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    Another year, another great run to Crown King in the books! Had a great time with @REDROCK TONIHAWK, @OffroadFun and @K2man56 This was one of the most "dynamic" trips I've had up to CK via the back way, thanks in part due to a great weather system that brought a ton of much-needed rain a few days prior. The surrounding area received about .75" of rain on average, and Crown King itself had about 4" of snow. Our day consisted of some mud, some dramatic clouds, and some snow to cap it off! Ironically, despite the rain and snow - all of the creeks were bone dry - a big disappointment, as I was looking forward to some water crossings! The road in was MUDDY. Those of us with narrow fenders rued the day 😅. After we arrived at the CK rock, the road surface changes from dirt to a more sandy/rocky texture and the mud was pretty minimal. As we climbed higher into the Bradshaw Mountains the clouds decided to get a little dramatic. They hugged the terrain, and at one point we were driving through the clouds themselves. The crew kicked butt, crushing obstacle after obstacle. Every challenge was more interesting due to the slick rocks and wet ground causing traction to become our elusive friend. We were feeling pretty good and decided to take on "The Escalator" which is one of the most challenging of the optional obstacles on the trail. Smattered with boulders, none of the group had ever tried it. @REDROCK TONIHAWK was the first up and spanked it. @OffroadFun also nailed it All 4 of us made it to the top with minimal drama! Speaking of drama, more from the clouds. We cruised through the active mine at Burro John and broke for lunch in the shade of a huge oak tree. I was hoping for Humbug Creek to be flowing with water from the recent rains, but no joy. After lunch, we made our way down to the final pair of obstacles - the waterfall/ledge obstacles at Oro Belle Mine. And of course, it was a crap-show. 😆 The trail changes every year - and this year was no exception. About 2021, a new by-pass popped up at the first ledge. It was still there in 2023. Today, it was completely gone - washed away. The red pick-up in the below photo is at the top of where the by-pass used to be. There was a group of about 6-7 Jeeps working out how to get up the ledge when we arrived. Some SxSs and dirt bikes joined the fun. There was much rock stacking and tow strap tugging. @REDROCK TONIHAWK and @OffroadFun both noticed fresh oil all over the top of the waterfall. Someone had obviously peel led open a differential cover or damaged an oil pan and were in for a bad day later. When it was my turn, I tried the "usual" way of climbing the ledge from the front, but kept landing on my belly skids, despite rock stacking. We decided to take a different tactic and run the same line in this video from a few weeks back: @REDROCK TONIHAWK did a great job spotting me though it! You have to hug the wall to the right and then pivot on your rock sliders. After the 3rd attempt, my rig was up and over the ledge! I was able to give the next in line a tug, and they pulled up the next, and so on. A blended group of SxS and Jeeps jumped in to help stack rocks and keep things moving, which was nice! After we got through the ledges we started our climb up the mountain and into Crown King! The scenery quickly changed: Much of the snow on the ground in town had melted into mud. On the flip side - the large group of SxSs that was in town when we arrived all left and we pretty much had the town to ourselves. We stopped for a burger at the saloon and were soon back on the road with great views of the snowcapped Bradshaws.
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    Couple of favorites from today's Crown King run!
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    I decided to upgrade my air compressor game recently. My Smittybilt compressor still works great, I just needed something to work better with my quad hose kit. I decided to go with the MORRFlate TenSix compressor that goes with the MORRFlate Quad Hose Kit I purchased a while ago. This compressor was designed/updated with the quad hose kit in mind. I tested it out yesterday and I like the results. The compressor gets hot of course as do the stainless steel fittings. Nothing unexpected, just have to wear gloves which I normally do.
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    2/17/24: Box Canyon Florence | Moderate | Near Florence, AZ Join us for a run through the scenic and popular Box Canyon in Florence, AZ (NOT the one in Wickenburg). Box Canyon is the highlight of this trail, which when run from South to North provides access to a gang of trails North of the canyon. We will be running this trail from North to South however. We will not be running the entirety of the Mineral Mountain trail, we will run a section of it south to the 5 Points waypoint and veer off from there. No Rock Crawling or any of the waterfalls on Mineral mountain will be involved. Trail Rating: EASY to MODERATE MEET UP: When: Saturday 2/17/24 @ 9:00 AM Departing: No later than 9:30. There are a couple of gas stations in Gold Canyon, please arrive fueled up. Where: The wide staging area just south of US 60. It can be busy, I'll be there somewhere. COMMS GMRS: Channel 20, if that is too noisy we can move to Channel 19. Requirements A high clearance 4x4 truck or SUV with a low range transfer case option, suitable front & rear recovery point, aggressive A/T or M/T tires While not required, aftermarket skid plates, rock rails, and sway-bar disconnects are recommended. Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seat belts, lights, etc.) Vehicle should be mechanically sound and safe to drive Recovery gear, first aid kit, fire extinguisher Drivers of varying experience should be fine on this trip A great attitude! 🙂 MISC: Bring a lunch/snacks Bring MORE water than you need Dress for the weather, layers this time of year is always good. Bring a camera. Bring a chair. Bring sunscreen if needed. Typical Weather: It looks like it could be in the low 70's on this day, I will be monitoring it. STATE TRUST PERMIT ***A State Trust Land Permit is required for this trail.*** Grab one or renew yours here if needed: https://asld.secure.force.com/recreationalpermit/ Subject to cancellation or postponement due to weather, WW3, plague, the rapture, natural disasters or lack of interest. Sign Ups Rig limit: 8 rigs, this trail is usually busy so a smaller group is going to work better. If the run fills up please sign up for standby, the attendees list could fluctuate and spots may open up. @shellback91 (Leading) @Zavala @Dennis Szymanski @Alexis @Tim V @JEMSA
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    Yes you can, I have the meeting point at the big staging area just south of the US 60. It's kinda nuts there but it's easier to group up there.
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    Mud wasn't to bad, I mean we hit sections that got us dirty but nothing like what you hit in the asbestos mine. Tires all stayed on top of it. It was a fun run
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    Hi Marty! Please sign up Dennis and Janine Szymanski! Thanks!
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    went out for a little bit yesterday and managed to avoid most of the mud!
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    Morning! My buddy cancelled on me so I am a no go. Keep an eye open though, I post this run a lot!
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    We were talking on the radio about you and Gadget when we hit that first stretch of mud! 😆
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    nice trip report, thanks for leading this Ryan. glad i decided not to go, i hate mud! great photos though - especially like the winter wonderland shots.
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    Appreciate the company fellas. This was definitely the hardest I’ve ever seen the road! Stoked we all made it up the Escalator!!!
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    Awesome trip report and pictures @4x4tographer Ryan! Looks like it was a great day.
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