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    break-in complete! here's what i notice going from 4.10's to 5.13's (automatic, 37s): the change is more subtle than i expected. beforehand, it seemed like i couldn't accelerate even a little without it needing to downshift temporarily, that seems to happen less often now. 1st gear in 4-low feels noticeably lower/slower, could just be in my head though. i had a very mild vibration around 90 MPH before, it seems like it's moved down closer to 80 MPH now. cruising at 75 MPH on flat land now spins right at 3k RPM (but i didn't take note of what it was before). overall this ratio at this tire size feels well balanced for both street and highway use. it was certainly a necessary change if i'm going to tow anything, but again not a dramatic difference just driving around town.
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    Are you spying on me? I was looking at the weather a few minutes ago too and was getting ready to post up. Weather does look good indeed and I am looking forward to this too. This is for the Happy Jack area, pretty close to where we will be. Average that with Heber-Overgaard and we should be in good shape. Nice and cool.
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    So looking forward to this one! With highs in the mid 50's and lows in the mid 30's, the fall colors are gonna be in full swing!
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    Whoops!!! My bad. Granddaughters birthday "this" weekend not next weekend. So please leave me on the GO, trip list. Al
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    I get both sides on the idea of locking gates and requiring permits for 'public land' (even more so now that they charge a small fee). Fundamentally I am against the idea but I also have seen the realities of 'the public' not respecting the reasonable rules regarding staying on trails, littering and just plain dumping their trash. We only have to drive across the Beeline to the Sycamore creek area to see the alternatives.
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    Hey Marty, I need to drop out as well. I hope you guys have an awesome time exploring the Rim Country!
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