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    Get ready for a 52 mile double feature on this day run up Harquahala Mountain and through the Big Horn Mountains! Harquahala Mountain: the tallest peak in SW Arizona, chock-full of history. With this trail, you can drive all the way to the summit (a 3,360ft climb, summit at 5,600ft)! Trail length is 11mi up, 11mi back. Big Horn Mountain Trail: A run across open desert between two beautiful Wilderness Areas (Hummingbird Springs and the Big Horn Mt. Wilderness). Trail length is 25 miles, one way. Both of these trails are rated as easy and make for a great day out in your favorite stock 4x4 with low-range. DETAILS & SIGN UP HERE!
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    Join up for the challenging but rewarding Charouleau Gap trail day run (difficult), Saturday March 27, 2021. Sign up here (photo credit kaspily - Sarah Beth)
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    Neither rain, nor virus nor protest shall prevent this event. Meet: 8AM Daily (8:30 departure) at Kingman Powerhouse Visitor Center (MAP) Peripheral events may or may not take place dependent upon circumstances in October.All runs are 3.5- to-5 on a five-point scale. Minimum 33-inch tires, lockers, high clearance and rocker and corner guards recommended. More information:
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