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    another little change with the SwayLoc... after the heims on the links loosened up a bit, then when the links would twist the heim bodies would smack the end of their travel and make a "TONK!" sound. it wasn't horrible, but still annoyed me. i found that JKS Part #2035 works well as complete replacement links to get rid of the heims and did eliminate that particular noise. there's still a small clunk that i think is coming from the latch mechanism itself - but i have an idea for how to fix that as well, so stay tuned! the new JKS links:
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    I had a broken A/C vent on my 77 Cherokee and couldn't find a replacement. I found a chrome plated replacement for Kenworth trucks that was almost an exact fit. A little trimming with the dremel and it is in. Now to order 3 more to match! Opening trimmed: New Vent:
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