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    we got the seats scrubbed down this weekend. the vinyl looked a little hazy after cleaning, but wiping down with 303 Protectant seemed to bring them back to life. the Easter bunny was nice to Brady as well... wiper blades and some zipper cleaner/lube for the soft-top: these Hooke grille inserts he wanted: and a 9" stubby antenna: we also got the rusty spare tire jack working again after soaking in PB plaster and greasing it up. then Fiona went for a tire rotation and balance today. found out she does not have TPMS sensors anymore, which is why the tire pressure warning light was on. they did find one tire with a random dead sensor just bouncing around loose inside of it though! we used the OBD JScan app to disable the TPMS feature for now and adjust the speedometer for the 35's. this weekend we're planning to get a start on changing all the fluids.
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    just referenced this old thread again to program keys for a 2009 JK successfully. i bought a couple Y164-PT type chip keys from Amazon for $10, but getting them cut locally was a slight issue this time. the Ace Hardware i used before has a fancy new automatic machine and they refuse to cut anything you didn't buy from them. but, they didn't even have the correct transponder blanks to sell. i managed to persuade a teenager working at Lowe's Hardware cut them for me, even though they have the same exact machine. he just needed to select "Jeep" from the machine's on-screen menu and it worked perfectly with my blanks. strategically approaching him just as the store was closing might have helped... he seemed to just want to go home instead of calling a manager or dealing with a potentially upset customer.
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    UHG! Damn it Ryan, you got me 2nd guessing myself, LMAO! I now see RAM has a lifetime warranty on their stuff, which is nice. Just got off the phone with Scott and he's got me thinking about going a different rout. The more I think about it, mounting something to that handlebar right above the glove box doesn't seem that good of an idea anymore. I think I'm going to listen to y'all, spend more $ than I want and get the good stuff that I know will be better in the long run.
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    I'd probably look a little more man. A lot of those "amazon specials" are primarily plastic. With a 1/2 pound of tablet mated up to it, you're going to get a lot of vibration off-road. Maybe consider a genuine RAM ball mount and arm on your passenger grab handle. 100% metal, arm and all. It's worth noting that you'll want to be careful with placement. If your airbag goes off, you can get into a situation where your tablet becomes a claymore.
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    No, this isn't the latest title in your favorite series of books in the wizarding world - its a collection of interesting information I stumbled across and thought might be interesting to some of you! This post has no particular point other than to share what I found, and walk you some strange series of "one thing led to another" as I was browsing for "dream trip ideas". As some of you know, I'm an astronomy and astrophotography junkie, so this type of stuff had me pretty excited. The Loneliest Road in America Starting off - here is a great article I read on Nevada leg of the US-50 which was dubbed "the Loneliest Road in America" back in the 80's - the premise being that there was literally nothing along this 280+ mile stretch of tarmac. The Dark Rangers & The Great Basin I then ended up on this amazing article about the Dark Rangers who are experienced Forest Rangers who specialize in dark sky astronomy. There are apparently a number of them at Great Basin National Park, one of our newer National Parks. Great Basin is in Bortle Class 1 skies and ranked as the BEST dark sky park in the USA. Link to Great Basin's astronomy program Great map for finding a dark sky site near you What is the Bortle scale? Nevada Offroad Trails So finally, as I unwrap this stream of consciousnesses, I found this fantastic map of trails in Nevada. It honestly reminded me a lot of TrailsOffroad.com, but state sponsored. Nevada has really pulled out all of the stops when it comes to OHV travel on state lands. Every trail has a description, tracks, PDF downloads of maps, directions and more. All of their information ties back in to responsible off-road recreation, safety, and other related information. It's pretty genius, and thats coming from someone commonly critical of government. This particular set of tracks is just north of the Great Basin NP and is noted for some excellent views of the mountains, like Wheeler Peak. Another great thing about Nevada's OHV site is that you can click on any of their tracks to see updated information regarding status, trails width, vehicle types, etc...
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    well that got expensive fast
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    I'VE MADE MY DECISION! I found this from Carolina Metal Mashers, I can still utilize the mounting location I want and not worry about the plastic OEM handle bar giving me issues.
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    It's a JEEP! It's not supposed to look pretty, it's supposed look all beat/scratched up and dirty, kinda like mine, LMFAO!
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    There's nothing to match the love you put into your first car. By the time you two put her on the road it will be showroom ready.
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    I use a Samsung TabA, wifi only, 10.1 screen. I added a 256 card just to store Gaia and all the data. Also, I have on my Samung phone 256 expanded memory just for Gaia. They sync up with no problems.
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    @CAVU2 running a tight section of Charouleau Gap. Pardon my crappy filmmaking.
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    Ryan and his Jeep Jedi mind trick... The force runs strong in that one...
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    That is some good info Ryan. Nevada is is one those weird states where no civilization is not a bad thing. Once you get out of Las Vegas & Reno it is pretty desolate but awesome. When I drove truck I used to love driving through the remote areas. No light pollution at night really brought out the stars and it was peaceful for lack of a better word. New Mexico is another state that's is sparsely populated similar to Nevada & Utah. Driving through new Mexico at night during electrical storms was a pretty trippy experience.
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    Anyone need a permit? I am going to have to back out as an opening in a local Fly Fishing class opened up for the same weekend.
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    I really like the A-pillar mount idea but as mentioned I have grab bars mounted there now and I need those bars to sling my fat ass into my rig...
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    saw this at Walmart tonight, should be fine to use for mapping/GPS if it has an Micro SDCard slot to expand the storage - they didn't have a demo model out to check. FYI, 256GB major brand micro SD's are down to $30 these days... UPDATE: the Galaxy Tab A 8.0" does appear to have a micro SD slot, according to the specs for same thing on Amazon (it's slightly cheaper at $127 there, or they have the 64GB model for $160)
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    They probably think the JL guys hang out with the Land Rover dudes!
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    here was my original thread on building that A-pillar mount... looks like you can get a RAM mount ball that would go in the same bolt hole that i hung mine from - complete with screws even! $12 instead of CMM's $38, it's just not as shiny you might need a small spacer and a little bit longer bolt, but otherwise this is perfect for any sort of A-pillar mounting.
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    Yeah that 20mm ball works with 67Designs’ stuff. I love the CMM stuff, but they’re straight up silly when it comes to JL owners. They want $95 for what is practically the same ball mount they offer for the JK. What are we made of money? Just ‘cuz we’re driving the JL doesn’t mean we’ll pay triple for the same stuff! We spent it all on the JL! This makes the drool though...
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    Full Video of @theksmith's run on the Step
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    I didn't take it as a critique. I was agreeing with you and lamenting that what I see is not what I am able to show.
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