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    i took a little trip to wheel with those crazy Kingman folks yesterday - @stockjeep, @Number7 & @dzJeepChic... Gadget hit a mileage milestone on the way up - 150k! snow melt had the Safelite trail flowing pretty good. here's a few photos thanks to Rob Sklarski on Facebook. i ran into the 93 being closed a bit south of Nothing in both directions. after sitting still for over a half hour, they started turning everyone around. not sure if there was an accident involving hazardous materials, a fatality, or what. i saw a little loop trail on the topo map that veered away from the 93 for a few miles and then back. it turned out to be about a 30 minute or so easy 2wd trail and i got really lucky that it put me back onto the 93 just past whatever was going on! otherwise i would have had to go all the way back to the 40 and then come home through Chino Valley or Flagstaff i guess.
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    Hello everyone. I am new to the site. I am not new to projects similar to the one in this thread. I posted my confusion here and after about the third or fourth time of reading the provided manuals, I think I may be able to start my installation. Wish me luck!
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    Happy Birthday in heaven to one of the best people I ever knew. It's been 7 years! Still miss you like ever John.
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    Part of the problem is that true Baltic birch plywood comes from Russia. The war is driving up the prices.
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    Just a sign of inflation - I recently visited Woodworkers Source (an amazing place) and paid $116 out the door for a single sheet of 1/2 60x60” Baltic Birch. 🤢 But considering the lower quality 1/2 ply from the big box stores is about $85, it puts it into a bit of perspective. Looking forward to working with some much nicer quality wood for some upcoming projects!
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