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    Would this be open to people who aren't members of off-road passport if we do end up doing the private one? I have a friend or two that I think would be interested in attending.
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    AWESOME feedback @jgaz. Its interesting to hear about the WFA variance in training you've received. Though there's certainly something to be said for a broad knowledge-base - and I'm excited at the possibility of being capable of providing worthwhile assistance if needed. I'm guessing the majority folks that live here travel the southwest, not the Ozarks. I'm hoping they can place more emphasis on the unique environmental related emergencies we're likely to encounter here - like rattlesnakes, scorpions, heat stroke, dehydration, etc... I'm thinking they might be able to hone in on injuries you're more likely to sustain from a vehicle crash as well, like head injuries, fractures, shock, cuts, abrasions. I'm just guessing on all of that though 😅
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    I would definitely be interested in this and have been looking into doing it myself so it would be great to do it with you all. Would this require prior 'normal' first-aid training and certification?
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    i'm 90% sure your t-case fill and drain plugs are M22-1.50 thread. if you have Amazon Prime, you could order the Fumoto version and return it easily if it's not right. or the "EZ" brand... or here's the ValvoMax one...
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    I’m not interested in taking the class only because my current volunteer gig at GCNP provides me with WFA at no cost as part of the program. But if I may, I’m going to make a few comments and observations about my WFA course experiences. I believe that you are on the right track being able to customize the course to your area and wants. For example. My original and first recertification was with with NOLS. Excellent hands on but I didn’t really think our SW issues were covered quite as well as they could have been. It seemed like their course outline was tailored to all of North America. Don’t get me wrong, we had excellent instructors, the above comment was just my observation. For example. I thought snakebite instruction was somewhat lacking. My first WFA training that was provided by the NPS was with UNM (University of New Mexico) wilderness medicine program. It consisted of about 10 hours of online training that I was skeptical about at first (I’m old). That turned out to be very good training. The ability to go over a module again was great. The second part of the class was an 8 hour module of in person hands on training. The UNM training was a fantastic course. Also, going back to customized training, the UNM course covered major bleeding wounds. NOLS was really lacking in this area. Its my thought that some WFA courses are hesitant to cover wounds that might be caused by a firearm. The UNM course was excellent in this regard covering use of tourniquets and wound packing. I’m not going to get into a gun debate but I’m sure some of you are also firearms enthusiasts. YMMV. My last WFA was all online due to the fact that I had three previous in person classes and my program was overloaded with new volunteers that need training. Id have to look up who it was with but it wasn’t a bad refresher course. One last comment on location. I fully support the hands on simulations being outside. However being able to have the lecture portion indoors is an advantage IMO. I sweated thru two days of my original NOLS course in mid Sept. and smoked by the end of each day! I like the idea of possibilities of MCSO rescue squad being involved. Also don’t be surprised if you need to get CPR training separate from you WFA course. Good luck.
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    We've done a couple of field emergency first aid classes. One thing for sure is anyone who's gone through one will be reassessing the contents of their first aid kits. Two votes for Yes! The more in depth the better.
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