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    No, we totally lucked out. The driveshaft fits perfectly.
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    parts arrived from SendCutSend! that ACM panel turned out to be plenty stiff for this project. i'd say it's slightly more rigid than the same thickness (1/4") of high-quality plywood. in the photo above there's still a protective film on it, the actual finish is matte black. the little magnetic vise brake in action (on an old POS Harbor Freight vise). this 0.08" aluminum is about the max thickness for it, at least for a 5" wide bend. i had to really put some effort into turning the vise handle. also, at a full 90* the outside of the bend is starting to show a little bit of fracturing due to the tight radius. parts all bent: did a quick test-fit of the main pieces. a couple places are a little tight and one spot might need trimming, but overall i think all the parts can be used as intended. there's also a lower support piece not shown in the photo above. here's that ACM panel which will hold all the fuses, bus bars, disconnect, etc. (just set in place for a test fit): these parts cost me $160 total, which seems like a decent deal for a completely custom mount. that similar shaped MORyde ammo can bracket goes for $200.
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    Don’t let the length of the video throw you. It goes fast because you can skip 6+ minutes of adds.
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    Brother I wish. I was at urgent care yesterday and I’m doped up and stationary. I would swap this for a weekend of Jeeping any dang day.
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    Yes, they had drum brakes, but the bolt pattern on the Currie axles was 5x4.5, and we had to use wheel spacers/adapters to get to the 5x5.5. At the time we also needed the wheel spacers to achieve the same width as the front axle, which is no longer needed. And to be more clear, the new ones are on the way, crossing fingers they're here next week ish?
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    Ryan, I jetted off yesterday to visit my granddaughter. Looks like I’m out too. Really wanted to see that area. Thanks!
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