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    Looking to see if there is any interest from anyone wanting to do the Mohave Road trail. 117 miles taking you from Az to Ca through the Mohave National Preserve. Lots of geological and historical features. Anytime between now and hot.
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    Who's old enough to understand...
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    We did a trip in June that was awesome. Entered at Tecate (easy fast) San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay, Bahia de LA, off road across the peninsula thru a beautiful area, stayed at a mission half way, over to the pacific and up the coast. Pacific did nothing for me. We would definitely be interested!
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    We explored beaches today, got to drive on the beach! ❤️
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    that's a classic overland trip! i've done it 3 times so i'm not quite ready to go again - but if you need any help planning, just let me know! also, the Mojave Road Guide book is a great resource for the history of the route and many of the points-of-interest out there.
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