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    Buddy and I snuck in an early morning 'bull dog' run
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    I have received all the above orders and your payments. Thanks!!
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    Noice!! Gonna be really glad to see you there - it's been a minute! 2500 will get it done, plenty of space for either. PS got your camping payment, thanks.
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    i got lost for a few hours last night on this incredibly informative and well made site by a couple living the full time vanlife thing: https://faroutride.com/ beyond just van style RV-er's, there's useful info for anyone building an overland or teardrop trailer, or even a casual RV'er doing upgrades and maintenance. just a few of the topics covered in detail: - internet on the road (including power requirements for Starlink) - how-to's for a small water system & propane system - RV power/battery/solar setup, including a great DIY list and load calculator
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    the lithium battery is supposed to be delivered today. i'll double check its dimensions and then can order the parts to be cut for my rear "battery shelf" bracketry. everything else is pretty well planned out now too... i think! i'm sure changes will be necessary once i start putting the real pieces together. oem/starting battery power distribution (engine bay) i need to cleanup my existing fuse panel a little. it started out like this a few years ago, but has grown over time and gotten messier: i'm sticking with the Cooper Bussmann LMI1 Midi fuse holders and mainly just need to add one here for the dual battery setup (there will be a whole other panel in the rear for the house battery). i'm going to make a new oem battery hold-down that doubles as a mount for these fuses, and change to military-style battery clamps. this will be the new configuration up front: house bank power distribution panel (rear) my mount for the house battery will have a vertical panel to hold the Renogy charger/isolator along with all the "house bank" fuses, wiring, and related modules. it will be accessible by folding down the rear driver-side seat. here's my plan for that:
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    Sign us up please, payment in the mail ASAP. Tent camping, maybe jeep if it gets fixed in time but probably the 2500 4x4?
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    We'll take: 1 large mens (black) 1 small womens (black) 1 medium womens (black) 1 XL womens (black) We'll fire over payment shortly!
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