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    Hello everyone, My name is Cullen McCarthy. I am new to off roading and overlanding. I have been interested in it for a few years and through work I was able to get the truck I wanted. A 2019 Colorado ZR2 (not a bison, but no complaints) I have only hit a few trails with friends and want to get into more. I am looking forward to meeting you guys on the trails.
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    Please check traffic on the I17 northbound if coming to the Gala today. Hearing of a bad accident near Carefree Highway, north Phoenix area, that may shut it down. May need to take alternative routes.
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    Well, I finally got the IRO A-Arm I bought LAST FREAKIN' YEAR installed. I managed to also install the flex joint upgrade on it, so the A-Arm is completely rebuildable, and rubber bushing free! On a side note, trying to remove the old A-Arm ball joint with a box end wrench and brute strength, I managed to pop my back (which has been out for the last week). Sometimes you fix the Jeep, sometimes the Jeep fixes you. 🤣 The old A-Arm bushings and ball joint were completely trashed. The bushings were wallowed out to the point that it had actually developed slop when braking or accelerating. The entire axle would not only shift, but also cause the entire rear end to slightly walk all over the road. I stopped driving the Jeep for a while, I waited for the weather to cool down enough to work on. I took on the task of adding a cooling fan to my Joying android headunit. Being an older model, it is based on the Rockchip PX5 CPU, which is notorious for overheating issues. A simple mod that can be done mostly in the shade of the garage! The saving grace is Joying's custom main board design, which has a decent cooling solution built in, just needs some air on it, especially in our summer. Overall, the Jeep is driving much better with the new A-Arm in place. Now that the entire suspension has been effectively replaced, all clunks and noise has been eliminated. First time in a long time. Now I can focus on what is wrong with the A/C again...
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    The mods were already on the vehicle when I purchased it. That was one of the reasons I picked it up vs waiting for a Bison, that and the price. And the bumper is plastic for looks.
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    Welcome to the Club! That is nice looking rig. It's almost too clean, we need to get it dirty! 🤣 Looking forward to meeting you out on the trails.
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    Follow up email received today: Dear Diane, The meals you packed at our Mesa, AZ location on June 19, 2021 arrived in Thailand on September 02 to help kids fed by Venture. Precious children are eating a nourishing meal because of you. Thank you. You've made an incredible difference. Did you know? Meals usually take between two weeks and six months to travel to their destination. It all depends on where in the world they go and how hard it is to get there. They cross the ocean by ship or plane and wait in line to clear customs. Then they journey by car, bike, canoe or even donkey to reach our partners. Many hands carry these meals to children and families in need. "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." - Proverbs 11:25
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