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    Your Jeep right now...
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    Wrenching party with my buds.. thanks again for all your help boys
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    ..did some horse trading with @Number7 for a new 2.5” manifold back Frankexhaust system & got this replacement flangeless precat pipe from Pacesetter, which are made here in Phoenix Arizona flange on the previous Walker unit would rub against my driveshaft at full stuff you can see where the yoke made contact nearly smashing a hole in it at one point Fun fact: took me, G & theK 3+ hours to get this 1 bolt off
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    UPDATE! We're got a free permit up for grabs, thanks to @REDROCK TONIHAWK, who had bought one, but has to work that day. They're willing to send it to you for free. If you're interested, please let me know and I can coordinate it with Emanuel.
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    If only I had 35" tires, 4:56 gears and a locker... Soon, hopefully soon I'll get those done on my rig, looking forward to getting into the more difficult stuff. Y'all have a great time!
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    Just empty every pocket
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    Still hard start & rough idle, 250rpm or less. This old Jeep needs love Removed TB again replaced all intake sensors with MOPA units replaced o2 sensors then bank 2 sensor welded itself to my manifold from constant heat cycles over a decade great..
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    Looks like log corral trail & nice
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    That would be awesome, thanks, we'll set up a time to come pick it up tomorrow, Sarah has the day off.
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    If that's the case I've got a 2nd Baofeng you can borrow, man. I carry 2 with me on trips in case someone needs one.
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    Thanks for the offer but I was hoping to have something to communicate with my BaoFeng. We're going camping this weekend and driving both the Tundra and the Jeep and was thinking it'd be nice for Sarah and I to be able to talk without using cell phones during the drive.
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    Not a silly question at all. We're all learning. No, the CB will not work in conjunction with your Baofeng. However, CB is still used by quite a few people. If you want it, it's yours man. Free! I just want it out of my garage. Happy to drop it off after work this afternoon if you want.
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    This CB will communicate with my BaoFeng, right? I'm sure that IS a dumb question... I'm assuming it's still for sale?
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    Wow.....only three days away! I can't wait! @theksmith @SonoranWanderer and @CAVU2 I will see you all in Oracle at 10:30 AM this Saturday. It's not too late......we still have room for one more!
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    i loathe mud! sure, i've done my fare share of rompin' in the past... but i'd rather not spend $60 and 2 hours at the DIY car wash! old video of Lafawnduh playing dirty:
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