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    Thank you everyone for the kind words! We're going to be seen here and there at ORP events and adventures whenever we can, so we'll still be around at least for a while. I'll post our travel pics here to share with the group, and of course I'll be viewing all you your amazing adventure photos here. @Number7 is still leading the Baja trip this spring, and we're still planning on running the Ducey this August and attending the Dirt Formal Gala this year. So like @theksmith said, for all intents and purposes, everything here is remaining the same. We love our ORP Family!!
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    Great trip! Good weather, lots of WATER! Hope everybody had a good time. Snoopy you did awesome! Sorry for taking you into that brush.... John thanks for the help & the pic's. Al/mynr1
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    Enjoy living your dream, you two have created a legacy to be proud of.
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    Thanks to Big A for leading this trip. Great weather and met some old friends and new ones too
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    Icy roads? Hold my beer!
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    thanks! the lines and colors in the photo made me think of this:
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    Wowza, that is some big news! Congrats G & D on making your dream come true, you will be missed. We are in good hands with Kristoffer for sure. God speed y buena suerte mis amigos!
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