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    Hey you guys, I hope you're not over thinking this! The games are designed all for fun, there's nothing really very challenging involved. Here's a brief description of what is required for each each event: Slow Drags - 4 Low Challenge - Drive as slowly as possible from point A to point B Put it There - Tire Placement Skills Test - Park with your tire as close to the marker as possible without knocking it over Red Solo Cap - Trailhead Prep Test - Relay race removing and replacing valve-stem caps Break it Down Now - Bug Out Challenge - Put a tent it in it's storage case Let's have fun! Remember to let us know your team name!
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    FYI, this page lists current restrictions for Coconino NF, Apache-Sitegreaves NF and Coconino County: https://www.coconino.az.gov/2595/Fire-Restriction-Information
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    my modified one is 42.5lbs, which i think is a net increase of about 8lbs (per side). i try to be mindful of the pounds when choosing most accessories, but i've always felt the weight of heavy-duty steel skidplates and rock-rails was a necessary evil if doing much rock crawling.
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