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    Marty thanks for putting together a great trip! Also thanks to the guys who jumped in & got me back on the trail! Working on getting new links. Al
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    some more photos from @dzJeepChic of Gadget doing work at Rocktoberfest 2021:
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    Maybe we can make a deal with Kris's guy and get a bulk discount on buffing
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    Nice to see Brady twisting wrenches on his rig. Too many kids these days don’t have any mechanical skills or at least an appreciation for those skills. Those rubber chunks laying in the floor remind me of Michigan rust falling off one of my many work beaters.
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    I wasn't kidding when I said I run this trail a lot. Close to home, fun, scenic and it doesn't take up the entire day. A great way to enjoy a bit of Jeeping and getting seat time. There are several options in the Bulldog Canyon area this will be 'the short run'. We'll start in around 10am and be out around 1pm or sooner depending on how long we stop and chat and if we decide to have lunch in the shade. A permit is required, it's $6, lasts 6 months and is specific to the Bulldog Canyon area: https://www.recreation.gov/vehiclepermits/3332401 We will head in the FR3554 entrance off of Usery Pass and exit out FR10 at the Bush Highway. Technical Rating: 2-3 (easy). We are running the easiest part of Bulldog canyon. It's not a graded dirt road but there are no difficult obstacles either. One hill with an easy and more difficult side. A stock Wrangler or similar stock rig will have no problems. REQUIREMENTS: A stock clearance 4x4 with a low range transfer case option, suitable front OR rear recovery point (trailer hitch is fine), stock tires. Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seat belts, lights, etc.) $6 permit per vehicle. Each OPERATOR must have a permit, families can share a permit This is a great trail for people with little to no experience. Everyone must stay on the designated trails Radios: Not required. Ham on 462.700, CB or FRS all work for me. Trail finding is super easy and it's a short trail so I won't panic if someone doesn't have a radio. I have a spare so I can make sure the lead and tail rigs both have radios. Itinerary: Meet up time will be 10am at fr3554 trail head off of Usery Pass. We'll air down (optional) and chat a bit. We'll stop at least twice to enjoy the view and chat. I'll make some cheese crisps for anyone interested in a snack if we stop for lunch. At FR10 we head North to Bush Highway exit. (Optional: If the weather is not too bad I sometimes just turn around at Bush and go back the way we came in) The trail is about 7 or 8 miles long. Bring the kids, the pets, the grand parents. Bring something for lunch. If the weather is nice we'll stop for about an hour for lunch under the shade of some mesquite trees. 3554 trail head: https://www.google.com/maps/place/West+Gate+to+Bulldog+Canyon+OHV+Area/@33.5026963,-111.6133648,15.5z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x872bbb81761e8ac7:0xc24136abcb51c998!2sUsery+Pass+Rd,+Mesa,+AZ+85207!3b1!8m2!3d33.5240835!4d-111.61566!3m4!1s0x872bbba068b5c437:0xe103b51b92f8ed81!8m2!3d33.5047988!4d-111.6172384 Signed Up: WILL E. (1) Old school Cherokee. MADDOG (?) Good looking modified JL.
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    Getting your diffs hung up was the problem. When some one got hung up they would just spin tires and make holes between the rocks making it even harder to find a line. Short wheel base and huge tires is the way to conquer this obstacle. I was the third Jeep on this rock garden so it was not too dug up, it took me a few attempts and then I found my line and crawled up without pulling cable.
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    my paint restoration process is... pay someone else to do it!
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    Little side (repair) project this weekend. My RuggedRidge RRC "sliders" are pretty flexible, in addition to being frame mounted. Any motion in the ocean from the body of the Jeep, or flexing of the sliders is causing contact between any grit, mud, and rocks unfortunate enough to be caught between. In a few places, we've worn down through the primer and to the sheet metal underneath. Initially, my project idea was to remove the sliders, lay down a coat of clear coat to prevent rust, and then add a layer of Xpel Bed Rail/Rocker Guard Film over the top of the affected area. Picked up a can of Duple-Color automotive clear coat and a roll of Xpel on The 'Zon. Laid down some painter's tape and some trash bags to mask off the area we wanted to paint. Visually, it's clear coat, so not much to show on that front. I laid down 3 coats of clear and let it dry overnight. It should take a few days to cure, based on the label. While I was waiting, I freshened up the sliders a bit with a few hits of Rustoleum Bedliner spray - they had several areas of surface rust from previous scratches. Sanded down the rust and went to town. I ended up NOT installing the Xpel film (yet). The bodywork is a little more complex than I first though, with 1 painted "overlapping" body panel (right of the above photo), and a body panel gap (left in above photo) that will take a little more finesse than I was prepared to summon this weekend. Here's the "finished look". Looks pretty much the same. I was able to adjust the rails away from the body, but if they take a big enough impact nothing will prevent it from pushing back to its original position closer to the rockers. There is about a 1" gap at the moment on both sides. The body of the JL is surprisingly not just straight lines. There are subtle curves on the rockers, rear hatch, etc... which become more noticeable when you set something straight right next to it. The next project might be to attack the 3 years of Arizona Pin-striping I've collected since I bought the Jeep! I'll have to ping theksmith and ask him about his buffing process since Gadget is always shiny! Our last exploratory run to visit the town of Packer was extremely brushy!
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    Thanks gents, we did enjoy ourselves. I also learned a few things about leading one of these types of runs that will help me out in the future. That view from Buck Springs Road was awesome to say the least. I was not expecting it or any of the other countless views and scenery up there. Shame on me for taking so long to get up there. I will definitely be visiting again, there is a lot to do and see.
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    from Rocks and Wheels (RAW) Rocktoberfest 2021 first day (photo credit @dzJeepChic)... try from the left: try from the right: try starting over: but in the end, shame for a thousand years on myself and all my descendants:
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    Well, this air mattress turned out to be a big piece of ! Aired it up when we set up camp, several hours later it was still full and I even attached the pump just to make sure, now all good to go. Made sure the cap was on nice and tight and then crawled in and laid down for the night. Within 10-15 minutes the mattress was deflated and I ended up trying to sleep (barely got any shut eye) on the hard floor of my rig, very upset and disappointed! Update: Maybe not a pile of crap after all. Inflated it, I laid on it for a minute then had the twins lay on it together for a few minutes and it doesn't appear to be losing air, then I laid on it again for about 10 mins and no air loss. Now it's a big mystery... The only thing I can think of is the valve caps weren't air tight because I didn't push the valve inside the mattress. With it sticking out it was up against the door which I think put pressure on the valve causing it to deform a bit resulting in a slow leak. Lesson learned, next time make sure the valve is pushed in AND bring my small tent with my queen size 22" tall air mattress that I KNOW works very well.
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