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    Sunday, we headed out and took a little used track from the East side of the Mtns to the West side. Gearhead (Mike) left us before taking the pass and exited at Wellton. We stopped to check out the Fortuna mine (no pics) and then headed out for home. We stopped to check out Yodaville from afar. (A bombing target made of shipping containers) Yodaville.
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    Photos... Day 1 - Friday Bates Well From Friday night camp Day 2 - Saturday Leaving Papago Well Dave O'Neil's Grave 1871 Nameer Grave Circle of 8 Grave site Tijanas Altas (High Tanks) Day 2 camp at Tijnas Altas Day 3 - North Tijanas Altas Pass Yodaville Fortuna Mine
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    Adding my notes on our trip... What a great trip and time with an awesome crew, @shellback91, @gearhead, @Ken Ford, and @Curly! Thanks to all of you for going. 125 miles of dirt: Day 1: Ajo to Papago Well with a stop at Bates Well. Day 2: Papago Well to Tinajas Altas with stops at Dave O'Neil's grave, the 1871 grave, Tule Well, and Circle of 8 grave. Day 3: Tinajas Altas to Fortuna Hills with stops at Yodaville (as close as you can get) and the Fortuna Mine site. It was a really great test of @Ken Ford's new to him stock gen 3 Taco on street tires taking the Tinajas mid pass (A15 to A13 markers) instead of the traditional south Tinajas Altas Pass route. You can see our track and all of the points of interest here. It is also a good collection of information to plan your own trip. Note: I built it, it's how I openly plan this particular trip, so I might be biased. Some things with El Camino del Diablo have changed: Larger volume of traffic. There were so many people on the trail compared to the last time I ran it. Less Border Patrol presence overall No visit from Border Patrol Friday night as expected No indication that roads are being actively dredged for showing footprints Unmarked helicopter flybys both Saturday and Sunday morning Likely Border Patrol contracted helicopters Lots more side trail closures around Tinajas Altas (east side of the mountains) This made a few older camp sites inaccessible Old construction depot east of the TAs is gone except for the dirt lot and a few large piles of rocks. Tule Well's large camping area for group camping has been smooth graded, somewhat leveled, and enlarged. Another item of note: a couple of guys ran a 2500 RAM with a Black Series camper in tow through the Fortuna Mine route. Color me impressed with the trailer. Thank you @Curly for tail gunning! I should note I am grateful to @shellback91 and @Ken Ford for helping me find my phone after it fell into a garbage bag when I wasn't looking. I hear @Ken Ford is cursed to make things get lost whenever he is around. I am also very thankful to and for Courtney of Arizona Offroad working with me to ensure both groups got the best experience of a busy trail and campgrounds. (If she has an account on the forum I am happy to edit this and tag her.) I'll add photos later when I figure out why the forum is limiting my attachment upload size to less than one photo.
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    I was wanting to camp at Tinijas Altas again some time by myself....... but knowing the top is referred to as "Mesa De Muerte"..... not sure now It was a beautiful campsite none the less with wide view across the desert. Added some pictures of our campsite on the 2nd day.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to my ORP fam!! I hope you all have plenty to be thankful for! *G at the 2010 ORP Thanksgiving, back when we allowed him to handle poultry
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    5 members of ORP spent Veterans day weekend running the Devil's highway. After meeting up in Ajo and airing down just off pavement, we headed for our first stop, Bates well. The road was in good condition and we made good time. Bates well is the remains of a cattle operation that finally closed in the mid 70's. I was happy to see some restoration work going on. Bates Home An old cabin stabilized An old cabin that has practically been rebuilt. Watering tanks After Bates well, we headed to our first night's camp, Papago well. I've never camped here before. It's a nice large area with picnic tables. Perfect spot to spend the night. Look closely, you will see a ~25 ft travel trailer. The trail has been groomed and improved to the point that it is passable by most stock vehicles now. Sunset Friday night more................
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    Grave at Tulle Wells that I literally stumbled upon right next to the road.
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    Great write up @Curly ! I read somewhere last night that the Nameer was probably a fella that could have been part of a group of middle Eastern camel ranchers that worked with the military back in the day. The information available is sketchy at best. I am doing some research myself because I'm curious about that whole deal. At Tinijas(Spelling is shown a few ways) Altas the flat mesa on top is referred to as "Mesa De Muerte". Per TrailsOffroad there are over 40 graves up there, kinda creepy. Do you still want to camp there again @Ken Ford ?
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    Saturday morning we headed for Tinjas Altas (spelling?) or High tanks. Along the way we visited some graves that are along the road as well as taking a short detour to see a memorial to a party of travelers who died crossing the desert in the 1800's. The memorial is from the 1800's and the story behind it isn't clear, but it is referred to as the "Circle of 8". (I'll see if I can find more info on it and add it later) When we stopped at Tule well for lunch, I was very disappointed to see what the Border wall construction has done to the trail. It has been graded wide and flat. 45 mph in 2wd was easy. Very different from the other times I've run the trail. We ended the day at the High tanks. O'Neils grave, he drowned in a bucket of water. Another grave, the a name looks like Nameer, 1871 The Circle of 8 High tanks Woody checking out the lowest tank. The road from Tule well and out towards Wellton looks like this, only wider!
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    Doing a little recon this week in San Felipe. It's really nice here!!
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    I am not the one to judge this..
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    I did it! So many gadgets - I feel like I should take a class.
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    Holy cow - nice captures there Woody! What a gorgeous area!
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    I really appreciate these desks to this day. Saved me during many a nuclear blast in my day and more than a few nuns.
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    I looked for this grave when we were there. I saw it on one of my previous visits, I think it is fake. If you look closely, it says the cause of death was Littering.
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    I found this info on the Circle of 8. I know I read about it in Desert magazine, but can't find that issue. Anyway, I found this info: Mile 77.9. 32°15'24"N, 113°53'21"W. Parking for an easy walk of about ½ mile south to the Grave of Eight. The spot is also about 8 miles from Tinajas Altas and slightly more than 8 miles back to Tule Tank. In 1896 surveyor and soldier David D. Gaillard reported that "an entire Mexican family of six or eight persons" had the calamity of its glass demijohn of water breaking about eight miles east of Tinajas Altas; all perished and the site is now commonly known as the Grave of Eight. "The wagon tracks made when the [unfortunate] Mexican drove his exhausted team to one side of the road, were plainly visible thirty years afterward...." From here: https://cabezaprieta.org/destinations/el_camino_del_diablo_page_4b.php
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    It's that time of year again!! All are invited to the Wickenburg Gem and Mineral Show on the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving! November 26 and 27, 2022. This is free to attend, and the entire inside of the Wrangler Event Center is full of rocks! We've actually run out of indoor space, so have vendors outside this year as well! Over 40 vendors! Saturday, November 26 - 9 am to 5 pm Sunday, November 27 - 10 am to 4 pm Wrangler Event Center - 251 S. Tegner St, Wickenburg 85390 We have rocks, gems, minerals, beads, jewelry, fossils, a kids table, door prizes, and great raffles (including a cab machine! (to make cabochons!)). Did I say - Free Admission! So if you're not out enjoying the beautiful AZ trails one of these days, stop by and say Hi! smiles, ladybug
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    Who's old enough to understand...
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    went out for a bit in that little storm we had earlier this week...
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    i recently rewired all of my switched and ignition-controlled accessories to run off the house battery. i also took the opportunity to change out my custom switch panel and bussman relay/fuse box for an Voswitch JK Overhead 8-Switch Panel & Control Box, mainly to give me more switches. here's my old custom panel & ham radio faceplate mount. i had already moved the mic down to the dash a couple years ago: the new Voswitch panel (i had custom switch actuators made by OTRATTW) : the ham radio faceplate got moved down near the shifters: the main reason for choosing the Voswitch over all the other sPod "clones" out there was that its fuse/relay box is completely sealed (o-ring on the cover and gland nuts for all wire entry/exit). i also like that it's electrically simple - the switches all directly control the relays and there's no communications bus, bluetooth, etc. the most complicated thing on the PCB is a low-voltage cut-off, which can be disabled with a DIP switch setting. i extended the mounting bracket for the Voswitch box to add a Blue Sea fuse box next to it for non-switched accessory feeds. i made sure to route all the wires so that the whole contraption can be unbolted and moved out of the way without having to unhook any connections. the Voswitch has 2 modes, it can either be always powered and then turned on/off with a little metal combo backlight dimmer and on/off button. or, it can be powered only when the ignition is on. i chose to remove the metal combo switch, and replace it with a 3 position (on-off-on) DPDT rocker switch, wired so i can have the whole system ignition-switched, all off, or constant powered. the red backlighting isn't overpowering at night even on full brightness, so i'm not missing the dimmer control at all. the way it comes (stock photo): my modified version: so far i'm very happy with this new setup. i was out of switches before, now i have 3 unused spots for future accessories, and everything is powered from the house battery as intended. i was also able to simplify the overall accessory wiring, and label all the wires this time!
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    the steering shimmy i've had for a couple months got bad enough (actual death wobble a couple times) that i could finally find what was loose... the upper trackbar bushing was destroyed. this is a second gen Synergy track bar with their DDB (dual durometer bushings). it's only been a year and a half since i put this bar in, so i'm not currently impressed with those bushings. since it was over a year, Synergy wouldn't replace the forged end / bushing for free, but did give me a discount on it at least. i like the track bar otherwise, it's beefy and i really appreciate that it can be adjusted while in place thanks to the clamping end instead of a jam nut. if it wears out again too quickly, i may see if i can replace it with this Johnny Joint forged end. it has the same 7/8-14 left-hand thread, 9/16" bolt hole, and 1.6" width. the synergy one is bent at a 12* angle and that one is not. however, the Johnny Joint supposedly has 30* of misalignment, so even if the bushing is always sitting at 12*, it should still have plenty of pivot left - if it doesn't hit the bracket.
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    This is where Gunny will be this week. Hope his handler does his job. https://ktar.com/story/5366854/dogs-will-have-run-of-the-place-in-scottsdale-at-agility-world-games/
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    thanks @4x4tographer for this great shot of Gadget with @WILL E's classic beast!
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    Hey Everyone, Still in prepping phase for the lift. Been doing some maintenance in the meanwhile. I found out my oil pressure was dropping was because I was about 4qts low on oil... That'll do it. Found my valve cover gaskets were leaking, I never noticed a spot on the driveway because they conveniently leak onto the exhaust manifolds and just burn off. Got that taken care of. My new Yellow top, Alternator, and cables all came in and got installed. Was sitting on a set of spark plugs and knocked that out last weekend. The positive was that all the, likely original, old plugs seemed pretty even. Nothing really stood out with one over another. I'm currently sitting on a new fuel filter and a full set of pre-bent stainless brake lines I need to get installed in the next few weeks. I also ordered a set of new 12 hole injectors from Ksuspension. There's no rush on this though, I dont have really any major engine issues but I just wanted to take some time to make sure this engine is as healthy as it can be. I wouldn't be shocked if I drop a valve one day, it's a 4.7, it's not an if but when. As far as the lift is concerned, I believe everything is officially ordered now if I don't already have it. I am going back to Illinois for Christmas with the family, plan is to drive up, Enjoy christmas, But the week of the 26-30th is going to be a thrash week. Full long arm kit installed in 5 days to run and drive.
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    Relax, we'll be in fossil country. The FedEx guy is going to hate you with all the rocks we send the girls!
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    Uhhhh, Firecracker Red is ALWAYS the right color!
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    Great Pics Curly and Woody! Thanks for posting! Looks like it was an awesome trip!! smiles, ladybug
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    Looking to see if there is any interest from anyone wanting to do the Mohave Road trail. 117 miles taking you from Az to Ca through the Mohave National Preserve. Lots of geological and historical features. Anytime between now and hot.
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    @SonoranWanderer @shellback91 @gearhead @Ken Ford I found one of the articles from Desert magazine I was talking about. It mentions the circle of 8 and the border patrol camp. The article is about rock collecting, but the first 2 pages may be of interest to you. Sept 1949 Read it here: https://www.scribd.com/document/2295888/194909-Desert-Magazine-1949-September Page 9 to start the article. Or you can read it on the page w/o downloading.
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    Excellent pictures and write ups you guys! I'm happy to see Papago Well & Tule Well mostly still intact. Papago looks better off than last time I saw it. Tinajas Altas is def 1 of my fave places to camp, so I'm glad you guys got to go there. Thank you for planning and leading @SonoranWanderer & @Curly, and way to work together with the other local group down there that weekend.
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    Great write up @Curly and thank you for doing so. I've been a bit behind since I got home myself.
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    Based on what I read there are a whole lot of roadside graves from one end of the road to the other. I am willing to bet there are a lot of other unmarked graves everywhere out there too.
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    LOL..... I hope so cuz I literally stumbled over it
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    Thanks Diane for having a category to do so!!! Its alot of work for us volunteers to set up and help vendors, but the table rentals that we get provide funds for a scholarship for a Wickenburg high school student who is headed to college with a major/minor of Earth Science. Its a good cause, and I usually can find a rock or two to interest me!! LOL! Surprise!! smiles, ladybug
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    Last did this trip before ORP was born. Depending on timing, I could be persuaded to go again...
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    that's a classic overland trip! i've done it 3 times so i'm not quite ready to go again - but if you need any help planning, just let me know! also, the Mojave Road Guide book is a great resource for the history of the route and many of the points-of-interest out there.
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    We did a trip in June that was awesome. Entered at Tecate (easy fast) San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay, Bahia de LA, off road across the peninsula thru a beautiful area, stayed at a mission half way, over to the pacific and up the coast. Pacific did nothing for me. We would definitely be interested!
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    both of mine would be overflowing!
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    1st pic is the moon rise yesterday. We walked around San Felipe today. It's windy and cool now. There are lots of fishing boats out everywhere! Racers are beginning to come into town for next week's SCORE Baja race. The pastry is pictured on a dinner plate. It was cinnamon flavored with vanilla custard. G thought that the grocery store was called climax.
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    pretty much wrapped-up the dual battery project - wired in a new switch panel & control box (powered from the house battery):
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    i'm gettin pretty good at replacing radiators over here!
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