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    I didn't want to get this buried in the trip reports, so am starting a new post in the same area, which gives you easy access to go see the actual trip report and the mess that we got into after we left the trail ride. BTW - We had an awesome time on the trail....Thanks Ryan for putting this trip together! It was fun to ride this trail in the rain and clouds and lightening! BTWx2 - I am good at preaching how one should not be on the trails alone....always have another vehicle with you...well maybe in rainy weather, it would be good to have one with you on pavement as well...LOL. Thanks JohnPa for caravaning with Michelle on the way back to highway! So OB1 and I owe a HUGE THANKS to the crew who rescued us! After the trail ride, we left the group and headed north on Eagle Eye Road, and didn't recognize the width of the Tiger Wash crossing, and we have a jeep, and I have OB1, so off we go to cross the wash. (and yes, we are old, and yes, we know better) Only to get BURIED in the silt of the wash, with water flowing all around, and no way to extract ourselves. Three very kind men from Aguila showed up on the north side, waded into the wash (against my better judgement, but it allowed us to see that the wash was able to be waded, despite sinking into silt as you waded it), and they tried to push us out. (They wisely left their vehicle on the north bank, just tried physical pushing force) Meanwhile we had been trying to get phone signal, finally dialed 911, and lost that call many times, and finally got the word that they didn't really have anyone to help us. (We were borderline Maricopa and LaPaz County, so kept getting shifted from one to another) We tried to call Ryan and Woody, but no phone signal. Finally I try a text to Woody. We run out our winch cable to the guys on the north shore, and just then the wonderful ORP crew shows up on the south bank. We all agree we should pull from the south bank, the direction we had come from, so in goes our winch cable, and out comes Woody's. With Ryan as an anchor, and straps added to the cable line, they winch us up out of the silt. And then, thanks to Scott, for sending over a battery jumper to the guys on the north shore, whose battery had died in the process. MANY Many Thanks to Ryan, Woody, Scott and Stacey, JB and Kelly, and Alex, who hung with us all the way to I-10 as we crossed a few more washes. With a special thanks to Ryan and Woody, who waded the waters with us, and used their winches and straps to help free us from the wash. Just to finish up....Ryan, we should have asked those semi's where they came from! They obviously did not come down Eagle Eye Road! I think they came across 60, and found that Vicksburg Road (the connection to I-10) was closed, so came in from Salome? Anyways, google said our fastest way home was via Vicksburg Road, so off we go to the west...only to find that road was closed just north of the gas station. We did not try it! - just turned right around.....So we ended up all the way over to 60, by Brenda, to get home finally at 2 am. And for those of you who know OB1 - who was up early this morning, Gracie's underside has been power hosed, and yet more rocks and sand dislodged from skid plates and everywhere else. The tow strap has been hosed of its sand and the winch cable rewound tightly. The carpet under the drivers side has been dried, and the axles and such have been confirmed to be free of water. Joints and such have been lubed, and altho there is still a thin layer of mud on Gracie, she is much happier now.... As am I! For the few who have known me for a long time, my initial nickname on AZVJC was Grateful.....(Renamed later by Grunt and Bear to become Ladybug)....And I shall always be Grateful for the friends we have made, and for the help we received last night. THANKS so much! Love you all! smiles, ladybug
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    Awesome write up and videos @SonoranWanderer. Appreciate you running point on the recovery and running back to grab our straggler! Certainly a memorable night! Monsoon, lightning, haboob, flash flooding, road closures, cool weather - and of course @Ladybug's famous cookies! Here are some photos I grabbed throughout the run. Thanks to everyone that came out! Some cell phone photos: The meet-up with the storms looming in the background. Our situation while we were near the summit of Harquahala. We opted NOT to be the tallest things around and decided not to go all the way to the top. We enjoyed a lovely rain and lightning storm, some dinner, and of course - cookies for desert! The flood where we had to do a little recovery work. Note the drop off to the right and the rapids. Water was approx knee-deep in the center. Some photos via my camera: Clouds enveloping the summit Mike's YJ, storms and rain in the background. More scenery Some handsome devil out there socializing in some ORP swag! Another cloud-crowned view of Harquahala. Looking back at the line up Looking down at the crew from the switchbacks - Woody out giving a quick spot to Alex. Another line up shot.
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    .And for those of you who know OB1 - who was up early this morning, Gracie's underside has been power hosed, and yet more rocks and sand dislodged from skid plates and everywhere else. The tow strap has been hosed of its sand and the winch cable rewound tightly. The carpet under the drivers side has been dried, and the axles and such have been confirmed to be free of water. Joints and such have been lubed, and altho there is still a thin layer of mud on Gracie, she is much happier now You should have used your Moses powers and parted the waters.
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    We put the "shower" in "Meteor Shower"
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    This Timelapse is absolutely amazing, Woody. Love seeing the weather and lightning moving through.
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    Always awesome pictures from @4x4tographer. He runs the shows and still gets in the shots!
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    A couple more pictures that wouldn't fit above.
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    Here's a couple more pictures I got.
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    Hey OP JeepPeeps! Ryan, thanks for leading another great run! This was a new trail for us and as usual, the trail was really fun to run and the location was beautiful...we may not have gotten the Perseids...but there was still excitement aplenty...you sure know how to show a group a good time It's awesome to see so many new folks coming out with OP... to all of you, welcome to the family and we hope to see you all again on the next lap. Here is a link to the pics we got... https://photos.app.goo.gl/xFsYtBxVUXQ1yBce7 Also, here are a couple videos from our dash cam...we had headed south from the meet up site and just a couple miles down the road we came to the first flash flood "puddle", the flow felt pretty strong as we crossed so we stopped to wait on the other side in case anyone had a problem getting across. Then the bat signal went up from @Ladybug back to the north so we turned around and headed back north to help...you all know the story thanks to @SonoranWanderer's great write-up...a perfect example of not only jeep peeps taking care of each other, but how wonderful the people in Arizona are. I never got their names, but they were there for @Ladybug from the begining and even after the calvary had arrived...they stayed and helped till everyone was safely on the road again. Once everyone was rolling again we headed back south. We did pretty well, slowing down on the dips in case of deep water or silt/mud traps, but you can see what happens when a flash flood "puddle" sneaks up on you...when we hit it at pretty much full click Scott's eyes shot to the rear view in time to see @4x4tographer's headlights dive down as he hit his brakes just before hitting the water himself...at least the front of our rig got rinsed off... All in all, plenty of excitement...even without the Perseids... Till next time... Stacey and Scott
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    Don’t let the length of the video throw you. It goes fast because you can skip 6+ minutes of adds.
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    What a fun night! The run itself was mostly uneventful, which is a good thing considering the storms in the nearby area. One Jeep arrived late due to weather delays en route but fortunately we were still in radio range, so I pulled out of the caravan and headed back down to the staging area and picked him up and we caught back up to the group just above the first zig-zags. We ultimately made it to the lower parking area, tried to wait out the lighting storm for a while, and decided to head back down without summiting out of an abundance of caution. Despite the heavy rains we could see in the distance and the moderate rain that washed over us at the parking area, the trail remained clean and easy for us to navigate up and down. The staging area was even fairly dry as we aired up around 8:45pm. Then the fun began. While Harquahala itself was spared a direct hit by the storm, nearby areas not so much. Road Crews and law enforcement were in the process of closing Eagle Eye Rd to I10 as the first few jeeps left after airing up. The first few heading towards I10 got through the before (or just as) the closings and before the water got too deep at a few of the southern washes. As the last of us headed out about 9:20, a brief moment of cell service allowed text messages from @Ladybug who with @ob1jeeper had headed north to Aguila to get through telling us they needed help at the first of the two Tiger Wash crossings. Our four vehicles @4x4tographer, @K2man56, @alexshel44, and myself along with @Stacey and Scott who had left just prior and were waiting at a deep wash towards I10, turned north and went to help. We were onsite about 9:35. A local trio on the other side of the wash had been trying to help but were unsuccessful with their truck on pulling the jeep out. Below the about 2-2.5ft fast flowing water was a lot of sand and mud washed over the road by the flash flood. From unflooded pavement to @ob1jeeper's jeep was about 120 or so ft. We setup a two Jeep anchored configuration at the water's edge, pulled the maximum extent of my winch line, added a 30 ft kinetic rope and a tow strap (20ft?) to complete the hookup. Once we got the jeep past the deep sand and mud it was able to drive the rest of the way under its own power. Total time onsite for the rescue crew was about 35 minutes according to my GPS time stamps. While the trio of men were unable to free the Jeep themselves, they were still beyond helpful in rigging line to winch the Jeep out. By 10 after 10pm we were heading south towards I10. While the main work was done the night was not yet over. We had a couple of minor washes to carefully navigate and then we came upon a line of tractor-trailers parked in the road before a flooded section. The flooded area was stagnant, and by the time we got out, walked past all the rigs, someone else in the area had walked the flood and determined was 2ft deep at most with no signs of mud build up. Once @4x4tographer drove across, those big rigs were not going to be sit there and be shown out. They jumped in with us and crossed. By 11pm we had made it to I10. I have a time lapse video of the recovery setup, but apparently my GoPro battery died right was we started to tighten up the rigging. Here is a time lapse of the mountain climb. Note, I had to turn back to go get our late arrival and then we had to play catch-up. And here are a selection of pictures I took:
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    I will add a simple Thank you to the whole crew who showed up to assist in our "wash-stuck". Also, want to give a shout out to the rest of the intrepid nights Jeepers, who we enjoyed the evening with, and a welcome to a new member of ORP, Michele, whom I had the pleasure of riding with and getting to know a little on the way back down the hill.
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    Thanks for the detailed account of the night's activities @SonoranWanderer! Whew, glad you were there to the rescue! That timelapse reminds me of a recurring dream that I have where I can fly. Great pictures too, @4x4tographer, what an excellent adventure!
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    @Ladybug wow, thanks for writing your story - what an exciting one!! I'm so grateful you were able to get through to Woody. Solid work everyone who participated! Dang, that's some crazy weather ya'll are having!!
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    Oh man, what a story. It's cool this guy had the wherewithal to keep the camera rolling. Thanks for sharing Jim!
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