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    Explore the famous and historic Bradshaw Trail in Southern California with me, an 80 mile overland-style journey through some gorgeous landscapes. We'll check out some historic sites, explore the Chuckwalla Mountains, and drive through the amazing Red Canyon. Please note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options → Trip details and sign up are now available here. *Description borrowed from @4x4tographer
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    Let's disappear into the first designated wilderness in the world, New Mexico's beautiful and vast Gila National Forest, October 10-13, 2024. The exact route is TBD, but I have spent quite a bit of time in this region and plan for us to spend three nights in the backcountry on a multi-day northeast-ish to southwest-ish traverse of the Gila. Expect approximately 100 trail miles. We will traverse high country, low country, and everything in between. If we get lucky, we might get some fall color. The trails are pretty easy and almost any high-clearance 4x4 should do fine. The camping is dispersed and rugged, so you'll need to plan to be fully self-sufficient (including BYO toilet). I'm limiting this to myself plus five other vehicles. Multiple people per vehicle are fine as long as you're sleeping in the same tent or doing a RTT. The campsites in the Gila don't tend to be huge, so a medium-sized group will do better. This will be a Club Member trip. Sign Up Here.
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    Smasher Canyon is a rock crawl trail hidden in a deep wash near Clarkdale. This very difficult trail is for experienced drivers and well equipped vehicles only. Smasher offers rocky ledges, off-camber obstacles, and tight squeezes - plenty of chances to push you and your vehicle to its limits. Click here for details & to RSVP... Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
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    Join me for a two day and one night exploration of the Vulture Mountains and San Domingo Wash areas. This overland ride offers a lot of interesting sites including the unique Belmont Mine and the remarkable Vulture Arch, both have terrific vistas. We'll camp in the San Domingo wash and explore the wash including the Anderson Mill. Click here for details & to RSVP...
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