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    For the last several years George and I have found ourselves yearning to spend more time at the beach. After moving to Kingman, the wish turned more into our constant focus, to the point that we're planning to move to Mexico within the next year or so, to invent a beach-bum lifestyle for ourselves. Obviously, numerous logistic issues arise in terms of our ORP responsibilities when considering an international move, and under these circumstances George and I can't devote the kind of time and energy that we feel ORP deserves. While it was a very difficult and emotionally bittersweet decision, we've sold our interest in Offroad Passport to Kristoffer, and we're confident that he will carry on the vision of ORP we all three always shared. Offroad Passport is the most worthwhile thing that either George or I have ever done. It's gone from the idea of 3 wheeling buddies into a thriving community of helpful and considerate adventure-minded folks. Considering the places that we traveled to, the things that we saw, the experiences we experienced, the people we met, and the friends we made; this turned out way beyond any of our wildest imaginations back in the day. And thankfully us 3 original wheeling buddies remain friends today, even as we go through life changes. We're super enthusiastic for the future of the club and will still be members, attending adventures and events as time/travel allows.
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    "The only way you can predict the future is to build it." ~ Alan Kay Everyone please join me in wishing George and Diane well on their next adventure! I'm going to miss having you two as partners immensely, but am happy to know you'll be fulfilling a new dream. We've worked together so well over these past 13+ years to foster a great community. Thank you so much for all the love and hard work you've put into Offroad Passport. I will continue to look after the website and club with the same dedication you've always shown. I want to assure all our members, who are the life-blood of Offroad Passport, that nothing else is changing. The site will still look the same for the foreseeable future. We'll still have the Gala, the Holiday Party, and all the other exciting adventures that we're known for.
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    Congrats to all three of you guys. ORP has been entrusted to very capable hands, and the joys of retirement welcome G & D to it's fold... Jeep on my friends...
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    @Number7 is making progress on the winch installation on the Smurftruck.
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    Congratulations!! That is so awesome! Flips flops and shorts all the time sounds fantastic! Enjoy!
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    Good luck guys with your new adventure and thank you for all the great trips.
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    Congratulations on your decision guys. Good luck, happy trails and God speed.
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    Better have a guest room, think you will have visitors! Good luck guys & thanks for all the good times. Al
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    MAny ConGrats to my dear friends! - All 3 of you!! And Diane - I hope I will see you on a trail now and then! You three have done so very well in establishing a community and I'm confident that Kristoffer will do absolutely fine, but oh how I will miss George and Diane!! But an excellent decision for you both - follow those dreams!! God Bless and stay in touch my friends! love, karen
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    If you both are headed to Baja we will catch up you as we will be spending some time in San Felipe.
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    Guilty as charged Jim... And I do have at least one of these in my tool box, dating from the mid-1940's (was my Dad's)... It too is a Proto... ;)
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    Thats MASSIVE news! Happy for you two and your future adventures. I certainly hope we still see you for all of the fun on the trails!
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    Wowza, that is some big news! Congrats G & D on making your dream come true, you will be missed. We are in good hands with Kristoffer for sure. God speed y buena suerte mis amigos!
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    Two for two! Tim has me however because if I ever used mine for it’s intended purpose I sure don’t remember.
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    Yes, I have one I use on my 59 Cadillac and I had several different sizes at Yuma High School when I taught there. They were used probably less than 5 times while I was there, and mostly by me on my 59 Chevy Truck.
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    Thanks Wayne!! The trips were so much fun, and our absolute pleasure.
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    This tool could turn in to being an age indicator. Im betting @ob1jeeper and @Curly among others, both knew what these sockets were and probably have examples in their tool collections.
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    Kris, You probably know this, but maybe for others reading this, if you strip the head of your new bolts you have options. My preferred method would be to cut a slot in the head with a cutoff wheel in a die grinder. Then remove, or try, to remove the bolt like a straight slot screw. The key to this method is to purchase what’s called a “drag link socket”. Stanley Proto J5444A 1/2" Drive Socket, Drag Link 3/4" https://a.co/d/j2KpNXV This old design tool is basically a large, wide, hollow ground, straight slot screw driver bit. This method also works well on security head screws. I just removed an old exterior security door that used “one way” headed bolts to secure the door frame to the house.
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    Agreed Jim... Have used them a few times as designed, but it comes in VERY handy for "other" project needs...
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    quick little mod, unrelated to the hub project... my Clayton engine/trans & t-case skids use countersunk bolts everywhere except for 4 that go into the frame. every time i need to remove the t-case skid for some reason, i first have to file down the newly-mangled heads of those bolts to fit a socket on them. i decided to try these washers skids and countersunk bolts from MetalCloak to see how they do in those locations instead. the downside of countersunk bolts is there's no easy way to deal with a stripped head, so i always use anti-seize to make sure i can get them back out easily - and am super careful to fully seat the hex bit when using an impact gun. i had to grind down the 2 front ones just a bit so they would sit flat against the skid, other than that this was a 5 minute mod.
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    Thanks for a great day. Kelly had a great time behind the wheel. She will want her own Jeep very soon....lol
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    the knobs on my new Teraflex SlimLock hubs are a PITA to turn. i'm sure they'll break-in and be fine, but currently they're too tight for my standard-issue human fingers. so my neighbor 3D printed a little tool for me to use! the design file was free to download from GrabCad. the author says the design works with the older Teraflex "cross" style knob as well. it's just big enough to get some actual grip, making turning the knob much easier. there are people on Etsy selling similar tools for Warn and Ford hubs too, as well as a universal design. after playing with this little thing a bunch of times, my hubs are already starting to ease up a bit - so i may not need it long term. but i thought such a simple inexpensive tool would be great for anyone with arthritis or other issues that make it difficult to grip intricate stuff.
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    It’s really been in the last two years that we’ve been seeing as many sheep as we have, They also are higher up in the canyon than in past years. As I said. The one I photographed was in the area of the water line leak. I’m sure that has something to do with it as earlier in the year I’ve seen as many as six at one time in the area of the coconino switchbacks. A few others from May (I think). When Im on my hikes I have a prescribed area to patrol. I find this type of hiking so much easier to spot wildlife than when I’m backpacking. I tend to hike, then stop, look and listen. I really have no schedule and can cover my area any way I want to. When I backpack I have a destination. I’m usually trying to beat the heat, the darkness, or …..? The volunteer work is relaxing……. until something happens and it isn’t!
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