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    some info for when i have to do this next time... part numbers felpro complete intake manifold gaskets: part # MS 97204 oil cooler/filter assembly (includes gaskets & a new filter): part # 68596317AB note the oil cooler no longer comes with the 2 sensors... coolant temp sensor: part # 5149077AB oil pressure sensor: part # 5149062AB spark plugs (sold individually): part # SP149125AF 10 Year coolant: part # 68163848AB i've been getting most of my OEM parts through azwholesalemopar.com lately, which is actually Larry Miller Dodge Peoria. just select free local pickup during checkout. the site seems to have as good or better prices than any other online Mopar place i've seen. torque values oil cooler heat exchanger: 35 in-lbs oil cooler assembly: 106 in-lbs lower intake manifold: 106 in-lbs upper intake manifold: 71 or 89 in-lbs? (conflicting search results) plugs: 13 ft-lbs (156 in-lbs) coils: 71 or 105 in-lbs? plug gap: 0.043" bolt tightening orders oil cooler assembly: lower intake manifold: upper intake manifold:
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    headed in for the oil cooler again. this time i was smart enough to take off the wheels and drop the Jeep to a more comfortable working height! last time replaced it was around 100k miles. i'm at 161k now, so doing plugs again too while in there.
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    it appears the actual heat exchanger was separating, which is not a common failure from what i've read. it also seemed to be leaking either from one of the plastic plugs at the front, or that bottom seal. both of which are typical issues.
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