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    Thought this was informative. https://www.drivingline.com/articles/it-runs-forever-3-of-americas-most-successful-unkillable-engines/
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    Pretty major update on this. BLM cancelled the TMP for the Black Canyon Corridor. 🙂 Big ups to @Large_Marge for sharing the news via AZBCE on the ORP Facebook page! Updates project status can be found here: https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/78300/510
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    Had a chance to get away with just my wife to the woods the past few days! We found a really great site just off of Schnebly Road that was extremely quiet. Not a soul around! We had a good time hiking, took a brief trail ride out to the Schnebly Hill Vista, did some day drinking, and did some reading. Michelle got to flex her painter's muscles and I did a little photography off in the nearby woods. All in all, a pretty nice few days out of pocket. Here are a few iPhone snaps: We also had the chance to test out a few upgrades, as exciting as they were A new skylight over the shower, recently replaced. Our previous dome was OEM and lasted 16 years before needing replacement. We had a bit of roof leakage on the factory skylight where there were some cracks in the fixture. It rained a bit while we were out and we didn't notice any leakage, so thats a win! Secondly, we put our new bank of 6 Interstate 6 volt batteries to the test. Our previous battery bank was 11 years old and finally kicked the bucket during the 2021 Dirt Formal Gala. The Interstates worked flawlessly, with a TON of power. They're wired up in series-parallel and were capable of running our furnace all night (gas/forced air set to a comfortable 70 degrees) with our usual usage of the cabin lighting, water pumps, etc. In the morning, they powered our 2,000 watt inverter to push out some delicious coffee from our coffeemaker and ran our toaster, lights, radio, etc. When checking the power reserves, we'd only gone through about 1/3 of their capacity in spite of our pretty liberal usage of the power.
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    Started out an easy day changing the ignition switch ( not the lock cylinder) in the project Wagoneer, but of course, nothing is ever simple. Found the Turn signal switch was cracked and going to break soon, so off comes the steering wheel. I'll be finishing this Job Thanksgiving afternoon.
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    Two reasons. And One 1. I wanted the new features of the glide top to ease up/down and window removals. 2. The 11 year old top was torn in places, all zippers were jamming and the rear window zipper was flat out broken. 3. It was a gift from my dad 🙂
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    If you look closely, you might notice that there scooped out the Table Mesa area. Note the black outlines which denote the “corridor” that is the scope of the plan.
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