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    Diane and I would like to join the group Saturday (white Ford F 150)
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    Id like to join you guys for this one, first run for me too. Planning on brining the kid.
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    i think he's just trying to temper his power-lust so as to not choke on the price tag!
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    You're scoffing at more power? Your "Man card" may be at risk
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    All this talk of upgrading compressors, I thought I'd share my solution. With this, I can air up my tires and get a good cardio workout at the same time. Work smarter, not harder.
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    I'm getting my covid booster on Friday so if I don't get sick I would definitely like to join this run gonna bring probably the wife and my daughter. Be a great opportunity to meet you guys in the group.
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    $400 is nothing in the world of Jeep mods, says the guy who just emptied his wallet on a dometic fridge
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    Midland just dropped their new MXT500 50 watt GMRS radio! They've made some big updates from some of the previous MXT units: Waterproofing (IP66 compliant) A bump in power to the max allowed of 50 watts Split Toning - allowing you to use a different tone in/tone out for repeaters configured that way The price tag is hefty at $399, which puts it in the territory of serious power users, in my opinion. Personally, I'm sticking with my MXT275. I've been very happy with the 15 watts of power (and the much cheaper price tag). I was recently able to clearly communicate with another Jeep in the hills at a distance of 5 miles, which was the furthest verified range I've gotten so far. The only thing I'm really wishing I had was split toning. Many of the repeaters in Arizona are owned by clubs that are utilizing split tones which is a little annoying.
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    I want one of those one of these days. The price and the power set up for it are what's in my way. Someday I'll get one.
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    For anyone with younglings if they are in 4th grade, you can get a free pass for them that does extend to the family at this link. https://www.everykidoutdoors.gov/index.htm We did it when T was in 4th and hope to do it again when B is, kid DOES need to be with you though, so hopefully they are adventurous.
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    $400 for something "not ham" is a bit tough to justify, for sure.
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    GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! GET YOUR GIRL SCOUT COOKIES HERE! Anyone interested in those famous and delicious Girl Scout Cookies can pre-order from the link provided in the first post of this thread. FREE Delivery is available straight to your home or at one of my upcoming runs. Your purchase of cookies to help support the Girl Scouts is greatly appreciated!
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    That's definitely one of the best "Jeep Music Videos" I've seen. Some of them are a little embarrassing to watch!
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    Now that I am emissions exempt I can ditch the totally useless A.I.R. system. This complicated piece of engineering is prone to problems and isn't very effective. But don't worry fans of clean air. I will keep the PCV, EGR and CAT. Those are all great systems. To ditch the AIR system I have to plug the air tubes in the exhaust manifolds. I scored a pair of used replacements which I can fix up and just swap onto the jeep. I'll take them to a machine shop and have them checked for cracks and re-planed? (Is that the term)? The 'new' driver side is an older model that flows much better than what I have stock, so I will have the exhaust redone once I have them installed and will add an O2 Sensor so I can use a AFR gauge to tune the carb. I am going to add an aftermarket oil temp and oil pressure gauge along with an 9qt oil pan. The pressure gauge on the old FSJ's are very inaccurate and slow to respond. Other ideas: Ditch the A/C system. It hasn't worked in a couple of years and I don't drive the rig when it is warm. This will give me a lot more room to work around the engine compartment. Replace the stock alternator with a CS140. This will give me a lot more charging power, especially at idle, when the tire compressor is running. Replace my old Flood Lights with something new with LED's. Add those cool sway bar links that allow you to twist the knob to 'disconnect'. Add an external transmission cooler. (getting rid of the AC condenser will make this easier). I need to chase down a couple of oil leaks too. I've been getting out a wheeling a lot and I am going to keep that up!
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    2 guys walk into a bar, which is stupid, right? After the 1st guy walked into it the 2nd guy should've seen it and ducked!
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    Let's just say an average of 40k per rig...there was about a quarter million sitting in nothing (would have sounded better if it was Nowhere)
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    Welcome to ORP Brian, glad to have you along! My runs are always open to ALL members of ORP, myself and a few other members are always glad to help with spotting, etc.
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