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    Did one of the last interior items I intend to do on the Wagoneer. Installed some slip type seat covers from Seats Unlimited in Mesa. Before and after pics below. Carpet was done a few weeks ago while I was waiting for the seat covers to come. Still need to redo the Sun Visors.
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    Your right Kris. I put a cover on it and parked it in the garage. Guess I will use Lori's Tacoma from now on
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    Thank you so much for the welcome everyone! I'm super excited for my first trail run with ya'll Saturday. @WILL E Thank you! I may have to go in to work Sunday morning but I'll reach out if I can join in. I agree, I'd do Bulldog any day!
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    Howdy from Mesa! A few of us are poking around Bulldog this weekend. I see you've done it before but you can never do Bulldog too many times!
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    Welcome to ORP Deli. I’m new myself and can honestly say after 3 or 4 trips, it’s a great bunch of folks to camp and wheel with. Super glad that I joined myself. I’m sure your gonna fit right in.
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    Looking forward to the trip Jason and thanks for putting it together. Will make to pick up my Family Permit.
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    Welcome to the ORP family!
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Just finished up our before trail vehicle inspection...heading to store for trail grub and some of that super expensive Jeep go liquid. See you there......safe travels to all!
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    DougandSue, half of us will see everyone Saturday morning at 730am. I get to have all the fun, Sue's going to the dentist. I'll plan to bring her back soon.
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    I should know better than to assume folks are checking trailsoffroad.com. To quote from the movie Under Siege: Dark Territory, "Assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups".
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    now you're going to be afraid to wheel it!
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    looks like he did it right ...and you can see why it's worth paying someone!
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    Awesome! We are all set to wheel (legally) now. Funny.....we actually have business cards with Ron's photo that states "I DO WHAT I WANT"
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    Guess what? I beat you to the punch! About 30-40 mins ago I edited 2 of my runs where I didn't mention the state trust permit that is required and doubled checked a couple others. All my runs that require permits are now showing "permit required" under the "requirements" section of my posts if not already mentioned somewhere else in my posts. I never really did that for the state trust permits before because I figured folks would go to trailsoffraod.com and see that a permit is required. From now on I will ALWAYS include a link in my posts if a permit is required.
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    Hey Jason, some of us are newbies to running some of these trails here in AZ and aren't aware of permit requirements. Like the Tonto NF run coming up, wouldn't have known about that permit but thankfully you did include permit link in the requirements. Just suggesting to post up any links in the requirements section for the run for us who might not know. Without questioning it we would have gone without one thinking it was a group permit you/ORP acquired or something. We sincerely appreciate all the work you put in to organizing the run! See you tomorrow. Thank you Ryan @4x4tographer for the link in above comment. Totally our kind of luck to get stopped *** also wanted to add....in some states Jeeps (in our case) are not considered OHV and no permits required.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Deli. I live in Mesa, AZ. I love everything "outdoors" and have owned my Jeep Wrangler for over a year now - also owned by my shepherd Diesel Joining the off-roading community has been amazing. The last trail I've done was Broken Arrow in Sedona. I've been having so much fun trailing around Bulldog Canyon and the Four Peaks area solo that I would like to advance and challenge myself even more - hence why I'm finally joining a club! Meeting other fellow off-roaders with the same passion and learning more about this lifestyle would be so valuable to me.. Thankful and so happy to be a part of the Off-Road Passport community. Looking forward to seeing you out on the trail! - Deli
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    Thanks everyone! I went ahead and applied for the license. Fingers crossed it gets processed in time for the trail run. Worst case I'll just listen in to everyone if that is ok. After reading your thoughts I decided to purchase a cheap handheld one for now to give me more time to explore all these great options! Unfortunately work held me up today and I forgot to order one on Amazon in time to get here. Guess I'll hit up my local Walmart or Best Buy tomorrow
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    welcome to the Club! this is a great place to learn while growing your skills and rig!
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    Alrighty gang, as the kids say it's on like Donkey Kong! This will be an Offroad Passport Club Event. I created a post here with a metric--ton of detail, maybe too much.
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