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    Devon and I drove up to Dog-town lake today to check it out. We've been there before but it has been decades since we last visited. While we were there we enjoyed a picnic lunch, did some Geocaching and enjoyed a nice rain shower. FYI- they rent Kayaks too! Dog town is a much nicer campground than we remember. We drove through both regular camp loops and the Host let us into the group area. We counted 8 pull through loops for trailers/RVs and tent areas that will also hold smaller trailers. The road in has some washboard sections, but not too bad. I thought the washboard was worse on the drive out. Some pics below. Group Ramada 2nd Fireplace at the Ramada One of the pull through spots One of the Tent areas The lake is a short walk away from the group site and can't really be seen. The lake is much bigger than this photo shows. This pic is from the Day use area.
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    You been busy JB! You leveling out the rig, or going for that low-rider look with a lifted front only?
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    I came across this video and found it interesting because I use Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. Great data from testing and he breaks down the results clearly.
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    Embarrassing.... just checked my Bank Account and it looks like I created an account to send the money thru Zelle but never actually did. So, I just sent 2 minutes ago.
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    Please add me to the Stand By List. Finally finished fixing my blown head gasket
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    "Stellantis is recalling nearly 140,000 Jeep and Ram models equipped with its 3.0-liter EcoDiesel six-cylinder to address potential high-pressure fuel pump failures that can render vehicles undrivable." More info here: https://autos.yahoo.com/jeep-ram-ecodiesels-recalled-fuel-143500407.html
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    I have added some goodies over the last month or so; 1 ton RPM tie rod and drag link, replaced all the control arms with Metalcloak parts, replaced front track bar with Metalcloak part, replaced the rear Nitto Ridge Grappler tires, replaced front springs to give a 3.5in lift, and I will be deleting the 60% part of the rear seat for added room for those overlanding ORP trips. Unfortunately I had to replace the front shocks with the added height so I have a pair of Bilstein 5100 shocks with low mileage if anyone is interested... Stay shiny................
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    Your neighbors are probably wondering what kind of franken-jeep thing you've got going.
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    the driver side slider got a last coat of paint and i finished up all the welding for the passenger side. Gadget looked like a predator this morning - hiding in her burrow, watching and waiting to pounce!
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    Smurfy stepping up his tire game. New KO2's with the lettering out! #oldschool
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    Unfortunately, Kelly and I won't be attending the Gala this year. We'll be out-of-state for a wedding. Mike
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