(if any) do you use?
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    just started a seperate thread for photos from this run - please post em' if you got em'!
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    Look'en good! Now all you need is your lift and you're ready to rock! Or should I say rock crawl? LOL! Jason
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