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    Getting set to cook the burgers and looking forward to seeing everybody next weekend!! I'm shopping for meat a few days ahead, and will get the final head-count then. I'll let you know how many buns then @shellback91 & @4x4tographer Right now I'm estimating 25 people - hope more sign up! Shared this old pic of the cookout on FB this morning. Almost posted 'we'll be cooking in nothing this year' but didn't want to falsely advertise it.
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    Late reply but first event- my gf and I should be joining ya'll! planning on camping out in the storm the night before so wish us luck haha.
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    Today I replaced my Optima batteries with a pair of Odyssey batteries. I have been using optima's for years. I knew a guy decades ago, well into the last century, who was a dealer for the original optima batteries. The original optima's were hard to kill and lasted years. But my enthusiasm for the brand has lowered over the years and I thought I would give the Odyssey's a chance. Of course there were issues. I had bought a battery box that was specifically made for the optima. The Odyssey is a bit bigger and didn't fit. A friend with a plasma cutter helped fix that problem. But the Odyssey is also taller. Letzroll did a custom battery enclosure for the aux battery. The taller Odyssey fits fine BUT my circuit breaker setup which I mounted on the top of the battery hold down was now interfering with the hood. Great. So I redid the what was originally a very graceful mounting of the circuit breaker and replaced it with something that is less graceful. This makes me a bit sad because I was very enamored with myself for the original mount. It was just one of those rare fabrication moments where it all fit perfectly, looked good, was super functional, etc. Then I went to replace the primary battery and, of course, there were issues. The Solenoid that is used to manually connect the two batteries together was in the way. It wasn't a problem with the Optima, they have the coil design so they are not 'flat' on the sides so my solenoid mount was fine. The interference wasn't too bad so I took a file to the plastic part of the solenoid and created just a bit of space. So that was my day. Overall a good day working on the jeep in reasonably nice weather. Only one trip to the hardware store and I escaped there only spending a few bucks on longer bolts and other stuff.
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    The last adventure around Mammoth was so much fun, we're doing it again for those that missed it! Saturday & Sunday we'll hit 3 to 4 very scenic moderate-rated trails including the famous Tucson Wash. Saturday night will be primitive tent camping near one of the trails. Monday is an optional extension day to explore a couple difficult trails, so plan to camp again Sunday night if you're up for that - everyone else will head home Sunday evening. Full details & and sign-up link coming soon! Check back here often or watch the Club Trips & Events Discussion Area. Please note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
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    This shouldn't be a long day, couple short trails but then again the rain making mud might hinder things.
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    See you tomorrow. I may opt out of FR 12 (Willow Canyon) depending on the time if that is okay. Thanks!
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    Sounds like a great time! Add us to the list, please. We can bring some chips, homemade green chile dip, and can also bring a table if needed. Also looking to camp overnight as well...maybe 2 nights?
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    Welcome to ORP Aidan! Glad to have you along and good luck with camping, gonna be a wet one tonight.
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    Hey! Are we going to stop for lunch? I will bring some snacks to share if we are (but they will have to be cooked so it will take a bit). Also, anyone bringing kids? I can do a 'trail pepperoni pizza' for them instead of (or along with) the standard cheeze crisp.
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    Welcome to ORP Randall! Glad to have you along, just make sure you check in every once in a while for any changes, thanks!
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    I've been reading through The Dusey facebook group - the trail opened early this year and a few groups went through before the new statewide national forest closure. Here's what I'm seeing based on comments from people who actually ran it recently: Most rigs will need 4 or 5 gallons of extra fuel to run the entire trail and make it back to a gas station. The trail is TIGHT! 4 door rigs can expect at least some minor body damage. Smaller more nimble rigs have the advantage on this trail. Almost every group had at least a couple mechanical problems. Issues were typically in steering or axle components... sheared track-bar bolts/sector shafts/TRE's, bent/broken tie-rods, ripped off axle tabs (on control arms, shocks, and track-bars), broken hubs/axle shafts/driveshafts. Rigs must be in TIP TOP CONDITION to survive this trail! All components should be high-quality and well tested previously on multiple 4+ rated trails. Due to the length, difficulty and number of obstacles, it is NOT feasible to constantly spot people through this trail. Anyone that wants to go must have plenty of experience picking their own lines from the driver's seat on 4+ rated trails.
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