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    Buddy and I snuck in an early morning 'bull dog' run
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    "Flash flooding at Death Valley National Park triggered by heavy rainfall on Friday buried cars, forced officials to close all roads in and out the park and stranded about 1,000 people, officials said. The park near the California-Nevada state line received at least 1.7 inches of rain at the Furnace Creek area, which park officials in a statement said represented 'nearly an entire year’s worth of rain in one morning.' The park’s average annual rainfall is 1.9 inches." Full story here: https://www.yahoo.com/news/flash-floods-strand-1k-people-214926248.html
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    I am interested in doing some exploring in Nevada out near the Alamo/Pioche/Caliente area. I want to go see the Delamar Ghost Town to start. I then want to explore the Silver State Trail System that is in that area. I found a GPX file for Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road on Trails Offroad. The trailhead is just south of Alamo,NV. From Delamar we would go north on Helene and Delamar Ghost Towns trail to HWY 93. From where that trail ends the Silver State Trail System is just north of the highway. If I do not get to this next year then 2024 is when I will. What I have as far as information: 2 trails with waypoints & POI's. A GPX file for the Silver State Trail System.(All the colored in trails West of Pioche) A paper map of the area that shows restrictions of certain trails to certain types of vehicles. An itch to go. Average weather for that time of year. What I do not have: Waypoints or POI's on the SSTS. I do know there are information boards etc. out there. I also believe there is a scattering of old mining operations & possibly homesteads. A final route. This area covers a lot of ground so dissecting is in the future. A crystal ball that can see if the guberment is going to make things worse than they are now as far as gas prices go. Alamo is a little over 6 hours away from where I am so that would mean a long weekend. My plan as of now is to get a room in Alamo on a Friday night, run some trails Saturday and camp. Then run some trails Sunday and either get done early and go home or run until Sunday afternoon and camp or hotel it Sunday night. Could be fun, could be a waste of time but we'll never know unless we go. If this is something you may be interested at some point in time let me know. Let's discuss! Maybe interested/Interested @4x4tographer @theksmith @Curly @Stacey and Scott @gearhead @mbuckner @AZRNintheJeep242
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    i didn't even notice the year! and no, Dusy should just be this year for us, so i'm interested in your run fo sho!
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    Is Dusy a n annual run? I have this tentatively scheduled for 2023.
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    I was going to go with Karen in September, but couldn't pull it off. I'd be interested. If there is anyone who could extend the trip for a few days, we'd be interested in that too. I would really like to see Ely and the trains.
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    i didn't even look at your map yet or read the details, but i saw "explore nevada" and i got excited! it's been on my list for a while to try and play around in NV more. unfortunately i can't do late August (our Dusy-Ershim trip). but if you do go, i look forward to your recon intel to help plan future trips.
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    Marty! How fun! We are headed to Nevada this September, as Nevada has over 600 ghost towns and is the most mountainous state in the lower 48! I'll let you know about Delamar! And Pioche is well worth exploring, although many of the trails around this town are now closed....Some of the old mines are are private property and those owners are tired of people coming by. Nevada does indeed seem like a place well worth exploring! smiles, ladybug
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    Love the FSJs. Last one was a 74 J10.
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    I have received all the above orders and your payments. Thanks!!
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