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    I see you have a hanger for the caliper so it doesn't hang on the brake line. It's the little things that are important, especially when its brakes! Your next job is too teach him how to fix these. (J/K not much need to know this anymore )
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    The Jeep Gods smiled down upon us today. The CORRECT parts were delivered just as we finished lunch. George got everything put together, filled, and one heat cycle down! Things are looking much more favorably toward running the Dusy!!!
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    Just finished another 4 days hiking the Grand Canyon corridor trails for my volunteer gig. Monsoon action every afternoon. Only hiked in the rain one day. Humid, hot, no cloud cover until about noon. This makes it worth while. Mr. Ram was a couple switchbacks below 1.5 mile rest house. He would peer over the edge of the boulder at me and then disappear. Like a Disney animatronic . This shot was taken with a bit of zoom. I was so close to him here I had to step back to edge of the trail to get this shot. No zoom. This is looking back down on him from a couple switchbacks up trail. Many animals in this area due to (another) pipeline break that left the water turned off at the 1.5 and 3 mile rest houses. The break was leaking enough to water the animals. Im no photographer but with subjects like this it’s hard to take a bad picture.
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    New favorite from last weekend's 60mi run from Sedona to Flagstaff.
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    Yeah! Good to see them wrenching and the bumper looks great!
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    What an amazing day playing in Sedona’s backyard. @4x4tographer put together a great route and was an outstanding trail leader, overall guide, commentator and even mechanic. His easy trail rating may be questionable (🤣), but the company and scenery were first rate! Props to @alexshel44 for wheeling his Trailhawk like a boss. Some Classic views from Schnebly Hill road: Beyond Schnebly the views were just as stunning: And I’m not sure if these are the result of the very active monsoon, but the mushrooms were competing with the wildflowers! Finally, many thanks to Chris & Sarah and their beautiful pups for running sweeper during this trek. Hope is a monster and looks like it could eat “LRRRRY” the Land Rover, but was always back there protecting our six! Many thanks to all for such a memorable day! Mike & Kristen
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    We have some new ORP merch coming soon! These great new shirts will be available for purchase this fall in the Offroad Passport Shop. However; YOU lucky Gala attendees will be able to get yours early - at a discount! We'll have all the new swag on display and available at special gala prices! Check out the new designs!! Men's and Ladies Short Sleeve Tee Gala Price: $20 (Regularly $22 + Shipping) Men's Long Sleeve Gala Price $23 (Regularly $25 + Shipping) All tee's come in a variety of colors and sizes. Must be at the Gala for Gala special prices. CASH OR CHECKS ONLY - we can't credit cards from camp. Bringing the exact change would be super helpful!
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