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    Finally got around to installing some accessories on Bumble. First up: Tailgate table by Rough Country Next, a set of Roxblox mud guards for the front fenders ( thanks to @ob1jeeper ) And for my Ham/GMRS install, I bought a Bulletpoint mounting set up for the dash. I was able to reuse all the wire and cabling from Barbie, just had to purchase an Antenna mount.
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    Hi @GTGallop, long time no see! Hopefully see you on a trail soon. My thoughts on adding in 6m is yet another antenna. Running GMRS off a dual band is already pushing against a little mismatch although it's yet to damage any of my Yaesu radios (that I've noticed). It'd be interesting to see how 6m "bends" in the narrow canyons. That's usually the only areas where I find that UHF/GMRS can start to drop coverage for any of our runs. /Woody
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