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    Thanks for leading today @WILL E, gorgeous day playing in the sand! Loved your beautiful rig! It was great meeting you @Ken Ford , and look forward to some more fun on trail! Hopefully we’ll see you on the upcoming overland trip! @Stacey and Scott, as always it was great seeing you again and hope you had fun at the range after the trail ride! Thanks for tail gunning and watching my 6!!
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    Got home about 15-20 mins ago, stopped on the way home and had "linner" as my daughter called it. Late lunch/early dinner, linner, sounds good to me! Thanks for setting up today's run, had a blast and now I'm looking forward to my Bulldog Canyon runs even more! Nice to see some new faces and familiar ones!
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    No worries. But you did miss a nice day out wheel'n.
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    For sure! When we were trying to figure out where we were going to build or buy we went from Bullhead to Kingman one afternoon, and the temperature was SO MUCH COOLER that we made up our minds right then.
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    This will be a good run for Sarah to get more practice. She's a supporting member now @Large_Marge
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    This is a nostalgic run for us, it was the first run that our poor little stock rig took after rolling off the lot.
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    This is absolutely true. The Kingman area stays 15-20 degrees cooler in the summer, and snows sometimes in the winter. Its a much more temperate area, so you won't get as heat blasted as we are, fortunately. My employers liked the difference so much that they actually live in Kingman and make the commute down daily. Can't say I blame them, haha
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    It's going to be toasty in here this winter! By the way its a beautiful 79 degrees here today.
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