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    @Yodamom, @Ladybug, @K2man56, @Eugene, @Stacey and Scott, @KtroubleA - ya'll aren't all gonna let "Team Money Pit" win by default are you?! Who else has the cajones?
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    Bummer but we will be gone at this time, and can't attend, so you guys are pretty lucky that you won't have to compete against us....Just sayin... smiles, ladybug
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    Challenge Accepted... please put @4x4tographer and myself down. Here are the details you asked for: Team Name: Gandalf Style Members: Ryan and Michelle Vehicle: 2018 JLU "The Balrog"
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    Team Name: Team Money Pit Members: Chris and Sarah Vehicle: 2002 WJ "Hope" Looking forward to holding on to our blindfold challenge crown!
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    I’m going to post a series of photos of a big horn ram that I encountered on the South Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon last month. I was headed up, almost finished with a shift, a few switchbacks from the top in a section we refer to as “the chimney“ when heard a few rocks rolling down. I looked up a small side cut in the canyon wall and a big horn Ram stepped out on to the trail about 25 feet in front of me! I started to back down the trail and the Ram thankfully headed up the next switchback. This was taken when I got my phone out of my pocket and backed a safe distance away. Note the two hikers headed downhill. Ram is headed up the hikers are headed down and I’m trying to warn the hikers without spooking the ram. This photo is a bit deceptive. It doesn’t really show that the canyon wall sticks out a bit and the hikers can’t yet see the ram Now they see each other! The Ram politely gives up the trail to the hikers and steps off. He's now headed for a shady overhang that’s not so crowded.
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    Sorry forgot the rest of the info: Team Name: SS Botany Bay Members: J.B. & Kelly Vehicle: 2017 Jeep JKU " Rubikhan"
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    OK everyone simmer down, there's a new sheriff in town and his team name is Botany Bay and we are of superior breeding and will win all of the challenges. RubiKKKHHHHAAANNN!!!!
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    Would be nice to testride one of them
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    Announcing the first ever ORP Overland Field Day! Join the fun while testing your outdoor and 4x4 skills for a chance to win. The inaugural OOFD will be held Saturday, Sept 10 at the Dirt Formal Gala in Williams AZ. You don't want to miss out on all the fun! Sign up on this thread to compete - or just show up to watch the madness unfold! The OOFD Challenge is designed for teams of 2 People + 1 Off-Road Vehicle. Have some fun with this and get into the OOFD spirit with a team name. Team colors, uniforms, hats or whatever else you can think of to show your team spirit are completely optional but highly encouraged. Recruit your own cheering section too! Who's game?!? It's easy to enter - post up below and tell us: Your Team Name Who is on your team Your vehicle name/description The Challenges These are designed to test basic outdoor and 4x4 skills in a fun and entertaining way. Some are easier than others, and they're all sure to cause laughter! Slow Drags - 4 Low Challenge The world's slowest drag race! We'll put your low-range to the test in this crawl-speed vehicle challenge. Put It There - Tire Placement Skills Test This isn't your parent's parallel parking challenge! Precise tire placement can be critical on the trail; let's put those skills to the test Red Solo Cap - Trailhead Prep Test Red Solo Cups, blindfolds, and valve-stem caps collide in this hilarious challenge! Break It Down Now - Bug Out Challenge How quickly can you breakdown camp and hit the trails? The Battle Royale - Tie Breaker Challenge The ultimate smackdown challenge announced in the field in the event of a tie! Play silly games - Win silly prizes! The winners of OOFD 2022 get this one-of-a-kind t-shirt available only here! Teams Ready to Rock: Money Pit | Chris & Sarah | @Bradywgn71 & @kaspily | 2002 Jeep WJ 'Hope' Gandalf Style | Ryan & Michelle | @4x4tographer & @Yodamom | 2018 JLU 'The Balrog' SS Botany Bay | J.B. & Kelly | @K2man56 | 2017 JKU Chief 'Rubikhan' . . .
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    Please sign Chris and I up. Tent for us since our rig is too big. If too cold may drive up and back since we are close. Looking forward to this.
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    Need to back out of this one. Hope you have a blast. Love camping in this area but will have to be another time,
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