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    Happy Thanksgiving to my ORP fam!! I hope you all have plenty to be thankful for! *G at the 2010 ORP Thanksgiving, back when we allowed him to handle poultry
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    I am not the one to judge this..
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    The whole GMRS thing baffles me. Perhaps slightly more range that a CB, but a significant downgrade in range from Ham... I simply fail to understand the reasoning for wanting an inferior product at the same costs of using a Ham... JMHO & $0.02 Obviously some must disagree... YMMV
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    I got the 275 too. I keep the head unit under the driver seat. I got 2 two hand held unites, they are really inexpensive and have good range. I got a strong mag mount and put a 3” fat stubby antenna on the roof (mine is steel.) It just clears my garage door and seems to make a solid ground plain. it works great with my Baofeng HAM if needed. The setup stands right up to a auto carwash! (It sits behind a crossbar.)
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    When I started wheeling everyone used CB, which was replaced by HAM because of clarity and range issues. Now GMRS has apparently usurped HAM because of that pesky test, lol!
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