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    Great! Looking forward to getting out before it gets hot. I am not aware of a FB page but it doesn't matter since I don't have a FB account!
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    We’ve got a Facebook “feeder group” where I’ve already got an event post up for this run 😉
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    I am thinking around 9:30am at the Usery Pass Trail Head. A permit is required, it's $6, lasts 6 months and is specific to the Bulldog Canyon area: https://www.recreation.gov/vehiclepermits/3332401 Bring something for lunch. We'll stop for about an hour for lunch Technical Rating: 2.5 REQUIREMENTS: A stock clearance 4x4 with a low range transfer case option, suitable front OR rear recovery point (trailer hitch is fine), stock tires. Rigs & drivers must meet all the typical state/federal legal requirements for on-highway vehicles (license, insurance, registration, seat belts, lights, etc.) $6 permit per vehicle. Each OPERATOR must have a permit, families can share a permit This is a great trail for people with little to no experience. Everyone must stay on the designated trails Radios: Not required. Ham on 462.700, CB or FRS all work for me. Trail finding is easy and we'll keep you in our mirrors. I have spare radios too. Itinerary: Meet up time will be 9:30am at fr3554 trail head off of Usery Pass. We'll air down (optional) and chat a bit. We'll stop at least twice to enjoy the view and chat. I'll make some cheese crisps for anyone interested in a snack when we stop for lunch. I would like to try to get to Wolverine or perhaps even Cottonwood (Apache Trail exit). We will see how it goes. Bulldog has a lot of options. Folks can either head out trail 10 or head to the wolverine/cottonwood exits. When we get to Wolverine we can decide to continue to Cottonwood depending on time and how things are going. We will stop at the watershed building for lunch. This is not the normal spot, It's closer to the Wolverine exit. Bring the kids, the pets, Grandma. WILL E 1983 Full Size Jeep Cherokee Serenity 2012 Wranger
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    I'm down. Been there a couple times this last year. I live a ten minute drive away though :-) ya may wan to to post this on the FB page too. Just a suggestion if not many respond.
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    i like how far the sidewall lugs come in - for both the aesthetic and potential extra grip.
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