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    OKAY... So I'm slow on the uptake here... (my excuse is that I'm a hillbilly from the Ozarks)... Took me a few minutes to realize I was looking at a backup camera... LOL... Must be one of them West-By-God-Virginny or Ozark hillbilly things... LOL...
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    since i've been messing with steering lately, i figured it was a good time to go ahead and replace the clockspring to get my steering wheel buttons working consistently again. this looks like a big deal, but really only took about 20 minutes. also Gadget found a crazy mud hole on the Asbestos Point run this weekend!
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    Minor update to my Smittybilt 5.56cfm air compressor set up. While my compressor was sitting on the floor in the rear the plastic on the air gauge shattered. The gauge and air fitting were hose-clamped on to the end of the original hose the compressor came with. After watching this video on modifying the compressor for a pressure switch, I figured it'd be easy to just ditch the hose all together and with the guage/fitting flopping around. To make it work, you have to adapt the Smittybilt metric fittings over to whatever you're using. In my case, I picked up an M12 male to 1/4" male NPT fitting on Amazon and removed the hose entirely from the compressor. I reused my brass t-fitting and added a replacement pressure gauge and relocated the quick connect fitting I've been using. I replaced the broken gauge with another from Winters, however this on is a little better built with a thicker glass face and is filled with glycerine to help prevent vibration damage on the needle. My old gauge was always read a little higher than reality by about 6-7psi. Hopefully this new one is a little more accurate. A dash of thread sealant and a few turns of a wrench and this mod took all of 15 minutes to complete. And there you go. The solution to a floppy hose! 😁
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