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    Trailsoffroad and Gaia have teamed up to complete an integrations that allows you to directly push GPX data from Trailsoffroad to your Gaia account without the need to download the files and re-upload them to Gaia. Details at the link: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/blog/new-feature-push-gpx-files-directly-to-gaia-gps
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    Oh that is cool. I've just started using GAIA and really liking it.
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    Although I would hope to have a large turnout, our permit from DVNP limits us to 72 vehicles per day. BuT it’s a big park!
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    Ours also, but went with the Baja Boss MTZ in 35"s and so far love them
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    Oh yeah, love Gaia. The depth of information at your fingertips is incredible!
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    As today, the Jeep is in the shop and is up in the air when I will get it back. So feel free to bump me if someone wants to be added to attendee list. Regards
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    Save The Date! Death Valley Experience 2021 The California Four Wheel Drive Association is happy to announce our inaugural Death ValleyExperience event March 10-14, 2021. This event is a fund raiser for the Association. Each day will feature a choice of runs to somefamous, some infamous and some secretive points of interest within Death Valley National Park. The runs will depart from Furnace Creek and from Stovepipe Wells. Registration includes your choice of one run, a special inaugural edition Death Valley Experience shirt, and a delicious box lunch. You can choose additional runs for an additional charge. We are still working out the run details and will have online registration open soon so you can register and choose your trail run(s). Our permit places a limit to the number of vehicles allowed on each run. We expect that the runs will fill up fast, so be sure to put your name on the notification list and we will alert you as soon as we are ready to accept registrations. Some of the points of interest we will visit during Death Valley Experience 2021 include Zabriskie Point (famous), Barker Ranch (infamous) and the Racetrack (learn the secret of the moving rocks). Other points of interest include Dante’s View, 20 Mule Team Canyon, Artists’ Drive, Chloride Cliffs, Aguereberry Point, Skidoo, Titus Canyon, and Darwin Falls. All of the trails will be rated by difficulty and are suitable for unmodified vehicles with high clearance and 4 wheel drive. You will be on your own to arrange for accommodations. Death Valley National Park has a range of developed campgrounds, primitive backcountry camping, and luxurious hotels. We will provide you a list of campgrounds and hotels in the Park. Website: https://cal4wheel.com/events/death-valley-experience #cal4wheel #dve2021 #deathvalleyexperience
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    this is off-topic from outdoor/4x4, but it's still a destination we went to iFly Indoor Skydiving this past weekend and i have to say it was an experience worth doing! Aimee got us a family pass for Christmas after i'd been talking about wanting to do it for months. we each had a couple runs and then paid extra for the "high fly" experience on our last flight. Aimee & B were both chicken to try it at first, but ended up loving it too! here's Brady kicking ass in the tube: i doubt it's much like actual skydiving, but i don't plan on jumping out of a perfectly good airplane anytime soon! one instructor was showing off between groups - flips, spins, walking on the walks, all sorts of poses, dives, and then exited the tube with a backwards flip while hands were crossed on his shoulders! it was pretty impressive and made us want to keep going back until we get enough experience to fly solo.
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    What a cool Christmas gift! You & Aimee always do the best gifts. Seriously, you could start a side gig 'expert gift shopper'.
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    If anyone can't make it let me know ASAP so I can request a day off from work. Thanks Sarah
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    My wife and I have a friend in town for the weekend that wanted to hit a trail. I decided to take them on an easy run to Four Peaks. It's an easy trail and I've been wanting to check it out for a while. Nothing to terribly exciting to report back other than it's open, in good condition and wasn't too busy. We ran across FR 143 with no side detours. Only saw a couple other rigs out there(One Jeep and a Yota), an Audi SUV that seemed to be in a hurry, some bicyclists and a minivan at the roundabout. Here are some pics. Great View of Lake Roosevelt Time to air up with my helper.
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    General Maintenance: cleaned up my TB, intake & sensors.. yuck 63mm of fury.. lucky for me the gasket stayed in 1 piece intake wasn’t too bad but there was thick dark brown goo around the inside rim Didn’t get as lucky with the iac housing gasket.. ripped it at the corner. No one sells them so I superglued it back together & got busy cleaning all the sensors dirty dirty sparkle plenty Found my Jeep’s firing order after all these years Clean enough wash rinse repeat
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