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    New Date! 09/09/2023 - Postponed to allow more people to participate. Trail: Beat the heat and join us for a late evening/night run of both lower and upper Terminator at Table Mesa! Terminator is a challenging run during the day and we are going to run it in the dark. After we complete Terminator you will have the option to head back Little Pan Staging Area or continue on to Black Canyon City the back way for a little more challenge along with some cool night views of Black Canyon City. The plan is to run Cottonwood Gulch from AZCO Mine Rd (inclusive of TV2 and most of TV3) and then exit Cottonwood Gulch via TV5 connecting to 9958. https://www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=16.2/-112.1815/34.0252&pubLink=Gt4VlKTn2MvA9GgW1X6Cf36z&trackId=314f71ff87d3702de4fcbf089586a732 At 9958 I am planning to head north via 9958 to Black Canyon City, also known as the Black Canyon OHV trail. https://www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=18.1/-112.1928/34.0396&pubLink=Eh7NfVq2a1J6EGUnKknqW0JJ&trackId=c65514f90bb70ca8f66153f3712da6a9 If you have had your night fill, you can break off and head back down to Little Pan Staging Area and I17 instead of running to Black Canyon City. Itinerary: We will meet at Little Pan Staging Area at 6:30PM and complete and vehicle prep along with airing down. At 7:00PM we will have the drivers meeting and then hit the trail towards Lower Terminator. I expect Terminator will take up to five hours as a group. The run to Black Canyon City should take about 2.5 hours plus any stops for night photography. We should be airing up in Black Canyon City around 2:30AM. Additional Info: Meet up: Location: Little Pan Staging Area https://goo.gl/maps/FhqpaA8wNRKtMChm7 Time: 630PM Communications: GMRS channel 20 (462.6750 MHz) Vehicle Requirements: Oversized, 33+, M/T or A/T tires (M/T, >=35” recommended) 2.5” or greater lift As much light as you need, but be kind and don’t blind the drivers in front of you! Misc: Bring plenty of water and snacks! Bring your camera if you want to capture any night shots. Standard Disclaimer All plans subject to change due to weather events and monsoon related trails conditions. Sign-Up: Sign-up is limited to six vehicles, but don’t hesitate to join the standby list as people on the sign-up list may drop out at any time for various reasons. 1. @SonoranWanderer 2. @E Ticket 3. @theksmith 4. 5. 6. Standby: 1. 2. 3.
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    Hey everyone! Had a great night out with you all, checking out the sunset from the summit of Harquahala Mountain, taking in the glow of the Milky Way, and totally loosing it every time we saw a shooting star! What an awesome group of people to spend the evening with! @theksmith @alexshel44 @johnpa @Ladybug @ob1jeeper @snoopy61 @Bjparsons @kf7drq @gman @OnPointOffroad The night was "uneventful" as Harquahala night runs go (historically for us 😅) with a minor stop due to a flat tire on the way down the mountain. Big thanks to the group for jumping in and helping, especially @johnpa who is faster than a NASCAR pit crew. I didn't grab as many photos as I normally would have, but here's what I got. Looking forward to everyone's captures from the ride! To see them in full resolution, click here. Ladybug and Ob1 in the lead, followed by Snoopy and BJParsons. Snoopy making a switchback Alex rounding the bend Ladybug, Ob1, and Snoopy A look back at the road winding through the mountains Sunset at the top is always awesome! Waiting for nightfall - the glow of Phoenix on the right, Aguila on the left. A lot going on in this shot. We have the core of the Milky Way dominating the frame (summer is the best time for core shots). We have 1 meteor, streaking down top left. I suspect the one moving horizontally at the bottom of the frame is a satellite. On the far left we have an airplane (look closely and you'll see the flashing lights). On the right side of the core at the edge of the core-glow, you'll see an orange star with a bit of nebulosity/glow around it. That is Antares, one of our 15 brightest stars. It is part of Scorpius and known as "the Heart of the Scorpion". With a long lens, binoculars, or telescope you can see rich oranges and blues in this area - more so with a camera and a long shutter speed. Dead center of the core, the pink/red smudge is the Lagoon Nebula. A similar smudge near the top is the Eagle and Omega Nebulas. Another meteor dead center with a plane on the right. GMan's Gladiator. Note the Andromeda Galaxy just in front of the truck. That is our nearest neighboring galaxy, which is actually on a collision course with the Milky Way in a few billion years. :) The Snoop-mobile in the stars Some of the crew, taking in the light show. I'm counting 3 meteors in this shot + Andromeda. To the left of Andromeda and down a little, you have the Double Cluster, a bright region of stars.
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    Had a great relaxing time yesterday. Enjoyed meeting everyone! It was so relaxing, that even watching Johnpa and the pit crew change the flat tire was relaxing and fun.
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