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    GREAT Pics!!! And Great to see you out and leading Big Al!! Good job!! smiles, ladybug
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    Here are some of my airing up helper. Getting the pump ready. Keeping an eye on things. He made a new friend, @K2man56's friend came over and hung out for a bit. Just chillin' out.
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    Forgot to post a good shot of the new steering.
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    This run was about perfect for the majority of rec. off readers. Great weather, beautiful mod. trail, happy crew and a thoughtful leader. Thank you Al Mick
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    Oh that is so Cool!!! I can't hardly wait til the next run with Kris to get some ice cream!! smiles, ladybug
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    We definitely had some awesome weather and people. The water in the washes and the canyon made it all that more enjoyable. Mrs. @K2man56 did an awesome job of driving the sections she was in the driver's seat for. Big Al's route was a good mix of everything, I am going to borrow it if he does not mind 🙂 Here are some of the pics Stephanie took. Found this oddity hangin' from a tree. Disregard the SXS party crasher behind @Mick Bowers. 🙂
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    Well the WJ is back home after being built on in Virginia for a couple weeks. A few things changed as it was being built, I had to get slightly wider wheel spacers to clear the new steering. We decided to go to a 4.5" lift height vs 5.5" to save on additional drivetrain upgrades.. In the meanwhile I did pickup a np231 transfer case I plan to swap the 247 out with. Ultimately, the 231 is a simpler and more convent case until I've got enough time and patience to do a 241or as I was planning for in my last build. But the 231 has a plethora of upgrades like SYE kits and 6 pinion planetary, wide chain, it will be suitable enough for the interim. For now, the jeep is on its own weight but still needs a few things worked out. Biggest thing right now is it needs to be strung out and squared up and aligned. I found after my 4hr drive home the rear springs were very unhappy. I have already made a small adjustment to the rear arms, and it's better, but I decided not to do much else until I can have it fully aligned. I don't have any concrete to even set it all out on so I'm going to farm this job out locally to an actual 4x4 shop who has an alignment rack sometime this week. The list of goodies I am working with now to satisfy some curiosity; Trail Forged Long arm front and rear Trail forged ultimate steering kit with 1 ton Tie Rod ends and Raised trackbar Metalcloak TJ 3.5(4.5 for wj) dual rate spring front and rear Bilstein 5125s 11" shocks Front JKS quick discos A couple of things on the shelf that are on the to do list; New THOR intake New muffler(currently straight piped and dumped under the rear passenger seat, sounds fantastic if I was still 18) Auxbeam switch Panel 231 case as mentioned before ZJ washer bottle A grinder to start hacking up the front bumper Yeah that spring is not so happy!
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    thanks! the lines and colors in the photo made me think of this:
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    Wouxun KG-1000G Plus GMRS Base/Mobile Two Way Radio and a Wouxun ANO-050G Mobile GMRS Antenna
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    The pain and shame will subside my friend. 😆 What did you go with?
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    Well, I bent the knee and ordered a GRMS radio. Scheduled to be here on Saturday.
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    Quick update, been accumulating all the parts for the lift and should have everything at this point. The long arm kit is pretty much done and ready, but I I've since decided to let the shop that built the long arms handle the install. The wj is currently at a local shop for new fuel filter, oil change, and since my new injectors arrived, probably those too. I dropped off to also do new stainless hard lines but the flex lines were so corroded they're holding off until I get my new flex lines in too. They did also manage to break a fuel line to the filter so it's sitting there until parts come in for that. Dropping off the wj on the 29 and won't be picking up until it's done early next month and is likely when I'll post the next update.
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