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    My girlfriend bought a pair of gigantic concrete pots at an estate sale that already had a (very small) palm trees in them, we had to dig out the palm in the rain when we were loading it up and there was a lot of dirt still left in them when we finally got them loaded into the car. Needless to say, I wasn't in a hurry to throw my back out getting these gigantic pots out of the back of her Honda Element, so they sat for a while, I think a couple of months went by and it was finally springtime here in Southern California, and I happened to notice that the inside of her car windows were all condensed and realized that the car was acting like a greenhouse for these pots and the clover that was growing in them had really flourished. We had to use damp-rid to get of all the humidity in the car and it took about 2-3 weeks just to get it back to normal.
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    @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug thank you both so much for your detailed and thoughtful responses, I really do appreciate it! You've given us a lot of great information to consider. I totally agree about the vehicle length and the ability to access certain parks, not to mention just plain'ol maneuverability! Some of these things are absolutely beastly. 45ft? That's madness! I could never be a truck driver. I also love the pointers about the roof and tires. We looked at a Winnebago Class A last night and the tires were PRISTINE, but they're 11 years old. I'd read some similar information the other day in line with your 6-7 year recommendation. The roof was in pretty good shape, you could tell they'd been keeping up on maintaining the sealant over the seams and cutouts. It was a one-piece fiberglass roof. @jgaz, to build on @theksmith's selections, I had put together a pretty big list of trailers (below) that are in or within striking distance of a typical JK/JL Unlimited's tow capabilities. However I was looking at it through the lens of a family of 4, so they're all bunkhouse models. I was giving myself anxiety over exceeding the 350lb tongue weight max on the Jeep, and a lot of the models I want (like the GeoPro BH) get really tongue heavy when you start stacking on extra propane tanks/batteries and stressing the receiver with a WD hitch! I was stressing out! Though it looks like you have a Ram 1500 (from your profile) so you don't really have the same "tow capacity challenge" I was struggling with Here's that thread - lots of good discussion! Hahaha totally! We can "circle the wagons"!
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