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    Found a very easy to use web site, great for scouting and such https://satellites.pro/USA_map
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    If gas keeps going up there are options...just saying
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    Nice little video on why a lot of JL owners are installing these. Really just the first 60 seconds or so. Basically the OEM bumpers (both steel and plastic) have multiple brackets that support the bumper. They don't just bolt directly to the frame. The brakets bolt to the frame and the bumpers bolt to the brackets. What happens is when you happen to come down on a rock, these brackets can flex and push into the body work. The bumper itself will also push into the tub, causing damage. When selecting an aftermarket bumper for the JL (and I'm sure every other platform on the planet), it's important to look at how it's mounted (another video below - this is an excellent look at both OEM and aftermarket design issues). Even the aftermarket suppliers out there have some pretty big design flaws. A lot of people are installing corner guards preemptively to help protect the tub from their bumpers flexing into the bodywork. It's always a "buy once, cry once" situation, really. The mass produced Chinese-made brands out there (pushed by companies like Quadratec, Extreme Terrain, and Amazon) have some potential design issues. For long-term, it might be better to make sure you do your homework and spend a little more on a better designed product.
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