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    i was up early doing some solo exploring before meeting everyone for the recent Mogollon Rim Overland trip. i ended up on a new-to-me section of the rim. here's a map link to where that was taken, at the end of a very bumpy and overgrown trail. also thanks @4x4tographer for these shots of Gadget and myself during the trip:
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    Sign me up please. I have driven some of that trail, it’s very pretty out there.
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    Sarah, you shall need to go on all my trips! You are fun to be with, plus your photos and trip reports are so very top-notch! THANKS for posting and sharing! smiles, ladybug ps - And thanks to Chris for sharing the documentation!
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    The next morning we briefly drove the area to check out the remnants of Camp Bouse. It's amazing to think of how many soldiers were stationed here. We found the HQ for two of the divisions, the chapel, and lots of sidewalks. Group photo HQ for one of the divisions The chapel area The group then exited the area and left via Alamo road Such a fun trip. We had been to Swansea before but found new areas. I could spend a few days hunting around Swansea again in the future. Thanks to @Ladybug for leading the trip, spoiling us with sweets, and providing the history. You make trips so fun even with the occasional off-track portion!
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    We had a perfect night for sleeping and warm temps. Next morning we packed up and headed towards Lincoln Ranch. Cooper waiting on us to get going More good views of the mountains on the way over to the ranch Can start to see where the river is in the distance with all the green. Lots of burros in this area. We remarked there were more hoof prints than tire tracks all day Lincoln Ranch There were parts everywhere The main house had thick walls and was so much cooler inside. A real fixer-upper. The commute for groceries is a long one! "Guest House" . Newer construction and not as cool inside. A giant cottonwood tree crashed through the roof too! The worker apartments After checking out the ranch we attempted to find the trail to a nearby slot canyon. Unfortunately the trail was washed out badly and couldn't safely get across the irrigation canal, plus we weren't sure of how overgrown the trail got. Karma waiting on us to walk back while she enjoys the AC We backtracked to the powerline trail to continue on. Karen remembered and old manganese mine so we took a short spur trail over to that We then climbed a very long hill and just when you thought you were done the trail kept going uphill. Nothing challenging but a big elevation gain Then this view of the valley Karen then led us down some skinny washes to reach camp bouse. These were not well used but easy trails. Some new pinstriping for memory sake!
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