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    Out with the old and in with the new. I traded in the 2020 Gladiator Mojave for a 2023 RAM 2500 Rebel HD. I wanted 5th wheel towing capability but I did not entirely want to give up offroad chops. The Power Wagon is light in payload and towing, but this new Rebel HD at 2750 payload and 16800 towing (as configured) splits the difference between a Power Wagon and pure street towing pickup. This a new trim level for the 2023 model year. You can get them with either a 6.7L Cummings or a 6,4 Liter HEMI, but beware due to the softer than street suspension of the Rebel, the diesel engine cuts nearly a thousand pound off of the payload and 2K pounds off of towing. Also, diesel models cannot be had with the factory winch option as the intercooler goes where the winch would. Because towing and factory winch, I ordered the HEMI option. Strangely enough, Stellantis anticipated high diesel demand and produced the first batch as entirely diesel. I had to custom order to get a HEMI. Modifications will be light. While I want to create a new "overland" build, distinct from my JLUR which is meant as my technical route vehicle, I want to maintain towing capacity. So for now, no lift is planned and since the factory tires are already 34", I'll leave the wheels and tires alone for now. The most I'd probably go with in the future is 35s. I'm not one good with naming, so I'll probably stick with calling it the "Rebel". Despite no lift nor aftermarket tires, the highest point on the Rebel, the top of the GPS, SiriusSM, and cellular antenna, is higher than the highest point on my JLUR lifter 3.5 inches and sitting on 37s. It's sitting at maybe a hair under 6' 10". But given the wheelbase, I'm not sure it would clear well in parking garages, like the Phoenix Airport calling for <= 6'10". TBD. It was custom ordered with the 6.4L Hemi, RAMBox, winch, sunroof, every towing option including rear air suspension, dual alternators, and the 12" console. At 5'6", sitting in this thing makes me feel kinda tiny to be honest. It does fit in my garage, but just barely. There is no getting past the front or rear of it with the garage door closed. Some options are mutually exclusive and unfortunately not all marketed options were available (eg: trailer reverse steering, digital rear view mirror) but I ordered just about every option you could get in April 2023 for a HEMI Rebel intended to tow and still go back country. 2023 RAM 2500 Rebel HD Olive Green Pearl–Coat Exterior Paint (two-tone over Diamond Black) 6.4L V8 Heavy–Duty HEMI MDS Engine with 8–Speed Auto ZF 8HP75 Transmission Power 410 hp (306 Kw) @ 5,600 RPM Torque 429 lb.-ft. (582 N•M) at 4,000 RPM Dual alternators (380 amp total) BW 44-46 electronic shift transfer case w/ 2.64 low range Limited–Slip diff with electronic locking rear and conventional diff front axles 4.10 Axle Ratio Automatic–Leveling Rear Air–Suspension RamBox Cargo Management System w/ Bed Utility Group Power Sunroof Factory installed Warn Zeon 12 Winch Towing Technology Group Center Stop Lamp with Cargo–View Camera, Surround–View Camera System, Blind–Spot with Tag Trailer & Cross–Path Detection, Trailer Reverse Guidance Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System Safety Group Lane Keep assist, fwd collision warning, adaptive steering Level 2 Equipment Group Leather everywhere, front cooled and heated seat, rear heated seats, and heated steering wheel 12" Display w/ 17 speaker Harmon Kardon Audio Bi–Function LED Projector Headlamps Adaptive forward lighting (follows steering up to 15 degrees) Auto dimming rear and telescoping side-view mirrors Adaptive Cruise Control Like the Power Wagon, the Rebel HD has 11.1 inches of clearance and a water fording depth of 30 inches and a 429 RTI (ramp travel index). Misc Stuff: 8HP75–LCV Transmission Gear Ratios 1st 4.71 2nd 3.14 3rd 2.10 4th 1.67 5th 1.29 6th 1.00 7th 0.84 8th 0.67 Reverse 3.30 Battery: Group 65, maintenance-free, 730 CCA
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    I have a hard time getting my head around the mentality of this group. I wish I could find some follow up info. Best info if you’re able to open the link https://www.facebook.com/100067787659206/posts/injured-hiker-kanab-creek-grand-canyon-national-park-north-rimabout-6pm-friday-9/637813388488244/ A bit less detail but same info in an easier to open link for some https://www.azfamily.com/2023/09/17/man-with-traumatic-injury-rescued-after-friends-left-him-alone-grand-canyon/ Some pretty cool footage from the rescue helicopter approaching the injured hiker. God bless these first responders. https://fb.watch/n8aHFsleWX/
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    i recently switched from Apex AutoLYNX sway bar disconnect system to the ORO SwayLOC. there was nothing wrong with my AutoLYNX, they just didn't have quite as much travel as my shocks, and so i wasn't able to take advantage of all the potential articulation. the SwayLOC mounts to the factory locations but is a selectable dual rate system. it has one really light bar for off-road and then a stiffer bar for on-road. the on-road setting is supposedly a bit stiffer than the OEM sway bar, which is a nice bonus for a lifted rig on the highway IMO. the off-road bar is so small that with a heavy rig, i don't really think it does much. i certainly doesn't limit my articulation any when fully flexing out for a poser shot! to switch on/off-road mode, you simply flip a spring loaded lever. you don't have to be perfectly level, just flip it then drive and the latch with engage or disengage as soon as the axle hits level for a split second. note the 2 black "arms" here pointing different directions. this is what happens when the system is in off-road mode (unlatched). basically the 2 sides of the axle are only connected by the internal small torsion bar at that time. when you flip to on-road-mode, the arms latch together and both the small inner and large outer torsion bars are then connected. this system took a fair bit longer to get installed and dialed in than the AutoLYNX. most of that was because of my rig's aftermarket complications. i had to shift everything to one side to clear my Synergy track bar brace, install some spacers to clear the VKS Fab frame chop bumper, and get the links adjusted just right to clear my flipped drag link but not let the arms hit the front-most body mount brackets. the AutoLYNX just worked without any modifications and i think they are still the best solution for most people. of course after it was all dialed in, i eventually painted most of the new components black ;) anyway, i'm happy with the new system. it was an expensive way to get just a little more articulation, but the SwayLOC can still grow with the rig (like if i ever go to coilovers)!
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    What a bunch of jerks. People today never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. 😐
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    thanks to @SonoranWanderer for the shot of Gadget on Terminator this weekend...
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    It was a good run. I got a few photos and some "from the front bumper" video which I have not processed yet. Of the vehicle photos I had an issue with the lighting, but his one through the white line obstacle turned out good. If you zoom in, you might wonder what @theksmith is doing. I got a few night shots from the high points on Black Canyon trail. I should have used a tripod but the iPhone 14 motion compensation isn't too bad. Jupiter is pretty obvious in some of the photos.
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    everyone please bring FIREWOOD along with any extra TABLES and EZ-UP TYPE SHELTERS that we can use in the common area (there's only one tiny ramada at the site). don't forget your SALSA or DIP and some CASH for the raffle or schwag! can't wait to see you all this Friday!
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    I replaced a pool pump for mom. (keep in mind I am late 50's). The pool place quoted her $4800 because they were going to put in a new variable speed and due to space constraints they needed to replace the filter etc. I found a variable speed for around $700 that fit. Then I installed 4 new ceiling fans for her. Installers wanted $150 for the first fan, $100 for each additional fan. She tried to pay me but finally said, 'Your birthday is coming up, find something expensive you want'. Well, I am a jeep guy so no problem. It's their quick disconnect sway links. Going to get them to work on my 83 Cherokee. We'll see if we can make them work (otherwise, look for a fire sale haha). I was a bit surprised when I emailed them asking if they thought these could work. I got the automated response that they would get back to me but they didn't.
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    Yeah, he'll be fine.......hope this doesn't disrupt our itinerary. 😐
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    Had an awesome time as always - the weather was perfect and it was great to see everyone. Thank you all for coming out! A huge thanks to everyone for participating in the salsa/dip contest, the brand new valve-cap relay race, and the 50/50 raffle (as well as buying shirts & hats). Even with the small group this year, we had a ton of entries in the dip contest, making it really hard to pick a winner! Also thanks for bringing firewood and for picking up after yourselves. The campground looked great when we left (as usual with this group). And finally, a big shout out to @4x4tographer for leading the trail ride, another great logo design for this year's Gala shirts, and for just kicking ass in general! Can't wait for next year!!! The tentative plan is to have the 15th annual Dirt Gala back at The Cinders so watch for the calendar entry!
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    Home safe and sound. It was so much fun to see everyone and catch up. The salsa/dip contest was DELICIOUS!! The gala game was fun. Campfire time was just a blast. Thank you @theksmith for organizing a fun event.
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    Maybe more theft resistant? You have to remember, Steve spent time in Detroit. 🤣. That does change one’s perspective.
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    Same in that the rear seat area is mostly a trunk to me. Need to figure out how to secure the loads back there for rough trails. Should check if I can lay flat in it too for when I don't feel like popping a tent. Also should do another ECdD run just to break it in.
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    I really like our Ram 1500 w the 5.7 Hemi. It rides nice enough we are taking it on a long road trip rather than the new jeep
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    Lets just hope it doesn't Diesel when I turn it off! 😁
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    I had a broken A/C vent on my 77 Cherokee and couldn't find a replacement. I found a chrome plated replacement for Kenworth trucks that was almost an exact fit. A little trimming with the dremel and it is in. Now to order 3 more to match! Opening trimmed: New Vent:
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    Hello. We’d like to contact you about your expiring car insurance.
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    UPDATE: From the Mohave County Sheriff Facebook page UPDATE 9/20 1:30pm: The injured hiker has reached out to clarify his account of what happened on Friday (9/15) in the Grand Canyon National Park. At one point, all five backpackers were together that began in the Kanab Creek Wilderness area. They had hiked down Kanab Creek into the Grand Canyon National Park and had established a campsite. On Friday (9/15), the injured hiker and another person hiked further than the other three hikers had wanted to hike – south of the campsite. He said they were on their way back to the campsite when the injury occurred. The other hiker left him alone and went to use an emergency device that was with the other three hikers who were a few miles away. When rescuers arrived on scene, he was alone. Search and Rescue encourages everyone when adventuring in the remote, wilderness areas of Mohave County to be prepared for the unexpected and in these remote wilderness settings. Interesting. Doesn’t sound like complete abandonment like the first version. Maybe there still is hope for mankind. Could/should things have been handled differently? Probably. But hindsight is almost always 20/20 I figured I’d update this. Been digging for more info, maybe because this just seemed so wrong.
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    i did get one photo on the way to the meetup...
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    A few more accessory's installed, prior to our 1st camping trip in Millie, scheduled for next week. Carpeting and OEM tiedown's removed, then 3/4" Plywood load floor fabricated with OEM fasteners from removed flooring used to mount of the load-floor, from which the fridge slide (and any future needed tie-downs) without drilling into the vehicle body. Also note the shovel attachment using the hitch for support. Also fabricated brackets to mount "necessary paperwork" hangers. I used a 3/8-16 tap to "carefully" (did NOT want to break a tap here) cut threads for studs to be inserted into the un-used rear shoulder belt anchor bung, for use as the mounting base. The bungee between the two is used as a towel/washrag hanger
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    We keep our rear seats folded up 99% of the time. The original idea for a 4 door truck was to allow us to haul one set of our married children w/spouse, but that was before we had grandkids. Now that we are at 5 grands the truck won't be used for that. Instead, it has become an internal trunk. I've even had my Jeep fridge in there for weekend camping trips.
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    Every time I build a project…. Looking at you too Lowes!
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    One modification I will not need for now is a Goose Gear, or homemade, rear seat platform. RAM thought to add that in themselves. Rear seats in "normal" configuration and driver's side platform folded for storage. You can see the platform in its folded-away position. Note that under the fold-away platform is under seat storage. If you have either the Alpine 9 speaker or Harman Kardon 17 speaker option, the rear passenger-side under-seat storage is where your sub is located. Driver's side only platform deployed and full platform deployed Quite nice of them to leave the floor mounted cup holders available. With four cup holders in the console and two more in the rear, there is no shortage of places to stash coffee. And speaking of places to stash stuff... There is one of each side. I have seen both lockable covers and lockable full inserts in the aftermarket for that bin position.
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    Besides, by using Kenworth parts you probably gain a couple hundred ft/lbs of torque😜
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    You should be fine on these roads with the trailer. I have seen many rigs with off-road trailers on these trails as well as full sized trucks/trailers and RVs.
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    Hey all! Just now getting caught up on some photos and all that. Huge shouts to @theksmith for coordinating and planning and everything else involved in making the Gala happen! 👏 It was wonderful getting to see you all, hang out, and catch up. Already looking forward to next year! Here are some photos I grabbed throughout the trail ride and the salsa/dip contest:
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    Updated pricing for Fall 2023. Also worth noting is that BTech now has a new battery out for Baofeng UV5R style radios, anything that takes BL-5 battery, that charges via USB C. ($18 on Amazon). This can replace the need for a separate 12v adapter (aka "battery eliminator") for the same cost. The new battery also charges via the original old-style charger. I have the new battery and tested USB-C supplied power to the battery and radio while in use. BTech also makes a USB-C charging battery in the BL-8 form factor. ($19 on Amazon)
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    Kris & Ryan, thanks for all you do! Great job arranging the perfect weather. Ryan, my wife is considering doing a watercolor the rare flower that Dora the explorer discovered. George a special thanks for the fireworks display 💥! 😂. See you fine folks in NV. Mick
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    I wanted to get the Rebel out on some dirt so I took it down Schnebly Hill road (I17 -> Sedona).
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    FYI firewood is not available from what we've seen at the campground. At the maverick in Williams it was 2 bundles for 13.50 plus tax. Safeway also had it in Williams. Same price. Edit....wood at Maverick sucks and won't burn. I'd try Safeway unless you bring it with you
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    good run! it was just myself and @SonoranWanderer. we completed both Terminators without any issues or recoveries and then continued on to Black Canyon city. finished up around midnight. i didn't get any photos, but Woody might have some video and/or pics...
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    More on the Wavian can holder mods. Relief cut for spigot clearance on our Scepter water can. Side brackets removed, then repurposed to bottom. NOTE: when moving these brackets to the bottom, they need to be bent to a right angle, as in OEM form, they are approx 115-120 deg angled, as shown in the photo after this one. As purchased Wavian mount shown with "NATO" style fuel can. There are several of these insulator pads on the new as-purchased Wavian can holders. In order to fit the Scepter & std. jerry cans, many of these need to be removed, OR be willing to ask a gorilla to insert/remove them for you... LOL
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    Also need to carry water, and with a desire to not cut the vehicle for permanent fixtures/changes, I opted for the spare tire mount system offered by RockSlide. The can holder is a "Wavian 20L front loading jerrycan bracket". Warning - These are actually designed for NATO shaped cans ! They need to be modified for the std. "Jerry can" shaped fuel cans (including the Scepter shown here). In order to use these Wavian holders for our Scepter water jugs (same shape as std 5-gal jerry cans), I cut the side brackets off the back mounting base, then re-purposed them as bottom brackets. Then I also removed all the "insulator pads" that were in place from Wavian. (note): After the mods I made, they will also fit most styles of 5-gal "jerrycans", but if used with the NATO cans, some of the removed insulators may need to be re-installed. A little more about the shovel mount... The stinger which is inserted into the hitch was modified with an internal 5/8-11 nut welded internally, so a 5/8-11 bolt could be used to preclude rattles. To positively secure the shovel, I drilled the metal shank to accept a 5/16" bolt, which was then welded to the angel-iron cradle, then used a flanged nut to secure it, and shaved the bolt to length to reduce the potential of becoming gored by the bolt. The shovel handle end is secured with tarp-bungee's, and both ends are insulated with adhesive backed nap from a velcro kit to help prevent rattles. I also fabbed a "hand tighten" socket-wrench using an older socket welded to a large washer. It is painted red, and secured to the interior with velcro.
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    Yes we miss the desert...kinda
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    Thanks! The trail limo got longer and wider. I thought about making it a joke that I took the Mojave in for upgrades and this is how it turned out, but I was never great at crafting a good joke. My tolerance for putting this one through some of the more extreme paces I did the Mojave, however, will be lower. Schnebly Hill, absolutely Broken Arrow, sure, why not. Back Way to Crown King (deep breath), probably not. - Although I want to just to prove I can.
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    Sharks with antlers?...🤔 Would you mount it over the fireplace or the hood of the rig??
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    Found this gem today about life in Montana. 😆 https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwOIeX0pVEW/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Hope you guys are enjoying the new digs!
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